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Imago Publishing

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

In the truth, who reads unsupicious ' ' Complete correspondence Freud-Jung' ' (translated and launched by the Imago Publishing company) it can evidence that the new adepts and practitioners of the psychoanalysis were accepted Independently of its previous formation in medicine. This was completely absent of the concerns in such a way of Freud how much of Jung, at that time (1907-1913). We read this yes, elogiosas references to them you endow staffs, sensitivity, to the capacity for psychoanalysis of the new adepts, but nor a word on the condition to be or not doctors. In 1913, it has the first explicit reference of Freud to the problem. In the Introduction to the book of the psychoanalyst not-doctor, and reverendo, Oskar Pfister, ' ' The method of psicanaltico' ' , Freud affirms: ' ' It practises of the psychoanalysis much less requires it medical training of what psychological instruction and a perspective human being aberta' ' , The problem did not come back to the surface, as much how much if it knows, in next the 12 years, until the divergence it enters the justinian codes of New York and of Vienna. A marcante fact finished for unchaining the question, in terms of an energetic and forceful Interference of Freud. Who account is Ernest Jones, in ' ' Life and workmanship of S.

Freud' ': ' ' In the spring of 1926, a patient of Theodor Reik moved an action to it under the allegation of harmful treatment and invoked the Australian law against the charlatanism. Fortunately, for Reik, one revealed that the patient one was an unbalanced person, whose testimonial evidence was not worthy reliable. This circumstance, and the personal interference of Freud next to one high dignatrio, had decided the case in favor of Reik.' ' Theodor Reik was psychoanalytic not-doctor of Vienna, described for Eissler as one ' ' scholar brilhante' ' ' ' writer of psicanalticos texts of great mrito' '.

Quality Culture Leadership

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Increased globalization has provided the opportunity for many companies to introduce their products to countries like ours which should have caused a reaction in local companies looking for improvements in their products become more competitive, trying to hold its market and in the best case, this increase, it is here that brings into play the role of the leaders of the organization and we can see if there are elements of quality that may put a national company with anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, in Mexico we are in the process of developing a culture of quality, enabling many companies to be competitive, ensure efficiency, productivity, survival and conquest of markets, in turn the technological factor plays an important role, it should be assessed looking thus key points to facilitate the achievement of quality standards established in the organization and management of indices. To the above add a policy on the human factor, considering aspects such as: Training, development of technical and managerial skills of personnel involved in production quality. At the same time have defined the functions, work teams, if there really is communication, motivational leadership, participation, performance, recognition. The human resource factor is critical in business and if not handled properly may represent one of the biggest weaknesses and difficult to overcome and still seriously concerned that some organizations in the country. The CFE DCS we have begun to deal with entering the circle of competitive enterprises, and base their findings on leadership and its people, because without these two variants the development of the organization shows how very difficult to achieve, and then, is how the company has made available to all employees focused master's and bachelor's degrees specifically to the processes and the accomplishment of the mission and vision laid out some time ago. It is difficult because the idea is the conviction of the person, it brings people afloat with good ideas has been more efficient processes and to model for her peers with the same role of activities, likewise, the leaders have changed many of the practices that did not allow the partner to participate in decisions were made regarding the process that performs and therefore has all the knowledge of it. It's a long way to go but the important thing is that here and now began tests to all employees who wanted to integrate the South Central Division.

Manuel Marquez Campos

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Is discussed much about the qualities that you must have a leader, many authors argue that humility must be paramount some others do not consider it as such but on the premise that humility is the basis of the virtues, then do not need a leader virtuous?, so we can ensure that the leader should be considered a primary role to humility as the Rector of his virtues. What is the opposite of humility? because your pride, a leader can not be superb, self-worshiping, arrogant, let us remember the history and we will see many of these qualities in leaders who historically did much harm to mankind, nature and that these dates they keep coming to dealing with transcendent addresses in society, we remember with sadness as it ends, as his activity impacted negatively in the direction in charge, only debemosconsiderar these premises and be able to distinguish when we are breaking down the barriers that separate us from this type of activity. A leader with his feet on the ground see the reality of their duty, it is not blinded by power or its benefits, all this included in the virtues in their values, which must not be corrupted in eagerness to satisfy your pleasures this. As mentioned by Manuel Marquez Campos, humility is a sign of intelligence, the superb symbol of stupidity, what We require smart leaders. Humility is then smart people, people who understand the basic concept of learning every day from people who understand that the simplest of partners can give them a lesson of life, people who are aware of do not know everything, contrary to agree to continue learning and acquiring experiences of its employees and improve with this its functions you rectoras.

Erwin Bohm

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Against this background, Joachim Jurgens underscores the breakthrough meaning of the psycho biographic model for the care of demenziell patients in need: the ultimate goal of care model is not according to Bohm, a dementia, old people in a way quiet toggle which appears most comfortable nursing staff. On the contrary: all efforts aimed to revive the sick, on the mental level. Therefore Prof. Erwin Bohm his life’s work was preceded by the challenging ideas on life instead of lifting up; the means to do so is a reactivating thymopsychische care. In the seminar will after conviction of the education work of BAAS not only clear what differentiate this approach from more established teaching models; also the appropriate expertise would gives model in nursing practice into action to implement the Pyschobiografische. Expertise is deepened and documented as in-depth and hands-on course building blocks align themselves with based conveying. Among other things, students to interpret individual psycho-biographies, learn to bring the psycho biographic principle of normality in the everyday home care processes and to derive the correct conclusions for the environment design.

In addition, they deepen their sovereignty in dealing with the Bohmschen control circuit. Of course, the learning outcomes of the seminar participants concluded are graded, assured Joachim Jurgens. Also a BAAS’s testimony is issued to each participant, model and comprehensibly documented the newfound expertise in dealing with the Psychobiografischen outside. Seminar participants can expect highly interesting seminar materials, new perspectives for society, health economy and nurses until then but the Psychobiografische has caused a stir model as well as its developers themselves: the Austrian Erwin Bohm, diploma nurses, is never gone the way of the least resistance. The practice of drug handling from Demenzerkrankten he was already his conception of an active revival of patients at mental level 70s where and came some superiors in the way with its non-aligned methods.

Erwin Bohm survived the appropriate disciplinary action notwithstanding, its model of care in 1985 has been recognized World Congress of New York for geriatrics. Because of his merits, Erwin Bohm was awarded an Honorary Professor in the year 2000. Today, Prof. Bohm cooperates with leading education works to give more room to develop his innovative thoughts of care. His choice it has fallen on the BAAS, so Joachim Jurgens is expected also in the ambitious claim of this Luner education work,: our goal is a market and demand-oriented, in-service training for responsible care professionals. So we want to meet to the looming skills shortage in the health care industry active and thus a social need to do justice. On the other hand are the companies that can operate, secure their market positions by competent and dedicated staff and expand in the health care industry. And last but not least, responsible care professionals through our news and demand health economic seminars can open up attractive prospects for themselves, their daily work and their further development. The course takes place on the following dates: 04./05.September, 13./14.Oktober, 05 to 07 November, 11-12 December 2008, 22-23 January and February 12, 2009, in Lunen. For further information given to Joachim Jurgens call: (02 31) 98 60-5 08 V. i. S. d. p. and your contact person: Dipl.-kfm. Joachim Jurgens BAAS – Business Academy of applied science Heinrichstrasse 51 D-44536 Lunen E-Mail: World Wide Web:

Language University

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

PhD student of the University of CALIFORNIA in EL ATENEO language and culture GUARANI see information (click) on: date, Saturday, March 13, 2010, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI received at its headquarters Central of the city of Fernando de la Mora; to MS. HIROSHI ITO, linguist and education specialist Japanese, currently pursuing a Ph.d. in education at the University of CALIFORNIA (USA), headquartered in the city of Los Angeles. Hiroshi Ito holds a degree in English, graduated in the University of Seijo, of Tokyo, Japan. It is also a Masters in international education development, graduate of Columbia University, New York, USA. Ms.

Hiroshi Ito came to the Paraguay a month ago and is collecting information for his doctoral thesis, entitled the role of the Guarani in the Paraguay national development; a thesis that will defend in the middle of this year. It should be noted that he lived in Paraguay, for three years, in a company of the San Joaquin district (Ka aguasu); as part of a program of JICA. Needless say that Hiroshi Ito speaks pretty well Guarani, based on the experience that touched you live during your stay in the Paraguay. During his visit to the ATENEO he was attended by the Director General of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI, David Galeano Olivera; who was in the company of Dr. Paublino Carlos Ferreira Quinonez, Director of the Central Headquarters of the ATENEO.

Both analyzed various topics related to bilingual education and to the work of the ATENEO with Ms. Ito. Ko ko ere jahechakuaa mba eichapa Guarani ne onakarapu ave ohovo has upeicha rupi avei jajuhukuaa heta tapicha pytagua, Hiroshi Ito-ichagua karai, ojesareko has omba eguasuva nane Avanee e. Maymavante ohecharamo Guarani ne has avei ome ine oipytyvotaha Guarani ne nemotenondevepe.

Minnesota Touchdown

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

The Eagles open the tenth matchday of the NFL with a 34-24 on Houston Texans triumph. A week later Philadelphia joins his ninth win of the season beating Dallas 30-27 For its part, Dallas Cowboys has a less showy than Philadelphia involvement. In recent seasons (from 2002 to 2009) the only Cowboys have managed two (2007, 2009) division titles, they were wild card in 2003 and in 2006 advanced to the playoffs. Dallas won the Championship of division from the previous season, but for the current season his bad performance has sent them into last place in the division. They started with two consecutive defeats, first against Washington (13-7) then fell to Chicago 27-20. The third week Dallas exceeds 27-13 to Houston, to go to rest, but upon their return they fall into a streak in which recorded five consecutive defeats. With this, the Cowboys begin to lose position in the NFC East. For the ten week Dallas has a small break to win 33-20 to the New York Giants.

At Dallas next week repeated the triumph, on that occasion it was on Detroit Lions 35-19, but the defending champions, New Orleans Saints, 30-27 defeat them the next day. Dallas suffers in the thirteen week but beat 38-35 in extra time to Indianapolis in a very tight match in which both teams fought strongly. The Cowboys receive in their Stadium to Philadelphia in week fourteen. The Eagles opened the scoreboard in the first quarter with a touchdown. Dallas responded towards the end of the period equalling the party. The second room was a little tight but Philadelphia went back ahead with another touchdown. Dallas tried to mess with everything in the game, but could barely score a field goal a few seconds to finish time.

The meeting was to rest with the score 14-10 in favor of the visitors. For the third quarter advantage took Dallas a touchdown and field goal. The only Eagles marked a field goal, the score was 20-17 for the locals. In the last quarter Philadelphia regained control of the game and added another touchdown and two field goals and put the 30-20 match in his favor. Dallas tried several times, but could only make a touchdown (30-27) which was not enough to overcome his adversaries. Michael Vick, Philadelphia quarterback, did not have his best performance of the season, since it was heavily pressured by Dallas and he suffered two interceptions, but still led his team to victory after completing 16 of 26 passes, mark aerial 270 yards and throwing two passes for annotation. The leader of Dallas, Jon Kitna, completed 24 of 35 passes, scored 242 yards and like Vick also had two interceptions and threw two touchdown passes. Philadelphia remains at the top of the NFC East and is in a strong dispute with the Giants, who have the same record (9-4) that the leaders of the division after their 21-3 win against Minnesota. This puts both teams in the fight as one of those who obtain a pass toward the playoffs, this will mainly depend on the outcome of the next meeting, at which the two franchises will face