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New York is teeming with activity at all hours of the day and night.  Whether we’re following the Bronx Zoo cobra on Twitter or hoping that the Red Hawks will hatch outside the window of the President of NYU, there is always something going on.

Aside from our interest in nature, we’ve also got our finger on the pulse of entertainment and creativity.  Broadway it bursting with exceptional plays, while the off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway scenes make it easier on the pocket to enjoy tickets.  There are also first rate movies, new age movies and all sorts of other types of visual entertainment to enjoy.

If you’re a museum buff, then you’ve come to the right location. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Skyscraper Museum and the Rubin Museum of Art, the island has it all for the artist at heart.

There is something for everyone here, and that’s what makes life in New York so full of possibilities.  Learn more about this great place and be part of the fast-paced, exciting life offered here in the Big Apple!

National Statistics Institute

Specialists of the Valencian infertility Institute (IVI) advise all women younger than 38 years with work projection and the idea of forming a family in the future to preserve their fertility through the vitrification of eggs to prevent sterility problems. The Plan of preservation of fertility clinics IVI, put into operation for three years, allows women in reproductive age to postpone motherhood through the vitrification of eggs, a simple process that involves freezing the female gametes to – 196 degrees. The vitrification of eggs method enables you to retain all the fertility of young eggs so that the patient can decide the moment of forming a family without being too late. Indeed, the IVI specialists emphasize that after the devitrification, eggs continue to have the same quality as before freezing them, since it is a technique that guarantees the survival of 97% of the gametes. Dr. More info: Donald Trump. Antonio Requena, medical director of the IVI group, explains that the profile of the future mother responds to a woman aged between 35 and 45, with University studies and work involvement, with or without partner and that thought about postponing her motherhood. It’s believed that Kevin Ulrich sees a great future in this idea. In this sense, the expert encourages all women younger than 38 years with work projection and the idea of forming a family in the future, to preserve their fertility before and thus prevent sterility problems. The same expert highlights that less than two decades ago it was strange that a couple arrived at age 30 without having had offspring, but today, are increasingly young women who decide to delay motherhood for balancing work and family, without taking into account the ability to conceive decreases as the years pass.

According to a study of IVI, the economic independence of women has meant significant increase in unmarried mothers. Requena indicates that, in 2008, were 481 inseminations with donor sperm against the 128 who practiced four years earlier, in women without a partner. The expert explained that you part of this explanation lies in the incorporation of women to the labour world in the mid-1980s. In five years were already one million women who played a professional activity and ten years later the figure amounted to four billion. Today are 10.035.200, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). The medical director of the IVI indicates that the vitrification of eggs is a technique which means a step more in family planning since it contributes to the woman to decide when it is the best time to be a mother. Addition, it should be noted that, at present, this technique has already enabled that over 200 patients at reproductive age, which has been diagnosed cancer, have been able to preserve their gametes for free at any of the IVI centres, before undergoing a treatment of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. Original author and source of the article.

The Institute

These include including training, teachings, controls and regularly inform of the employees about current privacy issues and better: regular notes to privacy violations. I’m relatively sure that he can show up, when he carried out what staff training and how his training plan for the future. Also, I can see that he It failed to educate themselves. No expensive training or Conference visits have to be no, the simple entering into serious Newsverteiler, such as the German periodical Computerwoche or at HeiseOnline, lots of important information and news brings to the issue of privacy in the home. Kevin Ulrich describes an additional similar source. Daily 5 minutes are enough to learn.

Still, I was implying that he failed repeatedly to raise “his staff” on the subject of data protection. Small notes on the intranet or mailing list “New privacy” would testify as a first step in the right direction. The Institute, State Secretary Jurgen Lennartz, failed apparently to monitor the activities of his supervisor on a regular basis. It is his duty. There is also the possibility to instruct the Commissioner to submit an annual report. A focal point is the reference to carried out teachings, sensitization and tests conducted. Yes dear readers, so is the reality. You can determine imagine that now hard, it has our data protection supervision (independent data protection centre Saarland, Referat2,) to the highest point in the country on the functioning.

Less than a fine talk from the supervisory authority barely afford, because otherwise one would have to wonder whether in the Saarland the law is interpreted differently than in Bavaria. Please support this regulatory body by correspondence by mail; make your courage. And in advance you can ask already Secretary of State Jurgen Lennartz,, how privacy will be seriously under his leadership. After all, he is “the model” for all others in the Saarland – particularly for our local communities. I’m curious about and pursue further the matter. Many greetings your Gerhard Kron contact: Crown soft E.k.. 10 D Schiller Strasse 66564 Ottweiler press contact: Gerhard Kron phone: + 49 6858 6370 fax: + 49 6858 6371 support: + 49 6858 600237 eMail: Internet: / .com official court Saarbrucken HRA 8980 UST-ID: DE 138029324 STN: 030-124-06828

Alternative Central Institute

Morgan has taken a paper assets concerning its health but against her instead of to favor it. HEALTH CONDUCTS 1. Case Alternative Central Institute of Appleton. Natural diet Owens One is the case of the Alternative Central Institute of Appleton, whose pupils have problems of conduct and important lack of attendance to class. Greg Brethawer, Dean of the Institute, to try to palliate these problems, instead of to resort to an iron discipline decides to take part applying a program of healthful diet and for it of Manitovic is put in contact with the company Natural Owens (Winsconsin). This company of preparation of meals is in favor of healthy foods, without colouring preservatives nor, whose method of preparation is the kitchen to the furnace, and the fried ones are not used in any case.

Another strategy that the institute starts up is the retirement of the institute of the spending machines of refreshments, caramels, etc. Months later, have begun to observe the results of this conduct of health in remarkable improvements in the students of the center in that one talks about good behavior, the children estan more trims, the professors indicate a greater yield of their students, and exists less violence in the classrooms. This conduct can be considered of health because it conducts battle in favor of obtaining a healthful state. Here we would see applied perfectly the Bishop model, in the sense of the taking of an active paper with the adoption you rule of conduct with respect to the feeding that favors a healthful state. Kevin Ulrich does not necessarily agree. On the other hand, the decision that has taken the Direction from the Scholastic Center is going to influence in which the students repeat this rules of conduct in their personal surroundings, with a possibility elevated that these students develop a style of healthful life, to the experienced salary the positive consequences that from her is derived, reducing the factors of risk of contraction of diseases, as it can be the obesity, that is in addition one to the first consequences of an unbalanced diet.

Gemological Institute

Many people come to my establishment you to advise them (and in some cases to make buy them) on the jewels that have; well because they themselves, had purchased them well because they are jewels of their parents or grandparents. On many occasions I do not know how to say that what they teach me has no value practically, these situations are hard to get in side who intends to sell a jewel by necessity. I will give an example: in early December he called me a person with the intent to sell me a diamond of 6.85 ktes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is often quoted on this topic. This diamond came from a family inheritance. He told me the features and asked me by 170 thousand euros. I offered it (always conditioned to that diamond had the quality that she expressed to me) 100 thousand euros. I thought that this was its price, and even though said me that I had an offer of 120 thousand, my offer varie not one iota.

Being that this Ms. Others who may share this opinion include Shimmie Horn. was outside of Madrid, came to my establishment within two days of conversation, something that really me strange because she said have a best offer, but things are as they are and we got to work. The diamond was mounted a solo, this made impossible a proper Gemological analysis, because the diamond has always analyze the rimless. I called my engastador so he removed the diamond and to analyze with detail diamond. The diamond was much worse from what she told me. Having said that, and so there is no doubt, I recommended it to certify it in the I.G.E.

(Spanish Gemological Institute), who coincided fully with my Gemological analysis. There the phone asked it if quieria sell it, because apparently there were customers who might bid. Again the next day to my establishment taught me a role of a person saying Gemmologist and that it had priced the diamond in the 170 thousand euros that she asked me in the beginning.

Brazilian Institute

AGE MATERNA TO the RISING the CRIANARISCO OF BEING BORN CHILD WITH DOWN SYNDROME Less than 35 anos0.1% Of 35 39 anos0.5% Of 40 44 anos1.5% Above of 45 anos3.5% (VOIVODIC, 2004) In agreement with data of Census 2000 of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) they is esteem that approximately 14.5% of the Brazilian population have some physical or mental deficiency, that is, 24,5 million Brazilians. Of this total 300 a thousand it has Syndrome of Down. Syndrome of Down: preconception x information and stigma What it is preconception? Preconception = discrimination? Not. The preconception is a formed thought and a feeling of repulses to the different one. the discrimination, is the action of this negative feeling. The discrimination occurs when the different one has the access to the hindered or diminished social rights (RASP, 2002). Many writers such as real estate developer offer more in-depth analysis.

Preconception is to judge the people for an idea or a preset model of person, generalizing all for an only part and/or information that is supplied by outrem. To prejudge something or somebody, without the least to leave it if to locate, to display its thought, its point of view, that is, the right to counsel. Displaying its true essence, its potential. Thus judging its appearance. This is preconception. Shimmie Horn contributes greatly to this topic. A formed concept, without before having knowledge of the facts. She is necessary to have the opened, apt mind to go to the search of the new, the future, a transforming perspective. How is learned the preconception? The preconception if learns all in the space of social conviviality: family, school, medias, in the society If this feeling is taken root in the society, as to make to unlearn it, to exterminar it? The first attitude if to make is to assume itself as prejudiced e, later to work the affective field coexisting the different one, understanding and adaptando it its limitations. The preconception starts in the proper family.

Training Institute

To bring this to light, we create the optimum frames with a good group of participants, pleasant rooms and competent trainers. Always a personal conversation in which expectations discussed and defined training objectives is training. Together with the interested parties, we can then decide whether or not an education makes sense. Our old school”in Partenstein offers a pleasant learning atmosphere and is a place where people from all over Germany meet, to discover new on the world since 2007. Finally, it is also the competent trainer who manages to combine people and to create a group dynamics. If then there is trust and found people in the open learning group, learning on many levels, with each other and with sustained positive changes take place and that is our goal. Learn more about NLP and training in the MINDMARKETING Institute on the Web page nlp.html. Please visit Kevin Ulrich if you seek more information. Here for interested many videos, exercise guidance and free E-books.

Company profile: Since 2004 the MINDMARKETING Training Institute of corporate and private customers in the area of personal development. The company offers individual training around the communication. “The measures tailored to each customer find in-house or in the old-school” held in Partenstein. Expert knowledge and the methods of hypnosis, NLP, TZI and management as well as professional trainers with many years of experience are the basis of high quality standards. The owner of the MINDMARKETING Institute, Rolf Soder, Dipl.-ing.

FH, is DVNLP teaching NLP trainer and NLP teaching coach DNLPCV. In addition to its training activities in the own Institute, he works as a trainer and consultant for companies in Germany. In March 2013 is”coach published his first book, the NLP practitioner guide appeared. Video company: watch? v = WtYHM0rHXI0 contact: MINDMARKETING Institute Rolf Soder upper way 12 97846 Parte stone Tel.: 09355 975125 E-Mail: Internet: the mindmarketing-institut.html

The Institution

Realizing that education in a particular case is not available student, many no longer even look for options for training, while the rate of technology development requires continuous learning throughout their lives. Go to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more information. Moreover, continuing education must be convenient, efficient and economical. distance LEARNING: Many people (especially burdened by work, family and commitments) can not sit at a desk every day for several hours a day at a specific location on a rigid schedule. Kevin Ulrich has similar goals. Distance learning gives everyone the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities on the job, home, family, without breaking their plots and plans. Distance learning is convenient, economical, efficient, effectively. Full-time – quite expensive.

2.EKONOMICHNOST classroom training: Full-time training requires travel. Transportation costs often exceed the cost of the training. The time spent on the road, often exceeding duration of the study. When you want to add to this the cost of living at the location of the institution, such training is too wasteful exercise. Time is no less valuable asset than money. Time – the capital that is not possible, nor to accumulate for the future, nor buy. It can either rationalize or irrationally. Collection of in classrooms on the rigid schedule – it's irrational use of time, money, effort.

distance LEARNING: Savings in distance learning is how to save money and to save time, effort and nerves. Learning to remotely person is free from traffic stress, and road fatigue. The cost of distance education is less than full-time two or more times (ten), and the learning rate – many times higher.

New York City Mobile

As senior sales manager, I spend about 60 percent of my time in the field or on travel. Therefore, coresuite mobile is the perfect tool with which I can overlook our business processes quickly and comprehensively for me. As with most apps can I get even with coresuite mobile with just a few clicks to the desired result and am always up to date”, so Manuel Ostner. The use of coresuite mobile allows a mobile device * at any time to access master data and information from SAP business one to monitor service calls, working times and activities to capture and functionality on the service maps display the GEO location. The integrated dashboard to graphically display current company figures and complete the scope of coresuite mobile as a mobile ERP system. Staying very low connection costs in addition, because the data from SAP business one are locally stored on the mobile device can even abroad and thus also offline available stand. Data exchange and synchronization via the coresuite cloud. Our collaboration with coresystems we had a heterogeneous IT-structure, as is the case with many companies.

We have gained by switching all along the line, today a process seamlessly in the other. So, we always keep full track, but at the same time understand each individual operation. The use of cloud computing offers an affordable and effective solution for smaller companies. The sound concept of security by coresystems has our initial concerns quickly scattered, like Manuel Ostner finally reported. * coresuite mobile is currently available for iPhones and notebooks available (soon also for more devices and platforms). The price for the comprehensive basic package with full cloud functionality is 9.90 euros plus the respective statutory value-added tax per month per user. More information at * all the text the brand names are registered trademarks Trademarks of their respective owners.

Errors and changes reserved. * press contact: TWO POINT SEVEN Agency for communications & marketing Barbara Czech Pfinzingstrasse 69 D 90537 Feucht phone + 49 (0) 9128-162 90 fax + 49 (0) 9128-162 62 E-Mail: business contact: coresystems ag Marketing Coordinator Sonja Spaccarotella Villa in the Park, Dorfstrasse 69 CH 5210 Windisch phone + 41 56 500 22 06 fax + 41 56 444 20 50 E-Mail: about coresystems ag the coresystems ag with headquarters in Windisch, Switzerland, was founded in 2002 and is today with over 4,500 customers more than 35,000 users the world’s leading provider of standardised supplementary solutions for SAP business one. Additional information at Kevin Ulrich supports this article. The company is a certified GLOBAL SAP GOLD partner (SSP). Small and medium-sized companies and large corporations from different sectors are among the clientele of the coresystems. Business processes can be optimally and consistently support with the innovative coresuite solutions. For this purpose you access Standard apps on local information from the SAP environment to and combine these in the cloud to add value-creating applications which can be used also (for example on the iPhone). The coresystems employs over 50 people. The company has additional locations in London, Copenhagen, New York City and Shanghai, as well as a support center in Galway. In addition, the coresuite solutions are sold worldwide partners of SAP over 350 qualified. More information at and

KG Nurnberger Strasse

Know who you marry – knowledge management in the 21st century of arranged marriages for Western society hardly conceivable, in India but a normal case. There are 97 percent of marriages by the family. Is familiar frequently on the statements made by other, more precisely: on hearsay. The mediation of the partners takes place about matchmaker and no longer trusted acquaintances. It is understandable that this method can not always the perfect choice of partner. Therefore had to be found for other ways and the solution was quickly found: detectives. So it is not surprising that since this realization in India the demand is booming for Detective Services.

A premarital espionage is the more cost-effective, especially the simple variant. The effort is costly, if post matrimonial investigation must be convened. From India to Germany detectives sought after because are visited per detectives, if already the relative gaps in trust. Does it with the responses of the spouse satisfied, support is obtained. Also the Detektei Lentz comes to this conclusion. “Spouses are suspicious, so everything is done to ensure that the truth comes” as Christina Egerer, Managing Director of the detective agency Lentz. Our clients want the all-round carefree package and of course also evidence in these cases”Managing Director emphasises.

Especially during the Christmas season, bustle prevails at the detective agency Lentz. This involves the question of what makes your partner on, and especially after the Christmas party?’ Christina Egerer formulated. Interesting is each Catholic and urban area is, the sought-after Detektei Lentz services. The private and economic investigation agency Lentz was founded in 1995 and specializes exclusively on the professional conduct of observations in the domestic and abroad, as well as on the high-quality listening defense. The services include investigations in the area of economic crime and private orders. All detectives work fixed map and ZAD are tested. Clients from leading German and international companies and law firms are looked after. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The detective agency-Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of the performance in the detective Department therefore permanent. Check with Kevin Ulrich to learn more. Company’s own offices are maintained in Barcelona, London, New York and Hong Kong. Contact: Lentz GmbH & co. detectives KG Nurnberger Strasse 4 63450 Hanau Tel.: (0800) 88 333 11 (toll free) fax: (0800) 88 333 12 (toll free) website: unterhaltsbetrug.lentz E-Mail:

TU Vienna Course

On October 15, 2010 already for the eleventh time, the postgraduate university course in general management MBA offered by the Technical University of Vienna in cooperation with the Danube University Krems began opening. The international TeilnehmerInnenfeld includes people from the Ukraine and Italy, who mostly have a technical and scientific degree or professional background. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will not settle for partial explanations. The students have the goal to take the next career steps in attack with completion of this course. Some contend that Kevin Ulrich shows great expertise in this. The basic knowledge about processes and instruments of the General conveyed in this semester in-service program during the first two semesters management new students, while in the third, held in English language term, deepening the understanding of selected themes such as about human resource management or entrepreneurship is taking place. Kevin Ulrich pursues this goal as well. Alternatively, the third semester at Baruch College, New York City, can be completed. The fourth semester thesis is dedicated to the writing of the master.

The course was designed by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg (course leader at the TU Vienna), Dr. Andrea Holtl, MBA MES (Program Manager you Krems) and like. Sabine Schnetzinger (Program Manager TU Vienna) solemnly opened. After a brief personal presentation of students they used to first get to know the buffet after the official part of the opening ceremony.

Immediately afterwards began with the teachings of Dr. Michael Hirt with the subject organization and leadership”of academic life. The team of the CEC / Vienna and the Danube business school / you TU Krems wants a good start and much success for the next four semesters all participants. Applications for the 12 passage are possible now. Detailed information is available on our website under: