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Pablo Freire

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Together with the history of Pablo Freire, one brief interview with a teacher of the state net of education will be described 2 HISTORY DE PABLO FREIRE Pablo Freire lived north-eastern in the first decades of the century of an agrarian country, was a thinker of the education encircled for authoritarian relations for the domain of the colonels later when Brazil passed for the intense industrial development what it gave to a new status the bourgeoisie democratically confiding for the popular participation it lives then a military blow that takes it to the same exile during 18 years being distant of its origins it had experiences riqussimas of work in the countries of third world and with the poor classrooms of the developed ones as the United States Of Americas later it returned to the country in the years of 1980. Freire was known world-wide as a popular educator it had a method that he educated and he acquired knowledge at the same time although all this popular envolvement between 1958 and 1961 it wrote texts that in general demonstrated its total concern with the education. 3 BRAZILIAN REALITY During the industrialization of Brazil (1914 the 1964) it was created the conditions institucional politics and cultural minims for the consolidation of the civilization, from 1945 the masses had started to have participation politics and to contribute in the formations of the objectives for the national development, the educators of this period are worried in defining which would be pape social of the education in a society that longed for the economic development for industrialization and modernization politics for the democratization of the social institutions. The education would finish taking a prominence for the resolution of problems, initially an ample one has debated the education would be adjusted that pedagogical society with social objectives and methods.

Douglas MacGregor

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Douglas McGregor – the THEORIES ' ' X' ' ' ' Y' 'e the motivation of public servers INTRODUCTION Studying has some time the subject ' ' Motivation of Pblicos&#039 Servers; ' , I come coming across itself with works for great thinkers, administrators, sociologists and writers, of which I can until disagreeing, but never to ignore. Recently I knew some texts related the called thinker Douglas MacGregor, Economist, Professor of Harvard, PHD in Social Psychology and Professor of the MIT. McGregor wrote ' ' The human side of organizaes' ' in 1960 and it defined Theories X and Y that according to it guided the relations between the companies and its workers. I confess that when initiating the reading I was estarrecido with Theory X and came back to the preface to see if really dealt with a workmanship of the decade of 60 (1960) or of two centuries before. For it in Theory X: ) The usual human being, feels interior repugnance to the work it will prevent and it whenever it will be able. b) Had to this trend to if abstracting from the work to the majority of the people it has that to be obliged to work the force. They must be controlled, directed and threatened with punishments.

This the one to develop the necessary effort for accomplishment of the objectives of the institution that belong. c) The common people prefer they direct that them, want to deduct themselves from its responsibilities. The People do not have ambition, and they do not desire more nothing that its security. Already for Theory Y: ) The development of the effort in the work is natural. To the common human being it essentially does not annoy to it to work. b) The control and the threat of punishment are not the only ways to canalize the effort, the man must be directed and if control in service of the objectives, whose accomplishment if compromises (and it makes thus it of course).

Climate Change Research

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

In New York, passed the UN Summit on Climate Change. The Moscow authorities will stop buying incandescent bulbs. Head of Ministry of Environment has promised to intercede for Khimki forest. In Russia Rally 'World Car Free Day'. Because of crisis was a record decline in emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In the Namibian Reserve massively exterminate seals. Autumn leaves in Europe and America in different colors. Because of the activity of people Delta Region's largest rivers threaten to flood large.

Previously, the land was not summer. The dates of the week: Marine Day and the Day of the tiger. Photo fact of the week: World day of protection of elephants. Review of the week from 09.21.2009 to 27.09.2009. In New York UN Summit held on climate change in New York hosted a meeting of leaders of world powers on combating the negative effects of global climate change. This is the largest in the history of the meeting of Heads of State and Governments on the subject of ecology – for a meeting in New York attended by more than a hundred top officials and a large number of heads of delegation of another rank. The purpose of this summit – the mobilization of effort required to develop a coherent the outcome of the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December this year, which will replace the . UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, speaking Tuesday in New York headquarters at the opening of the summit on environmental issues, said that mankind has only ten years in order to prevent irreversible climate change on the planet, and this requires joint action to limit emissions into the atmosphere.

What Is Market Research?

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

What is market research? Definitions and schedule many people hear the term market research almost every day. If it is active but not just in mentioned area, you don’t know then often what exactly one should understand by market research. This is probably because that depending on the angle of view of facts refers to market research. The market research is the systematic acquisition, processing and analysis market-relevant information, open, specific marketing questions should be answered. On the other hand, the entire solution process of market-related business problems by using the analysis of information on the relevant market is meant by market research. In addition, the based on scientific methods and objective process of the observation of the markets and the business environment is regarded as market research.

This is used for information gathering and analysis and to assist in making or hedging of marketing decisions. The market research is one of the most important tools of marketing and conducted by market research institutes in many cases. As already mentioned the instrument of market analysis as an important component is, underlying regardless of perspective and thus definition of market research. However, market research is not limited to the field of marketing. Also for other divisions such as controlling or sales, market research represents a very useful tool in departmental decisions. Usually, in market research, depending on the question, project-oriented work and is often based on empirical data. In addition, the Division of the market research in primary market research, which is an initial and direct examination of a particular market field, or secondary market research, the findings obtained data already collected or already conducted market research projects are evaluated when the is.

Taxi Of The City. In The Mist

Monday, June 9th, 2014

A week headache. To focus on anything obtained with difficulty. Particularly repugnant inactivity. There has to be with himself as the saying goes: “alone”. And there! No!, Need a job! Work diverted from thoughts and exciting.

The taxi driver – a lot of movement, much to nothing obyazyvavayuschego communication, finally, it is quite reasonable for the new times earnings. Past life, and with it peace of mind and confidence in the future – behind him. Ahead – a lot of problems that became an absolute priority of life. His youngest son, first and foremost. And it is unnecessary now this headache. He knew where it simply does not need to meet with his ex, but you have to.

Now here is a joint trip to the notary public it is necessary. Past years have left their mark, the notorious affection and respect, which was to replace the love and passion once and have not appeared in an amount that would be needed that would supersede the first one. Now we have to live with it. He frequently analyze the reasons for divorce, and, unfortunately, the reason loomed most banal, hundreds of times to read in books and heard in familiar stories. Jealousy! Reasons it was certainly more than enough, he often created these reasons, sending his wife somewhere abroad. Later, she herself, making careless suggestion to go to relax together, was away somewhere. He thought it was kind of normal, in the end, so most of the lives of families, but could not overcome itself. These visits his wife was a torment for him, and thought about it the most refreshing balm for the growth of jealousy. Subconsciously, he was ready for parting, despite the difficult age son, a comfortable life, and most importantly, realizing the future to remain without it. They both did everything that would give up completely. New life for everyone of them lurked somewhere ahead, finding very specific shape. While growing her son, completely fine with it, a new man with her and a wonderful woman, mother of his youngest child with him. Arranged life out there and work for him create here. He did not before his life in solitude, but now, after living a year and a half, not imagined how his life would look like on the other, not with her. It is yet to come, temporarily unsettled life gave natural reprieve from a new life. And somehow it does not really like him to force things.

American Convention

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

The Convention for the prevention and the repression of the crime of Genocide of 1948 argues in as the article that genocide is ‘ ‘ any act committed with the intention to destroy, in all or part, a national group, ethnic, racial or religious It is observed then, that the genocide, as well as the terrorism, is considered, for the States, a crime against the international law, and thus being in some cases, against the human rights, and such acts of violence will have to be restrained, to be forbidden and to be punished either in substance of domestic or international scope, as they also conduct the devices of the Convention for the prevention and the repression of the crime of Genocide and, the Resolution N. 1,373 of the Advice if Security, 28.09.2001 of Combat to the Terrorism and the Inter-American Convention against the Terrorism of 2002. In time and in time: The biggest OFFICIAL genocide of the contemporaneidade was the Holocausto — the extermnio of 06 (six) millions of Jews for the military forces German — it is good that if it says ‘ ‘ forces militares’ ‘ to isentarem the illustrious German people — victim of a totalitarian State — that she made the use of the force — of the repression and the propaganda politics to restrain and to alienate consciences and initiatives that they could be rebelled at the time against the state of things, operating..

The Right

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

The categorical imperative when doing without the subjective thing, then, does abstraction of the matter, obtaining like corollary that is in the form where a universal legislation can be reached and the form of a law only can be represented by means of pure the practical reason. Although the moral law does without the subjective hunger like cause of its formulation, it has influences in his inclinations nevertheless: in as much limit of the love to itself, that is to say the happiness, it favors the pain. It is in this point where the philosophy of Kant converges with Philosophy in the dressing table : the system of Sade appears like antagonistic to the moral law, basing the legitimacy to give loose rein to all the inclinations in the natural origin of the same, () From the moment in which you decide the right property on the enjoyment, this right is independent of the effects derived from the enjoyment – like thus also they are it the effects derived from the moral law consequently, is indifferent that this enjoyment is advantageous or detrimental to the object that must be put under him. the freedom for Sade is independence of the imperative and its principle turns thus: you do not have other brakes that those of your inclinations, other laws that are not your desires, another moral that is not the one of the nature. The love to itself as principle of the happiness is in the horizon of Sade, inexorably leads which it to the pain. The relation that establishes Lacan between DAS Ding and the law does not compare to one with another one, nor locates either to the thing concerning the pain; the pain is an effect of the proximity of the thing, of the loss of distance. The thing is placed in beyond all regulation established by the law.