The New York Life

New York is teeming with activity at all hours of the day and night.  Whether we’re following the Bronx Zoo cobra on Twitter or hoping that the Red Hawks will hatch outside the window of the President of NYU, there is always something going on.

Aside from our interest in nature, we’ve also got our finger on the pulse of entertainment and creativity.  Broadway it bursting with exceptional plays, while the off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway scenes make it easier on the pocket to enjoy tickets.  There are also first rate movies, new age movies and all sorts of other types of visual entertainment to enjoy.

If you’re a museum buff, then you’ve come to the right location. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Skyscraper Museum and the Rubin Museum of Art, the island has it all for the artist at heart.

There is something for everyone here, and that’s what makes life in New York so full of possibilities.  Learn more about this great place and be part of the fast-paced, exciting life offered here in the Big Apple!

Nabataean Kingdom

So you're in Eilat and one day stay at the Red Sea did not know what to do. You have several options, rather a few trips to help you spend your time cheaply (that actually Israel) and with the benefit. The day trip to Jerusalem – a holy city where we all want to come, especially now, before Pashoy.Odin of the oldest cities in the world – his age over 3500 years. Jerusalem is the center of the two religions – Judaism and Christianity. Equally important is Jerusalem and Islam and is a mixture of historical monuments, cultures and people with lots of attractions. Jerusalem, capital of the ancient past of the Jews kingdom, is now the de facto capital of the State of Israel, there are all government uchrezhdeniya.Po the road to Jerusalem, you will have a short stop at the Dead Sea, if you have time, you can swim. Not Remember to take with your camera. Best bars in new york is the source for more interesting facts. The Dead Sea, should definitely try once in your life.

Terrific impression, but also heals and really, what is equally important. The trip usually includes lunch but do not forget to a little more water, there is always hot. In the tour includes a visit to the wellness center, which features a sauna, pool with Dead Sea water and the shore of the Dead Sea. At Jewish Communal Fund you will find additional information. A trip to Petra, and certainly one interestneyshih and beautiful places in mire.Petra – capital of Edom, or Idumea, later the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, the main city of the sons of Esau. The city is located in Jordan, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, in the narrow Sic canyon. The entrance to the valley – a valley in the north. Inside you'll see Petra El Khazneh, the treasury of the Pharaohs. Lunch with a take-it do not have vklyuchet in the tour price. To be continued …


Fairy tale fairy tale – it is one of the major genres of oral art narodnopoeticheskogo (See: Folklore. Folklore) and is best known for the wide range of readers (children and adults age). This epic, mostly prose fiction adventure, magic or domestic nature for the most part with the installation of fiction. The Museum of Modern Art follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Tales known variety of oral fiction (it can be preachy and didactic stories about animals (wild animals, birds, reptiles, etc.), fairy tales, everyday and adventurous stories, satirical jokes), this implies differences and some difficulties in determining its specific genre features. Learn more at: Shimmie Horn. Tale is very close to the following types of oral prose saga, legend, legend, tale, from which it differs in that the storyteller gives (narrated) it, and students perceive the story teller primarily as a poetic fiction, as a game of fantasy, illusion and embellished a reflection of reality has no place in real life, ie is a figment of the imagination storyteller. Tale reflects the worldview of the people, their thoughts and desires at different stages of development. Living in the eternal ages and passed from mouth to mouth, the tale changes together with generating valid, adapting to and reflecting it (reality) in itself (fairy tale). Many tales are reflected early social relations, primitive ideas about the elements of nature and their origin, totemism, animism, customs initiation and other even less clear interpretations. Tales for the existing under feudalism, characterized by such images, like a king, knight, king, prince, queen, princess and attendants of the court (court Hunters, grooms, hired soldiers, cooks …) In the era of capitalism in the tales of growing interest in the topic of money, technical innovations, trade, capital, and in fairy tales figures as the hero of a merchant (trader).

Travel Tip Kamchatka, online specialist for the East, Kamchatka offers many interesting trips to Kamchatka… is the Russian Pacific peninsula, which is closer to Seattle when their population is located near Moscow, to large parts consists of brown bear, which is studded with crystal clear lakes and is dominated by 29 active volcanoes. Only since 1990 is stranger the almost untapped region accessible and is a true paradise for mountaineers, hikers and anglers. Outside the capital, there are barely passable roads. Bill de Blasio recognizes the significance of this. Mostly Petropavlovsk serves merely as a stopover for the onward journey to actual destinations and attractions of the hauntingly beautiful wild nature lovers. The Valley of geysers, UNESCO World Heritage since 1996, is accessible only by helicopter. The countless hot water fountains are a breathtaking natural spectacle, they reach but a height of up to 40 meters., online specialist for the East, offers many interesting trips to Kamchatka travel under / kamtschatka_reisen.php Tip: travel No. To read more click here: Karen R. Adler. 64 – natural wonders of Kamchatka reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 64

Max Weber

The contribution of Max Weber to the methodology of the research was the distinction enters the scientific method to approach the data and the method of the value-judgment sociological: the validity of the values is a faith problem, not of knowledge and, in consequence, social sciences must be become free of the values. The main objective of the sociological analysis is the formularization of sociological rules. Weber it developed an instrument of analysis of the events or concrete situations that demanded necessary and clearly definite concepts? the ideal type. The main characteristic of this ideal type is not to exist in the reality, but to serve of model for the analysis and understanding of concrete cases, really existing. When the concrete reality is studied in such a way, becomes possible to establish causal relations between its elements.

Its workmanship the protestant ethics and the spirit of the capitalism allows to verify this relation. In the first part of Economy and Society, Max Weber displays its system of ideal types, between which of law, democracy, capitalism, feudalismo, society, bureaucracy, among others. All the ideal types are presented by the author as definite concepts as personal criteria, that is, are about conceptualizations of what it understands for the used term, of form the one that the reader perceives its intentions clearly. The important one in this tipologia if finds in the meticulous care in which Weber articulates its definitions, and in the systematic way in which these concepts are related ones to the others. From the concepts most general of the social behavior and the social relations, Weber formulates new concepts more specific, detailing each time more the concrete characteristics. Its boarding in terms of ideal types is placed in opposition, on the other hand, to the structural explanation of the phenomena and, for another one, to the perspective in which it sees the phenomena as qualitatively different entities.

Auto Repair And Maintenance

If you have a car with automatic transmission, you must understand that it requires the right attitude: respect for basic rules of operation and timely maintenance. When you do, however, there were problems with the automatic transmission, no Do not hesitate with this – just contact your good service. If you are unsure what to choose, we'll tell you. With the ever-growing demand for vehicles with automatic transmissions appears more and more companies engaged in repairing transmissions. It seems to find a good service is not difficult, but it's not that easy. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of starbucks in new york on most websites.

Keep in mind that there is always a company whose services do not meet the requirement. By selecting this service, you can lose time and money. But do not worry, not all that bad. There are companies that do quality and timely repair of automatic transmissions, and gear SERVICE CENTER – one of them. We can firmly say that TRANSMISSION SERVICE CENTER is the leading repair and maintenance of automatic and Variable speed transmissions. Service Center is a Automatic transmission service group, and it says its a global level. It was perfect experience and a responsible approach to work of all artists TSC allowed the company to reach the next level.

We carry out work of any complexity, from diagnosis and repair, automatic transmission services to foreign cars of all makes. Most repair facilities and a huge range of spare parts enable professionals to service quickly and efficiently perform their tasks. The entire process is completely computerized. TRANSMISSION SERVICE CENTER is a personal approach to their clients, providing discounts and warranty service. Agree, not all services can boast an international level specialist car sales, repair and maintenance of automatic transmissions. If you want to make sure qualifications and a Masters TSC – come! TRANSMISSION SERVICE CENTER – perfect leader in automatic transmission repair.

Job Vacancies

Every day more and more people starting to find work, have resorted to the Internet, believing this method most effective. Large database of vacancies that exist there, suggesting that they are able to find a place that best meet their needs. Their resumes, according to statistics posted on various websites about 70% of the unemployed. The advantages of this method are obvious. For example, if today you could not find the desired job, tomorrow it may be already, and you'll have an opportunity to track and respond immediately.

Global makes it possible to handle very large amounts of information in short period of time, and using the flexibility and power of search engines, search for jobs more effectively. It is very easy you can find comprehensive information not only about the positions offered, but employer, and communicate a convenient way for you. The continually growing number of employers and job seekers online is primarily due to the fact that they can initially specify the conditions, without resorting to direct contact, which significantly saves time both of them. In addition, this method of job search and more profitable in monetary terms: access to search engines for free, which make them accessible to virtually anyone. But the other side of the coin in this case is that the information requested by you, not necessarily immediately be located for you came across thematic site. Search may take some time, since the Internet you only provides the ability to search, and receive some job depends entirely on you, that is, from your professionalism, some additional skills, experience, communication skills. But, nevertheless, in Nowadays, the Internet serves the most effective method of job search.

The fact that there are many options for searching, but extends your capabilities. One such option would be to register on a special website for looking for work and placing it on his resume. By accessing the site, employers can view it. Just keep in mind that the resume should be properly composed and written by literate language. These sites usually have examples writing a resume and some tips for their preparation. Depending on the specific site, you have the opportunity to publish it or brief information about yourself, or more information. In this summary condensed from information in great demand among employers. Indispensable in the summary is to indicate the desired profile of the work and, if possible, the position you are interested. If you are trying to interest foreign companies of their candidate, then you need to leave a summary in English. The presence of cover letter would be an added advantage. Before getting to the employer the resumes of all previously included in the database are checked in automatic or manual mode, and then the search engine index them. Depending on the resource where you posted the summary will change during his stay there. You have the ability to search not only for jobs, but also the employer, thereby selecting the most suitable place in a particular company. To increase the effectiveness of search you want to apply both of these possibilities. The combination of these two options will allow search significantly increase your chances of finding a long-awaited work.


Our world in the xx century suffered many changes, which inherently have been unprecedented in human history. During this period, humanity has become more democratic. Significantly increased the level of life and its duration. Man has become more free in their choice. Changes affected the political structure of many states. Sunshine cinema may help you with your research. Monarchies become a republic. Connect with other leaders such as new york museums here.

It is in the xx century history becomes global in nature. This is one of the main properties recent history. First and important step in this was the first World War I (1914-1918) It was the result of the industrial revolution, which is reflected on the crisis of industrial European countries. This war has created the preconditions for birth of a new conflict – World War ii. The latter, in turn, set the stage for the Cold War – of the famous confrontation the United States and the Soviet Union. All these conflicts have acquired a global character to mankind. All of them are reflected in the historical chronicles.

On the other hand, world war became a great incentive for the creation and improvement of new weapons, which resulted in the emergence of weapons of mass destruction – nuclear weapons. Military conflicts to create a sense of constant danger that resulted in the invention of various related subjects. The speed improvement and scientific discoveries were simply phenomenal. The man, who had just "Yesterday", was the first aircraft could easily live up to the first flights into space and landing Americans on the moon. Do not forget that the consequences of military conflict in the xx century was the most bloody. There has never been such plots, when dying would be so many people. In this case, most of them – were civilians, killed by constant bombing and artillery strikes. Also, xx century took first place in the scale and ferocity ethnic and social conflicts. The past century has put mankind in a dead end. It was incredibly powerful, but on the other hand unable to use this power for good deeds. xx century was in the past. Many of its lessons to has not yet been learned by humanity. We tried to ignore the historical experience, ignore it and as history shows, then dearly pay for it.

Energy Consumption

Energy consumption and global world power used terawatt (TW), between 1965 and 2005. used global power in increasing levels of detail Energy intensity of different economies The graph shows the amount of energy which is necessary to produce a dollar of GNP for selected countries. GNP refers to purchasing power parity in 2004 and 2000 dollars adjusted for inflation. Energy consumption per capita versus the GNP per capita The graph represents the energy per capita against income per capita of all countries more than 20 million people, representing over 90 of the world population. The image shows the broad relationship between wealth and power consumption. Sony Wonder Technology Lab understood the implications. GDP and energy consumption of Japan from 1958-2000. The data show a strong correlation between GDP and energy use, but also shows that this link may be broken.After the oil crises of 1973 and 1979 eneg a use stagnated while Japan’s GDP continued to grow, after 1985, under the influence of low oil prices, energy use returned to their historic relationship GDP. TW global energy supply Remaining Oil Decline of the remaining 57 ZJ of oil on the planet. The annual oil consumption in 2005 was 0.18 ZJ. There is significant uncertainty about that data. The 11 ZJ of future additions of extractable reserves could be optimistic. Renewable energy sources worldwide at the end of 2006. Source: REN21 Renewable energy is available. The volume of the cubes represent the amount of geothermal, wind and solar available in TW, while only a small part is recoverable. The small red cube shows the overall energy consumption proportionately. Solar energy as scattered over the planet and radiated back into space.Values are in PW 1015 watts. In this paper, we employ the units, prefixes and magnitudes as the International System Power in Watts or Watts (W) and energy in Joules (J), face to directly compare consumption and energy resources worldwide. One watt is one joule per second. (As opposed to best bars in New York). The total world energy consumption in 2005 was 500 EJ ( 5 x 1020 J) (or 138 900 TWh) to 86.5 resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels, although there are at least 10 of uncertainty in these data. This equates to an average power of 15 TW ( 1.5 x 1013 W). Not all the world’s economies track their energy consumption with the same rigor, and the exact energy content of a barrel of oil or ton of coal varies widely in quality.Most of the world’s energy resources come from solar irradiation of the Earth – some of this energy has been stored as fossil energy, another part of it is usable in direct or indirect means such as wind, water or waves. The term solar constant is the amount of incident solar electromagnetic radiation per unit area measured on the outer surface of the Earth’s atmosphere in a plane perpendicular to the rays. The solar constant includes all types of solar radiation, not just visible light. The satellite measurements are around 1366 watts per square meter, but fluctuates by 6.9 over the year – from 1412 W / m in early January to the 1321 W / m in early July, given the changes the distance from the Sun, a few parts per thousand daily.For the entire Earth, with a cross section of 127.4 million km , the power obtained is 1.740 1017 watts, plus or minus 3.5 . The estimates of remaining worldwide energy resources vary, with an estimated total of fossil fuels of about 0.4 YJ (1 YJ 1024J) and some available nuclear fuel such as uranium exceeding 2.5 YJ. The range of fossil fuels is extended to 0.6 to 3 YJ if estimates of methane hydrate reserves are accurate and if you get that its extraction is technically possible. Due mainly to the Sun, the world also has access to a usable energy that exceeds 120PW (8,000 times the total used in 2004), or 3.8 YJ / yr, dwarfing all non-renewable resources.


HE SAYS THAT OUR EXTINCTION occur in the third millennium FIRST DECADE OF THE CURRENT MEAN WE'RE LIVING. FOR EXAMPLE THE FACT THAT THIS Mayans predicted will occur on December 21, 2012. PREDICTS WHAT IS THAT WILL THE END OF CIVILIZATION TO THE BEGINNING OF A NEW PURIFIED. NO DOUBT THAT THE LAND IN ANY WAY necessitate a CLEAN ERADICATION cruelty, selfishness, ambition, WHICH IS A DISEASE FOR THE HUMANITY AND FOR THE LIFE OF THE PLANET. WITH THIS I am not saying I want to happen an apocalyptic event, not in any way. JUST to find a cure for all ills that man himself has created.

BEYOND THAT IF ONE OR NOT BELIEVE IN THESE PROPHECIES OF THESE DATES predicted CIVILIZATIONS AS THE END OF HUMANITY AND THE DIFFERENT WAYS YOU CAN HAPPEN. Were very wise to predict, that everything bad that produce, BOTH AS HUMAN RELATIONS IN THE WARS, individualism, greed, greed, etc.. And some of our own creation would lead to self-destruction. NO They feel that so many coincidences CIVILIZATIONS FROM DIFFERENT FROM MANY TIMES THAT PREDICTS THE SAME, THE SAME BUT WITH DIFFERENT SHADES FIN, do not you tell us something? Should not you heard? You might tell me, If this is known. But these civilizations such as the Maya had the great wisdom of ADVANCE LONG BEFORE. THE AMBITION OF THE PROFIT AND SOMETIMES so BLIND MAN, NO MATTER WHAT IS THE COST (HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL) for it. Then I leave you with my reflection But we stop pollution, and if nothing is done soon, it will be too late to take measures to slow down global warming, because it will reach such a degree warming will no longer see item return and this will only happen in the coming decades.

Earth And Sun

It should be emphasized that because – for the Earth's rotation around its axis and walk across the velocity vector field of the atmosphere, is about the same flow across the field of hydrogen particles of interstellar gas and the same flight the same particles of the ionosphere, but with more kinetic energy. In the case of the solar system is moving in the concentrations of interstellar gas, atmospheric particles are much more likely to occur with the particles of gas from the atmosphere goes into space is much more heat than in the case of motion of the solar system in the areas of thinning. During this period the Earth there is a strong cooling off period in the past. If it were not for relic particles in general, and the solar system was moving in a pure vacuum, the energy of the sun and other sources of long ago would clog within atmosfery.No clogging has not occurred, although since the emergence of life on Earth was about 600 million years and the Sun during this time has made 3 revolutions around the galactic center. New York museumss opinions are not widely known. The main cause of global warming on Earth is excessive heat of the current human civilization. You can verify this by calculating the difference between the total flow of heat from human activities in H1H and twentieth centuries. In this case, we can assume the solar activity average with a period of 11 years, roughly the same in both centuries. Over the last twentieth century was spent almost half of the oil, gas, coal and other combustible materials, have grown enormously energy conversion of water, wind, tides and ebbs and similar others in the electrical energy that eventually turns into heat energy, accelerated pace to develop nuclear energy, actively promoted the use of bio-fuel vehicles.