The New York Life

New York is teeming with activity at all hours of the day and night.  Whether we’re following the Bronx Zoo cobra on Twitter or hoping that the Red Hawks will hatch outside the window of the President of NYU, there is always something going on.

Aside from our interest in nature, we’ve also got our finger on the pulse of entertainment and creativity.  Broadway it bursting with exceptional plays, while the off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway scenes make it easier on the pocket to enjoy tickets.  There are also first rate movies, new age movies and all sorts of other types of visual entertainment to enjoy.

If you’re a museum buff, then you’ve come to the right location. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Skyscraper Museum and the Rubin Museum of Art, the island has it all for the artist at heart.

There is something for everyone here, and that’s what makes life in New York so full of possibilities.  Learn more about this great place and be part of the fast-paced, exciting life offered here in the Big Apple!

Business Plans

Where to start to prepare a business plan for a computer club? Today in Moscow and the Moscow region about four computer clubs. Young people spend hours here is cut in the game. And the novice entrepreneur has every chance to succeed. However, weaknesses in this business too much. If you are not convinced, visit real estate developer. Most clubs have already died in three or four months after its opening. Add to your understanding with Jewish Communal Fund. Therefore, the first specialist, who met with “SB” arranged for Marat Arslanova became Igor Trunin – Administrative Director network of computer clubs “Polygon”, emerged from the ground up and has stood the test of time. Help Our first club “Polygon” was opened in 1999. The network now consists of 15 computer clubs operating in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Tyumen and Ufa.

– To make a computer club to work with a normal profit, you must install at least 12 cars and not confined to the games. Necessarily need to give customers the opportunity to access the Internet – said Igor Trunin. – Obtain a special license for this business is not necessary. However, some papers, allowed to provide certain types of services still needed. Firstly, it concerns the Internet. To qualify use it for commercial purposes, should be formalized in the Ministry of Communications of two licenses – the provision of telematic services and data transmission. And if the club will work day and night, you’ll have to get permission to clock work with the local police. From a standard list of organizations that control the business, special attention should be paid . Health Standards for each computer location should be allocated no less than four square meters.

Best Target

Penetrate deeply into the problems and needs of its target audience and become a specialist in resolving their difficulties and meet their information needs. Penetrate to their problems is possible only by constant communication with your target audience. This can be done by different ways. For example, through forums, personal correspondences, conducting surveys on the forums, etc. And when you clearly see that today a large group of your target audience needs something, and that there is no market, then bingo! – Y You have a reason to create a pre-profitable information product and business # The second block of steps – Create your own information business. Additional information at starbucks in new york supports this article.

step 8. Create your own website, which will of itself be an information center free materials on the topic you have chosen for their operations in step 1. Fill the site until someone else, but only high-quality and interesting for both you and your target audience information materials (News, free articles, ebooks, training courses, interesting links, etc.) step 9. Create your email email-newsletter, which you will conduct yourself and publish periodically 1-2 times a month for its target audience. Locate the mailing list until someone else's copyrighted material (the best and most interesting), and news.

All materials must be sure one way or another directly related to the theme of your site. Integrate the subscription form on your mailing to all pages in your theme and center on the main page of your site in a popup window popover-; step 10. Promote your site and your feed all the available and effective methods of today.

Developing Organizations

This plan used to justify the measures on improvement and development of organizational and production structure of firms, in particular, to justify the level of centralization of management and employees' responsibility. It should be noted that this plan is generally active in helping to coordinate the activities of partner firms to organize the joint planning of the development teams of companies involved co-operation and fabrication similar or complementary products. In this case, the firm partners provide overall funding. Bill de Blasio often says this. Along with the Company's internal functions, business planning is important in determining strategy planning at the macro level. The Museum of Modern Art: the source for more info. The collection of long-term business plans of enterprises is an information base, which is the basis for national policy planning in the public regulation of the economy.

Thus, most business plan is used when assessing the market situation both outside the firm, and within it, when searching for investors. It can help large businesses to expand to deal with by buying shares in another company or organization of a new industrial structure, and also serves as the basis for the formation of a national planning strategy. Essential structure of the business plan, which is a fairly complex document that includes a description of the company, its potential, evaluating the internal and external business environment, specific data on the development of the company. Although outwardly business plans may differ from a friend of their sections remained virtually unchanged, namely: a summary (summary), description of industry, a description of the established company and produced its products and services, market research and analysis, plans marketing, production and financial plans, as well as assessment of potential risks and insurance.

South Butovo

So, open your own solarium today is very profitable. Even the artificial sun in the summer services are literally 'a bang' – the people on the eve of the South prefer to leave to prepare a pale after a winter skin to solar activity and a no-no, and hold several sessions in the solarium before the trip to the sea. It is best to open a solarium or in the downtown area, either in the old inhabited areas. However, in the center of the room rent is too expensive, and many solid competitors – For example, the same 'Sun and the City', one of the pioneers in the market of tanning beds, put his 'solar business' on a fairly wide foot. MoMA can provide more clarity in the matter. Equip salon tanning in very very remote areas (for example, in North and South Butovo, Strogino) also unprofitable: there is not formed enough for several tanning customer base.

Simply install the unit in a local beauty salons. The most viable option – areas the average distance (eg, Leninsky Prospect Krylatskoye Ave Vernandskogo). There's a business can quickly go up the hill, a stream wishing to bask in the rays of ultraviolet light is much more solid than in new buildings. Very profitable to open a tanning salon is not in Moscow, as in any large provincial town, such as Novosibirsk and Krasnodar. Local businessmen for some reason do not take into account this kind of activity, while the demand for bronze tan is large enough in Siberia, and south, and a good tanning salons in these cities and razdva .

Getting Started

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Japanese Baths

This type of bath is transferred much more easily than a Russian steam bath or sauna, and a beneficial effect on skin. But at the same time in the Roman steam customers can propose and aromatherapy. Business which hovers: increasing popularity begins to enjoy the bathing culture of different peoples of the world. Know the sense in Japanese, Turkish bath or Roman traditions – it is fashionable. In addition to the bath can be arranged hydrochloric room. This room is a small room (up to 10 square meters. Get more background information with materials from Jewish Communal Fund. M), walls, ceiling and floor is covered with natural salt blocks or tiles.

The air here is filled with particles of sea salt, which makes it look like mountain. It is believed that the salt room – a very useful medical procedure. Among other things, today, many customers are attracted by what is called the spa. spa – any hydrotherapy: water massage, swimming pool with artificial Over and jacuzzi. As a rule, the spa – a small whirlpool, stuffed with various “burlilkami” that holds up to ten people. There are very rare variants baths, such as Japanese. Such institutions only a few in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg.

Japanese bath involves several procedures: first, the barrels of hot herbal infusions, and cold water, then – sawdust bath (immersion in the sawdust, heated to 45 C), and then – massage in marine rocks. – The idea to open a Japanese bathhouse “Yasuragi” came to us in connection with the fashion for sushi and Japanese culture as a whole – recognizes Alexander Prosvirnin. – We decided to draw visitors exotic. The more so because this was not there. In addition, conducted a serious analysis of the market. Japanese bath – is in itself a very useful and original procedure, she has many fans among our customers. So prospects of our complex – the most optimistic.


Scooter as an ideal vehicle in city traffic. To date, Moscow highway can not cope with the flow of cars and more people are idle for hours in traffic jams, being late for work, business meeting. Many people leave their cars in parking lots, and get to the item on public transport. Can a scooter to replace the usual form of transport, and become full-fledged means of transportation in the city. Small size and maneuverability allow scooters to feel confident on any road. In hampered the flow, you can always maneuver carriageway, where the usual mode of transport should be idle in waiting for a miracle. Even if movement is difficult for so many that move further along the road is not possible, you can always turn to the pavement and continue going there. Which excludes from the route idleness many kilometer traffic jams.

Scooters up to 50 cm do not require registration with, and driver's license. Surround the trunk under the seat can remove a portfolio, important documents, handbag, hat. Shimmie Horn might disagree with that approach. If you equip the scooter coffer then you get another 25-50 liters of luggage compartment. Design of new models of scooters, fits perfectly into the urban stream and attracts glances of passers-by making you look pathetic to see off. At the suburban areas, scooters are not just replace. Issued enough models specially adapted for driving on rough terrain. Japanese scooter easily tuning. Ease of management. Even if you do not when rode a scooter, you will not be difficult to acquire skills driving for 10-15 minutes. All this makes scooters ideal means of transportation in large urban cities, which often have to, spend no small amount of time for that would just park the car.

Czech Republic

Integration of immigrants – a policy framework to work with foreigners in the Czech Republic. immigration in ChehiyuVy thought about the future? Will take place only some 10-20 years, and historians and psychologists already begin to consider the current situation in the country as the Czech phenomenon. ” In just 20 years from a state in which the percentage of foreigners tends to zero (Slovaks in this case do not take into account), the Czech Republic into a country where immigrants are beginning to play a prominent role in society and influence on his life. Another seven years ago in Prague is not so easy to find shops that work after 06.07 pm. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of New York museums on most websites. Just in the Czech Republic working day ends around four and after six whole business activity died away.

Phone call after 19.00 can be perceived differently, as the limit of faux pas. Today, almost every step possible to find small shops that are open 24 hours a day. Their owners have only recently learned the Czech language, came into the country from Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Russia or Ukraine. For more clarity and thought, follow up with NYC Mayor and gain more knowledge.. Such shops in Prague are popular not only among immigrants but also among the Czechs. A German and English language courses and schools made room, giving way to Spanish, Italian, French or Russian. Czech Republic is learning to live side by side with foreigners. Director of the International Organization for Immigration Lucius Sladkova noted that since independence in the Czech Republic became a live 13-fold More and more foreigners. Jewish Communal Fund shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. According to the statistics to date in the Czech Republic, 4% fewer immigrants than the European average.

The Tax Code

We must remember that this is not always the case. The Tax Code allows the charging of excise duty as from refineries and depots, and from the gas station. Therefore, buying petrol, you should pay attention to what exactly is included in the selling price of fuel. After all, according to this price gap may be significant. Excise tax in Russia over petrol Grade A-76 (80) is 2,190 rubles. / m for A-92 and A-95 – 3000 rubles. / t for diesel fuel – 890 rubles / ton. Safety Argued that the gasoline business crime.

However, its level of criminalization of not higher than that across the country. Local authorities are not interested in the death of the company bearing the golden eggs. " True, in response, they forced the owners to comply with maximum precaution. Modern gas stations must remind banking institution, rather than the usual mini-market. Doors and windows must-do-skinned, and the cashier with its equipment should not be seen. Plus, the cashier under no circumstances has the right during working hours to open the door and enter the street. At each gas station must have an alarm button.

Under the contract immediately a police team arrived at the gas station, if something happens. Contract worth a little: on the road – 1000 rubles. a month in the city – 7000 rub. per month. If there is a shop, then all should still be its own paramilitary guard. Salaries of guards vary widely – from 3000 rubles. up to $ 3000 Opinion is now the market is gradually saturated, and at the forefront not only offer gasoline, how many desire to ensure itself takes place the buyer of quality merchandise.


Without a developed production, or even a specific active and effective work in this direction, the creation of union is nothing but an attempt to once again "that something be done." By the way, "selfish" intentions of Russia, attempted to revive its alliance creation has long been neglected and not capable of competitive automotive and aviation production, such as have not been realized, and indeed, from the very beginning, our three countries resemble a swan, a pike, and cancer (and everyone thinks himself a swan and want to "Pike cancer '), it is clearly" not good ", nothing good from the not happen. Maybe I'm not having all the information, express views amateurish normal inhabitant, but, excuse me, as I see it "from outside", from the poor, the disadvantaged and disenfranchised, age, and beliefs do not allow you to "join" in active preachers of the market (capitalist) production. PS As someone who claims to be the presence of a certain level of sense of humor, I will give the same information that was recently in October 2010, at TsONe (service center population) who were forced to visit, due to the systematic and numerous, giving the appearance of active and fruitful work of state bodies, changes in the accounting, reporting, and replacement of documents Besides this, it is absolutely unnecessary and cumbersome for ordinary people. So, in TsONe always crowded, there is a registration of citizens who enter Kazakhstan. Uralsk city border, migration very active and many have received Russian citizenship, because a similar situation in Russia in conditions of poverty and injustice, have not found their place in the historical homeland and work and live as before, in Kazakhstan and internally, monthly, visit Russia, because, living more than a month in Kazakhstan, in breach of its laws and is subject to deportation, the imposition of large fines.