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New York is teeming with activity at all hours of the day and night.  Whether we’re following the Bronx Zoo cobra on Twitter or hoping that the Red Hawks will hatch outside the window of the President of NYU, there is always something going on.

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Patronage In Russia

Patronage in Russia Russian Orthodox club patrons – an elite club that brings together representatives from various business sectors. All of them are not only business partners but also friends – supporters, patrons, understood, and accepted that the only true and most powerful defense, which gives self-confidence, spiritual peace and hope for the future – it is a sincere belief in God, the desire to live the commandments of Christ and love one's neighbor. Exactly sincere faith brings harmony to our lives, making it a joyful and meaningful. Our club was founded in November 2003. At the outset of our association and the official registration we received the blessing of the seven clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church – Church of the Assumption of the Dean district of Moscow Archpriest Stephen Priest, Rector of St.

Nicholas Seminary Perervinskoy archpriest Vladimir Chuvikina and other pastors. The oldest of them – Dmitry Skutsky, during the life archpriest emeritus of the church, "Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary" in the village Voskresenka, Stupino, Moscow Region. My father lived a long and glorious life, 99 years he measured the Lord. Follow others, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art , and add to your knowledge base. "Sagacious old man" called the father of Demetrius, and went up to him not only the local parishioners, but also with the entire Orthodox Mother Russia. The priest saw the man as if through, and if it did not cross (even under shirt and a sweater!) – Father called attention to it.

Since its inception to the present day club was working hard on restoration, rehabilitation and construction of temples of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as providing assistance to the needy citizens of Russia, orphanages, asylums. Our mission is much wider than a charity providing financial assistance for the reconstruction of Orthodox holy sites. We believe no less important task Orthodox education, the introduction of Christian norms and rules in business. The project "Your Chapel." We are reviving the tradition of low-budget construction of the Temples-hours. Project is unique in that Church-Chapel, differs from simple chapels bezaltarnyh that has a special annexe apse, in which the altar is located. This allows the priest to serve Vigil, Liturgy and Sacraments. For more information see this site: Shimmie Horn. Appearing next to the house, a temple not only saves time parishioners and provides a real opportunity to attend the liturgy, it is an unseen force protects and harmonizes the space around them. The project is "God's Gift." It is difficult The importance of the problem of protecting our children. No big words, we all really know that children – the future of any country, it's safety. And correct, especially moral education – is his spiritual Safety First! Currently, the project was headed by distinguished composer of Russia, member of the Composers' Union Grigory Gladkov. By the way, the number of published CDs with songs for children, Grigory Gladkov included in the book Guinness World Records. Club members say their most important duty to contribute to the construction of the Great Russian state, not only strong economic potential but also the spiritual and moral foundations. These foundations and is the richness of our country. On the stand and STAND WILL! Based on materials from the site RKPM – philanthropy and charity


What is a website to present the uninitiated into the intricacies of business man in the street – a resource with information concerning the company's owner, logo emblazoned on the website of this company, and the same firm is paying for this site. It would seem that everything is clear and, in principle, subject to dripping excessively. But in fact 'own website' means much more. And, accordingly, the creation of a site in Moscow and other cities – a serious work, which includes not only the creation of beautiful logo, but also a system of analysis and many others In developing the site, you need to consider is to what audience it will work. Bill de Blasio takes a slightly different approach. Only under this condition, the site will not just an advertising page, does not justify attachments. And this should be a clear policy that will help attract to your site the right people, you need to properly optimize your site. Agree that any searching on the Internet information, calculates get comprehensive results in your search.

If all the above conditions, you will come to people who are interested in the content of your Internet resource. Without a doubt, beautiful design sites too much. For even more opinions, read materials from Shimmie Horn. By design must be understood not just a pretty picture, but carefully structured process. It should look equally good in different resolutions, which depends on the design and quality of typesetting. Recall also the convenience of Use as a beauty 'can not eat.

" The fact that the user will not stay long on a beautiful site, where navigation is completely incomprehensible and uncomfortable. It is unlikely that anyone would want to spend your time on something to understand how right to use this site. Everything should be clear. If the button 'portfolio' that 'her' just examples of work and nothing else. Site design for a single person – it's too heavy a burden, and to know all the nuances of each type of work a little who can, because working on the creation of a group of employees. Those who say that they can develop a website just for one day just not thinking about quality. Rather, it is poorly processed with non-unique template text. A this is a direct road to 'bank'. Now it's time to ask the big question: what is more important – money or savings?

Real-World Customers

Sometimes even formed an opinion that SL is designed not only for the five-dimensional features (including voice and text communication) communication, but for a variety of business problems that are often not feasible in the real world or in the other three-dimensional platforms. Assumed a series of articles on the possibilities of SL on this site, but start from the beginning. In this article the benefits of three-dimensionality of Second Life, at the same time, of course, not possible limited. Three-dimensional design. Real estate developer contains valuable tech resources. Who engaged in designing buildings and structures are best able to understand the importance and applicability of technology to facilitate the Second Life and the quality of design work. First, the SL elementary comfortably accommodate any building (or complex of buildings) on land. The process is simple in the extreme, select the section of virtual land (similar to the real site) and move their building (structure) as desired to optimize the landing facility and other planning decisions.

Visibility, flexibility and ease of use of SL for this purpose will be envied all the other three-dimensional platform. Where applicable such an opportunity? Yes, indeed, everywhere – from the placement of the beds in the garden of to count cars in the parking lot of a major shopping center. Shimmie Horn shines more light on the discussion. Paint use three-dimensional design in Second Life is endless, important to note that the time (we can assume that financial) costs of obtaining clear and precise project plan is significantly reduced. And when you consider that you can design the layout and the vertical levels, the the benefits of SL for three-dimensional design will become much more evident. Secondly, the design can not only planning solutions direct to the "land", but any three-dimensional model of an object can be a same- easy to recreate with technology Second Life.

The Beauty Of Hands

Beauty – a guarantee of success in this difficult world. And while visions of appeal from any of our own, and though mother nature every man has enriched the special features, among other things, the physical, the real argue that the pursuit of beauty – the kind of activity is essentially constant. In fact, the most important aspect of beauty becomes a self-care. It was watching an individual is much more beautiful than someone who is banal endowed with natural data. By the way, and in general, quite irreconcilable nature: as they say, until the third decade and every one of us "is" a face, which was by nature, and afterwards – is that he could earn. Between way and not just the face. The researchers argue that the first thing that can turn its attention to business colleagues – a person, but the second – hand. That is why today the correction of nails and grooming them for one of the most relied the main criteria of beauty.

After all, including at a meeting – we do not entrust a person to another person, but just hand. In addition, just because of the special attention – often unconscious – to the hands of the interlocutor, one of the most treasured gifts in all countries are precious pens, say, a gold-plated fountain pen. But most importantly – it's beautiful hands. None of gold-plated fountain pen does not help out if their own hands at the same time can be neglected, with crooked nails, or layer them. Yea, and ecology, and many stress the first thing visible on the condition of your hair and fingernails.

And often in order to grow their nails, requires at least get rid of various experiences, so in addition to, and in all available for home cleaning. But this is impossible. To help may come nail gel, which gives the chance not only to create beautiful nails and hands for minor period of time, and in addition, and protect fragile nails from external influences. No wonder they say that in order to allow their own nails to grow up, they should be carefully preserved. And most of all in that will contribute to the gel because he does not just purely aesthetic, and along with protective functions. At the moment, nail art has long separated into an independent course. And experts seek out each other's thematic resources. And any of the forum nails is very popular not only among professionals but also among those for whom the nail art has become not only cosmetic surgery, but also an element of prestige and a fragment of life. Yet appeal will require work on yourself. And it is not surprising in that there is not.

Network Oriflame

Oriflame Cosmetics – High quality, natural, Earn Money, which has long established itself worldwide and to date, Oriflame is one of the largest and most successful cosmetic companies. Oriflame cosmetics you are buying through a system of independent consultants, with directly from the manufacturer. In addition, you will be able to choose and buy any products of the company Oriflame, this can be done visit the official website or download directory Oriflame Oriflame. By registering at Oriflame, you will receive a discount of 23 percent for products that you like. With this you can save on cosmetics for themselves and their families. If you recommend your favorite cosmetics to your friends, company Oriflame you will be paid for life from 3 to 21 percent on purchases of your friends for advertising.

At the same time money may be small – up to 10 thousand Dollars a month. To get more and regularly, you can always tell my friends that have a product that perfectly suits them and can help in solving their problems, such like: facial wrinkles, dry skin, hands, dull hair, etc. This is an online business. You can to Use makeup that you like, as well as to train new consultants and use of products learn to build their own business. Online business with Oriflame has following items Features: – The registration fee of 149 rubles will provide a minimum cash investment – you get the training system of doing business – Trainings and seminars are only successful businessmen – Training conducted by doing – you build your business without interrupting your current work – Guaranteed income from $ 1,000 per month after 4-6 months – an experienced mentor who is always with you – the ability to 2 times a year to be trained abroad, at the expense of the company – make-up training and branding – your investment. If you have a decent income, you always be able to retire while continuing to receive their income as well as be able to transfer your income is inherited. Think about it. You never know what it means to be rich and successful if you try to build their own business with Oriflame.

In addition, if you try to start a new business that you can not, then do not worry about it, because you have nothing to lose. Well, if you happen to most likely material well-being You provided. It all depends on you. Make the right choice.

Minutes Stylist Tips

'Restraint, conciseness and expressiveness – the three main characteristics on which to base makeup of the modern business woman – confident stylist Lada Shvedova – need to choose the right cosmetics and use effective methods of implementation of makeup. " OFFICE ISSUES Fluorescent enough that adversely affect the nervous system, skin and even ruin them. Plus (or more precisely one minus) the artificial lighting spoils the impression of a make-up – makes a person more pale. Add to your understanding with NYC Mayor. Working air conditioning in summer and heating in the winter dry skin, so before going to the office, and at midday just need additional moisture. In the morning is use moisturizer with extra protection from moisture loss and – ideally – from electromagnetic radiation. And to add moisture during the day by using the thermal water (for example, VICHY, FRAIS MONDE or LA ROCHE-POSAY). Choose a vehicle that is not hurt your makeup, and just refresh it. Foundations for the office to pick the tone is warmer and slightly darker skin color.

Suitable for dry tone moisturizer for oily skin – matting. Optimal tone-fluids. They are easy and quickly applied, protect the environment from harmful vozdaystviya. For correction and face modeling vospolzytes concealer, which are applied using brushes and applicator. Enough to put a few bright points on the inner corner of eye, nose, upper cheeks. Very comfortable antiserny as pencils – they have a soft texture, easily shaded help cope with dark circles under the eyes. EYEBROW enough fix the transparent gel. If it is necessary to adjust, use the shadows for the eyebrows – they look more natural than a pencil.

EYES. Best color for daytime makeup shades – beige and brown. Lash line Emphasize soft pencil gray, dark blue or brown color, apply and blend the shadow in the tone of a pencil. Mascara is best to choose a black or dark brown – depending on your 'color'. Purple, blue and Leave other options for evening makeup, or for the weekend. Lips adjust the shape of the best corporal pencil with a soft texture. Liner should match the tone of lipstick. The office version of the make-up Avoid bright, dark colors and pearl. Matte textures have liquid lipstick, which are applied with a brush. Dusting of blush and drawing leave last. Do not use in the office of a very light powder – it will give your face a shade of 'three days ago has died. " Use of micro-powders to the skin color and transparantnymi powders. Blush can replace tan powder. You can also choose to paint the soft, gentle tones. Texture is very important Powder – it should be very easy for a person does not become a mask. Blush Apply to the bone under the eyebrow, temple, cheek and chin. WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPY Beautician – thermal water or tonic (spray) – compact powder and blush – matting napkins – lipstick with a brush – skin color corrector.

Successful Russian Tours

These programs are as follows: make a business program (visits to exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc.) compiled a rich cultural program and holiday program 3. Personal Recreation staff Successful Russian companies are gradually beginning to return to the tradition of the Soviet era – "union" caring for family members of the organization for personal vacations and recreation for children. In the present time frame the war for professionals make up the compensation package has become one of the most important tools of "hostilities." Professionals do not always choose a company that offered a larger salary, there are a will feel just a link in the processing chain. Often they go to a competing organization, which can feel care about you and your family that is expressed in the social package contents. We are ready interact in these areas all year round. Booking of tours: in B & Bs, motels and resorts in Nizhny Novgorod region, the southern resorts of Russia, Crimea, Abkhazia, on the river and sea cruises, to vacation in central Russia (Moscow region, Karelia, Seliger), in children's health camps Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar Region, Ukraine 4. Foreign tourism We also organize trips abroad, and provide the full range of services needed for this kind of vacation: to prepare the documents for registration of passports and visa support, advise and help you to choose the country and the resort, where to best you can unwind in your chosen time of year, air and rail tickets, hotel reservations, order a transfer, guide services, excursions, children of your employees offer trips to overseas camps and group tours for children medical treatment abroad, cruises and treatment in Karlovy Vary Our company has successful partnerships with a number of major Russian tour operators, we ensure the reliability and seriousness of our proposals. tours to Spain, river cruises, tours to the Czech Republic We offer your employees: full responsibility for our client Travel Consultant; permanent discount on all our lines, besides the special bonus program for corporate services; free delivery at the specified time and place tickets, invoices, bills, vouchers and other travel documents; the best price and service quality that is consistent with our corporate policy, the rapid and accurate solution to all your problems, because our company is focused primarily the client, that is, for you will be glad to see your company among our regular customers are willing to meet to discuss details of cooperation and the signing of corporate services. Tours in Croatia, Turkey of Nizhny Novgorod, in Greece for a fur coat

Because Kabbalah

But the real egoist is not on bought. There are strong passions in life. For example, the passion for money. But the egoist can buy them? And how long it will last – enjoy the new car, new house, your own island? From myself, do not run away. Someone lives for the sake of power. Wants to be mayor, state governor, president, dictator of the world, finally. For the present it is selfish childish games. He always wants more.

And he recognizes in this report. Science, art, art? Science has learned to clone a human and penetrate into the center of the atomic nucleus, but she never learned how to make people happy. Art is increasingly slipping into show business, and religion, speaking about God and love, offers a set of rituals and ethics. Here are the real selflessness of Kabbalists (not to be confused with Madonna, astrology and incantations). Because Kabbalah begins with the question of the meaning of life.

And she does not think about it abstractly, they say, ‘question it is a personal and everyone decides it for yourself ‘or’ meaning of life in itself, and it is only necessary to make it a full and interesting. ” Kabbalah reveals the development of man and society and that the driving force, which governs this process. It shows the points in our lives where we have freedom of choice, saved us from fruitless attempts to deal with the fact that not depend on us, and allows you to concentrate on what we can really change. Catching up Kabbalah, a person understands the roots of selfishness, corrects it and uses for the benefit of people and myself. In this process, it becomes unique, a characteristic role in the general life of mankind. The question of the meaning of life is occur more and more acute. To find a way out of the current global crisis, we need to see what is happening to us in light of the overall process of development of nature, to understand their role in this development, and learning to act in concert with him. So long live the egotists who have realized their selfishness and seek to understand its nature. Correcting themselves, they will help us all.


The term cement understand artificial, powdered materials, which have astringent properties, and when exposed to salt solutions and other liquids to form a plastic mass. It eventually hardens and turns into a cement stone. The first binder, which people began to use in construction, was clay. But as the construction of it was not too strong, humanity continued to search for suitable material. The earliest precursor of cement, was found on the banks of the Danube. In the old shack, it was a concrete floor thickness twenty-five centimeters. Concrete was made of reddish limestone and gravel locally.

Age of discovery more than 5000 years BC. But this finding is more the exception than the rule. Donald Trump often says this. The massive use of binders was dated at times the slave of Egypt, India and China. Read additional details here: Shimmie Horn. There was used for the construction of plaster. It due to the fact that for the production of gypsum, used much less fuel than for the production of lime.

That she is the oldest, after gypsum, artificial mineral astringent. A well-known lime was in Greece, where it was used mainly for tiling. But for the mass of masonry mortars began in the Roman period. It was the Romans began to make "cement putsolannovoy" pozzolan – a deposits of volcanic ash of Vesuvius. In Kievan Rus basic material in the construction of a lime. By its construction were presented fairly high. Out of pure limestone did the so-called fat lime (white), and limestone with clay impurities taught the gray limestone. In 1584 in Moscow, was established by the 'Stone Order', which is in charge of manufacturing and lime. There were the first manufacturer of dry building mixtures they were called 'Cement'. Additions to it were – bull's blood, egg whites, cottage cheese and other fillings. After a sufficiently long period of time, there are the first studies to improve the construction of smesey.V 1822 St. Petersburg, the book Chelieva 'treatise on the art to prepare a good mortar', and in 1825 Cheliev in the book 'The complete instruction, summarizes the experience of improving the properties of binders. The point after Chelieva Russian scientists continue: AA Baikov, V. Zhuravlev, RL Shulyachenko and others. In 1824, a British bricklayer Joseph Aspdin receives a patent for the invention of their own 'improved method of producing an artificial stone. " Named in the experience of a product called Aspdin Portland. And today the production of cement is a promising business.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

The Dead Sea, one of the most unique and fascinating natural wonders, which in the present form has existed for over 5,000 years, and stocks of medicinal mineral salts and mud have curative properties – are inexhaustible and truly priceless. The healing properties of Dead Sea even mentioned in the Bible. About this wonderful place with a long history can be told forever, but that does not take us with you to the resort. But the kind of representative of the Dead Sea may ekokosmetika Desheli be using natural ingredients. See best bars in New York for more details and insights. Since ancient times, salt and Dead Sea mud are used for cosmetic purposes. They loved Cleopatra, they ordered a lot of money for the Italian princes and the Chinese know. Production of cosmetics from the Dead Sea is one of the most important parts of Israeli business. The Metropolitan Museum of Art understands that this is vital information.

A feature Desheli, Dead Sea cosmetics is the use of biological extracts, rare plants from the coast, and and other natural ingredients. Today, many salons and spas offer treatments based on mud from the Dead Sea, but there are ways to plunge into the world of Israeli cosmetics at home, for example, vospolzovshis mud mask from the collection of Crystal Youth Desheli. Dead Sea mud, part of the mask Desheli, has anti-inflammatory, exfoliating, antibacterial, stimulates blood circulation, regulates metabolic processes, as well as eliminates the scarring and uneven skin. Mask DeSheli Crystal Youth Mud Mask also perfectly suited for people with skin problems. Purification of leather fitobiotikom resolve acne and inflammatory elements in this case, adjusting excess sebum for a matte the skin.

Deep cleans pores, removes dirt accumulation, brightens and gives skin a healthy look. For centuries, minerals, salt and mud from the Dead Sea were well known to people and used as a unique source of vitality, youth, health and beauty. And in our time with the help of advanced technology, they give a powerful healing force cosmetics Desheli. Feel the magic power, and you! Source: