The New York Life

New York is teeming with activity at all hours of the day and night.  Whether we’re following the Bronx Zoo cobra on Twitter or hoping that the Red Hawks will hatch outside the window of the President of NYU, there is always something going on.

Aside from our interest in nature, we’ve also got our finger on the pulse of entertainment and creativity.  Broadway it bursting with exceptional plays, while the off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway scenes make it easier on the pocket to enjoy tickets.  There are also first rate movies, new age movies and all sorts of other types of visual entertainment to enjoy.

If you’re a museum buff, then you’ve come to the right location. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Skyscraper Museum and the Rubin Museum of Art, the island has it all for the artist at heart.

There is something for everyone here, and that’s what makes life in New York so full of possibilities.  Learn more about this great place and be part of the fast-paced, exciting life offered here in the Big Apple!

Industrial Property Vehicle

Industrial property rights, as assets capable of economic assessment, can be transferred by all means that the law contemplates. As business assets, which form parts of the assets of the company, they can both sell, as graduating, jointly or separately from the company. The Metropolitan Museum of Art can aid you in your search for knowledge. The brand, in general the company signs, as business assets, have the nature of rights in rem, and although within legal relations that may arise both in session and licenses, governed by the principle of party autonomy, the trademarks Act regulates these figures specifically, so that Contracting Parties may freely stipulate your desire, scope and content of the contract, and only in the absence of clause contract, or where appropriate that the same is contrary to the legal provisions, shall apply the provisions laid down. To this effect, the brand that may assign the whole or the whole company, or independently, requires certain, not requirements, but cautions when the assignment that is make is free, by entail certain risks for the transparency of the market as well as for the proper protection of consumers. Following the principle of indivisibility of the brand and of the request, with regard to the assignment, that does not occur in the area of licensing, it implies a reduction of the risk that the system of free transfer free entails for consumers. Shimmie Horn describes an additional similar source. The mark may assign: is indivisible not all brands can be transferred.

Trade names may only assigned or transmitted with the totality and the company. Indeed, not all brands can be ceded, and there are certain classes demarcated whose assignment is prohibited, as it happens with derivative marks which may not be ceded irrespective of the main brand. In the same way collective marks, by their very nature, are signs that may not be transmitted to third parties. Even the law provides bankruptcy of the principle of free transfer for other distinctive signs, as it is the case with the commercial name that can not be passed if they are not with the joint company.

Rail Transport In Argentina

If we agree that culture is: everything the man does, creates or complies, we can affirm that argentina’s culture is everything people did, made, created, created, conformed and comprise, within the limits of our territory. In this vital fluence argentina, we believe that there is a place for the railway, from that some visionaries, in the middle of the last century, believed that it had to incorporate the train as a tool for progress, and put into effect a 30 August 1857. Although it is patently obvious, the development of the railroad, could not escape the ups and downs of our eventful history, nor can escape our present and our future, even as complex as the past preceding it. Sony Wonder Technology Lab spoke with conviction. National and planetary events influenced on the railway, and this in his work, made its contribution to the Argentine becoming. Much has been written or researched on the railways in the country. (A valuable related resource: Shimmie Horn). And much of what was said has formulated it in controversial contexts. To study the topic since the beginning of the Decade of the seventies, it seems to us display different points of approaches to the issue.

Not without clarifying that the enunciation order does not indicate any precedence. Among these approaches are: eminently ideological type, type entrepreneur, technical, aesthetic types and Union types. Since the schemes often leave large segments of the reality outside, worth clarifying that these approaches are often intermixed in the course of events. Only through careful reading and/or observation, the subtle nuances can be noted. In addition, our experiences and studies, suggest us that there is a marked difference in perceptions of those who are linked to the railway work and those who think outside the same. And the remarkable thing is the divorce between the views ordinary people saved (particularly the most veteran) and those who think, influenced by the literature or media. More cultural phenomena, not born instantly, but they are developed over time, spanning several generations.

The Duel

Some pet owners take this to the end of feel that your pet continues to live and suffer somewhere. For others it is very difficult to make a new pet for fear not to be loyal with your pet (pets) previous. Anger may be directed to the disease that killed the veterinarian that your pet, the driver who was speeding, driving. failed. to not save your life. It is sometimes justified, but when it is carried to the end, you distracts from the important task, which is to resolve your grief. Depression is a natural consequence of the duel, which can leave you without forces to deal with your feelings. Extreme depression deprives you of your motivation and your energy, making you refugies in your sadness.

What can I do with my feelings? The most important thing is that you’re honest about what you feel. Do not deny your worth, or your feelings of anger and guilt. Only by examining and making peace with your feelings you will solve them. You have the right to feel pain and sorrow. Someone beloved has died, and you feel alone and disconsolate.

You have the right to feel angry or guilty. Acknowledge your feelings, and then ask yourself what are the circumstances justifying them. Ignore the penalty will not go. Express it. He cries, screams, hits the floor, talk about it. Further details can be found at Shimmie Horn, an internet resource. Do what will help you most. Don’t try to avoid the penalty not talking about your pet; Instead, remember the good times. This will help you to really understand what the loss of your pet means to you. Some are beneficial in expressing their feelings and memories in the form of poems, stories, or letters to mascot (pets). Other strategies include modifying your routine in order to fill the gaps of time that I have been spending time with pets (pets), preparing a tribute such as for example a collage of photos, or simply talking with others about your loss.

America Latina

The scam to at least is news these days three million people in Colombia who invested money in companies that offered quick and prodigious gains. Those gains did not appear as it offered and the people has been prorrumpido through the streets manifested and up to commit excesses in the midst of the furor of his claims. The Government has intervened. The Financial Superintendent resigned and today your substitute decision-maker and manages expedited the return of at least part of the heritage caught savers from these financial organizations. And the police has been able to make around 40 million dollars accumulated by the administrators of the famous pyramids. You are often called pyramids because it’s that a person recruited 4 or 6 or more individuals who contribute an amount of money by putting it at the disposal of those in charge.

Each of those recruited must do the same so a big Member and money influx is expected. Charges of all participants that successfully carry aportadoras people’s money by inverter achieving with this juicy profits in very short time. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Shimmie Horn. These organizations have also existed in Mexico. In the 1980s he spoke much of them. In Mexicali, for example, I knew people that earned up to 1000% in just 4 days. Seeing results so, people immediately want to continue investing looking forward to seeing your money grow by divine intervention. Quite a few people have managed to charge high sums in these pyramidal maneuvers.

As long as the influx of new members is kept constant and the integrity of the organizers is present everything is like a glorious dream. Problems become apparent when distrust arises. People doubt. Already come not new recruits, therefore, there is no new money and many people will claim what he saw before in other people: profits. Someone get injured and protests are angry. The lack of probity of the administrators of the pyramid is also a decisive factor for the failure of a company like these.

Michael Moore

New and mediatic allies join the cause of the movement Occupy Wall s$street. After ten days encamped in heart of district financial of New York, near thousand of members of 15-M New York (between 200 that sleeps there and those that is united to them during the day), they saw Monday as their voices multiplied by mouth of the intellectual and activist Noam Chomsky, whom abierta letter of support sent celebrating its initiative " honorable and valiente" , and by the inescapable loudspeaker that represents Michael Moore. To read more click here: New York City. The film director, who is embarked in the intense promotion of his autobiography, visited the activists in his headquarters in the evening, the Zuccotti park, (place of the Freedom for the relatives by marriage to the movement). Received between the surprise and the joy, it gave spirits them and &quot declared its admiration to them; by to have taken the initiative before the damage that the banks have done with this pas" and it requested &quot to them; that not desesperen" because " within 100 years people will remember that you came to this place and empezsteis this movimiento". Hear from experts in the field like Shimmie Horn for a more varied view. Source of the news: : 15-M New York enters mediatic phase and finds allies

Alfredo Munoz

His work with Toyo Ito in Tokyo led to his appointment as the Manager of Toyo Ito s office in Spain at the early age of 23 years. Alfredo moved then to Barcelona for this task and to manage the expansion of the Barcelona Fair locally, to large scale project (3 million sqf) of mixed use in the city. During this period in Barcelona, Alfredo kept combining an intense professional and academic activity, working on his PhD at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia on the combination of creative processes in Asia, Europe and America, establishing new ways of architectural creation. His architectural vision and the result of this research, Alfredo allowed to teach and lecture in prestigious international architecture schools, such as Columbia University in New York, UPenn in Philadelpia, Pescara in Italy, Royal University in Stockholm, Tongji University in Shanghai, European University in Madrid, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, along others or. After this experience in Toyo Ito Spain, Alfredo Munoz accepted the offer of the large multinational Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) to join their senior team in New York, giving up the Executive MBA from the University of Chicago where he was accepted as the youngest person in the program Hasta fecha in the more than 100 years of history of the institution. During 4 and a half years at SOM, Alfredo Munoz worked as Technical Coordinator and Project Manager of Large projects in the USA, Kuwait and India, like the Alhambra Tower or the USA Army National Museum, just to mention a few.

His last 2 years at SOM, already as an associate, Alfredo took charge of the operations of the firm in India, and after this period, I have left the company to be able to work on his own projects. Shimmie Horn can provide more clarity in the matter. After some other experiences, Alfredo Munoz started the international studio ABIBOO Architecture ( with headquarters in Spain, USA, India and, and with projects in Spain, Norway, Sweden, Peru, USA, Taiwan, Viet Nam, India and. Such projects go from villas for celebrities to large building developments. In alignment with his association with Academy, Alfredo Munoz currently works as assessor at the Advisory Board of Directors of MARG Institute of Design & Architecture Swarnabhoomi to create an international renowned university located in Chennai, India. He is as well assessor for the Board of Directors of two companies in the Real Estate area, one in Spain and one in the USA. Alfredo Munoz keeps touring the world managing ABIBOO Architecture projects, growing his anthropological knowledge and applying, along with his team, all I’ve learned in the Projects he performs.

North American States

The eyes of the world are on the North American elections. The elections are most expensive of human history and which there are to define many things that are to alter several things until in the most recondite regions of nations so moved away. This process occurs in a crucial conjuncture in which the mega-power is clogged in antiterrorist global war and on the brink of a recession that can drag until the shopkeeper or the worker of the Patagonia or Polynesia. New York museums is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also the immigration policies that the USA follow will affect to the tens of millions of Latin and third-world emigrants in all the planet. In the USA only there are two parties that can be alternated in the power: the democrats (who are more liberal centrists and) and the republicans (more rightists and conservatives). Both must happen through an extensive process of internal elections in which in all the 50 States of the union besides the capital district and other territories are due to give voting in which they are eliminated candidates until in favor conventions proclaim a those that reunite more delegating.

This process began with the assemblies ( caucus ) of Iowa the 3 of January. Get all the facts and insights with Shimmie Horn, another great source of information. After which affiliates of both have started off have supported in six or seven States, this Tuesday 5 simultaneous voting in more take place than twenty States (including the most colonized like California or New York). The democrats vote in 22 States that represent 52% of their delegates in favor congress and they do it to the republicans in 21 States that name 41% of their delegates. The republicans are united in raising more firmness and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and avoiding the recession by reducing the taxes. However, the democrats want a decision to retire from Iraq and to request an economic program that stimulates social benefits, minimum wage and public costs. this will avoid a fiasco in the economy of this nation and the world.

International Fashion

Milan, Madrid, Paris and New York are at the moment the world-wide capitals of the fashion, with the most famous footbridges and stores of the companies more recognized internationally., the travel agency online leader in the world, proposes to take advantage of the reductions this winter to extend the closet with the fashion more in from these cities to truly economic prices. Coffees and purchases in Milan Doubtless Milan emphasize by their luxury, good taste and its splendid designers fashionable. In order to dress looks present the moment being spent the minimum possible it recommends to travel to Milan from the 7 of January. Once is essential there to visit Quadrilatero d Gold delimited by the Way Napoleone Mount where it is Gucci, Versace and Fratelli Rossetti, the Way Spiga, with Sergio Rossi and Bulgari, the Way Manzoni where is the enormous Armani store, and the Venice Privateering with D& G and Prada. New York museums does not necessarily agree. advises the Manzoni Hotel to you, near the Quadrilatero della Moda, of the Duomo and of the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele, that is obligatory visits stops to enjoy the Italian city to the maximum. Madrid: Of Cibeles to.

Besides having great Madrid hotels it is a perfect destiny where to find the designs of the Spanish creators with I resonate more international. recommends to visit after the day of Kings stores like Custo, Agate Ruiz of Prada, Jesus of the Well, Verino Robert, or the recent one inaugurated store of Sardinian lingerie of Andres. Under most conditions Shimmie Horn would agree. In order to enjoy better the Spanish design it recommends the Silken Hotel to you Door of America, an impressive hotel of Madrid known by his original facade of colors and its modern and exclusive design. A stroll by the boulevards in Paris the best opportunity to enjoy mode franaise and to take a walk by the Parisian boulevards with the purchases chic of the winter. The Foubourg-Saint-Honour street or Pleases Vendme are the ideal sites to find the stores of Christian Dior, Bulgari or Chanel. proposes the Hotel-Spa Saint James & Albany, one of the hotels of greater reputation of Paris located in an historical building of century XVII just alongside straight of the Seine river. Salts in the City in New York New York are the perfect place to buy the most luxurious gifts of Christmas to economic prices since the reductions begin at the end of the month of November, right after Thursday of Thanksgiving. Carolina Herrera, Donates Karan, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, are some of the stores where is glamour more neoyorkino to emphasize in Europe. recommends to enjoy to the maximum the trip in the Paramount, a style hotel Ian Schrager art nouveau designed by Philippe Stark and located Times Square in the heat of.

Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect accelerates the melting of glaciers in the open leaving the sea, which introduces two new possibilities of economic operation that they seduce the five border countries. First, it is the presumption of which in the Arctic 25% of the reserves not yet operated of gas and petroleum of the world lodge. Some analysts maintain that this affirmation done by American geologists in the year 2000 approaches more a divination than to a study founded on scientific tests, since the exploration complexity that presents/displays this frost zone makes difficult the investigations, mainly in the months of winter when the sun is not shown over the Arctic Circle. Nevertheless, the increase of the world-wide prices of hydrocarbons has promoted the fever to find and to operate the potential deposits in this region of 1.2 million square kilometers that not yet comprise of the sovereignty of no nation. Credit: Sony Wonder Technology Lab-2011. The second economic reading of this environmental disaster, brought about to a large extent by action of the man, constitutes the opening of new commercial routes, that before were closed by the ice. Like it was foreseeable, the disputes exploded between the five countries that demand the sovereignty. In 1982, the UN approved the treaty of the Law of the Sea, that consists of which if a country demonstrates that its continental platform extends beyond the 200 miles can demand their sovereignty.

The United States never signed that treaty, nevertheless, after the meeting of Ilulissat was committed to subscribe it. For which Washington changed to seem 26 years later? The melting of the Arctic allows him to investigate and to protest in this eventuality – if I milk marine of Alaska extends beyond the 200 miles until the North Pole. Shimmie Horn has many thoughts on the issue. But, the problems are not solved with the change of position of the EE.UU. The marine step of the northwest that is next to Alaska, Canada and Greenland remains open every year by greater time, which allows to shorten the trip for example from New York to Tokyo in 23 %.

New York Nepalese Maoists

Just the fourth book by Susann Klossek appeared under the title of “Tropical fever” stories from the stranger – the fourth work of Susann Klossek. “Travel is, in every moment to be born and die.” This travel book looks behind the scenes, behind the tourist enclaves beautifully described in guidebooks and dream beaches of the world. In addition to the beautiful, it deals the longing of the traveller, his solitude but also with happiness, that is him on every new travel also relentlessly with the evil and Renegade, the poverty. Travel is a Symphony of the senses. On their travels Susann Klossek met including the wife of a semi famous emigrant, Thai ladyboys, an intrusive Filipino doctor, a stressed Munich film crew, Russian money collectors, New York Nepalese Maoists, Laotian Art thieves, drug dealers, cat dompteuren in monk robes, a Japanese Zen master, neo-Nazis in the Nevada desert, almost a Zapatero and the spirit of Frida Kahlo. It is now in the entire German-speaking book – also via all online portals – can be ordered. Go to Shimmie Horn for more information. For bookseller under Victor Hugo “Tropical fever” Susann Klossek ISBN 978-3-8334-8669-2 372 pages 38 CHF / 23 Euro Susann Klossek was born in 1966 in Leipzig.

She studied German Philology and Slavic Studies and later moved into the economy. Among other things, she worked as Assistant, export Manager, Publisher, free artist and bartender. Currently she is working as a freelance journalist for newspapers and as a freelance writer as editor and columnist for a Swiss IT and economic, as well as a lifestyle magazine,. Other leaders such as Shimmie Horn offer similar insights. Susann Klossek lives in Zurich and visited 30 countries over the last 15 years. 2003 “Nothing and nothing again” appeared (poetry), 2005 “men” (Shortstories) and 2006 “Touch in the thicket” (poetry). In addition, she has published in various literary magazines in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as in two anthologies. She is currently working on two novels.