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Wigald Boning

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

During a world tour, Wigald Boning and Roberto Di Gioia will present their recently established music label ‘Hobby’! The project is spectacular: 100 albums the two new plates bosses want to publish with maximum stylistic bandwidth over the next 15 years – the first eight albums are already available. “” Onstage Boning and Di Gioia explain how the idea of 21 songs, wanted to sing Tony Marshall “or the band with the yellowed photos” was established, who must make the CD covers in painstaking handwork and what hell ride you all people to travel to New York for the first concert. Following dates are already fixed (start each 20: 00): “14-16.11.2013: First Cologne living room theater”, Cologne, tickets at 0221 – 1300707 “04. 09.02.2014: Bar any reason”, Berlin, tickets under 030-8831582. “24.04.2014: Monastery church Lennep Remscheid”, Remscheid, tickets under 02191 997090. “08.05.2014: Culture Club”, Hanau, tickets under 06181-520520. 11.05.2014: Stone Court”, Duisburg, tickets on 0203 72999984.

“14.05.2014: Spectrum”, Augsburg, tickets at 0821-2572828. “” See original wigs, Quentin and Roberto give samples from the Baroque album”among the best among other Baroque versions of well-known television signature tunes and Pippi Langstrumpf” FLIPPER”. For the Halbseiden-Raga good old India “the young founders to sitar, turban and bass recorder access, the new wave hits from the album Neon” wriggling movements be uncooler agreed to strict avoidance. The temporary Iroquois cut support from the State for BILDpunk”finally set to music Boulevard headline news. All in all: A comedic combo from self experience report and concert. Hobbyists of all countries, unite! All information & appointments:, YouTube: “amateur music” user/wigaldhobbyroberto BOOKING: Nicole Wagner, Allendorf Riehl GmbH, Tel.: 0221 3991-252, press: Markus Hermjohannes,. Allendorf Riehl GmbH, Tel.: 0221 3991 122,

Miguel Castle

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

It saw it to Mr.? It is alive really? – Not, not it vi, but vi the secretary of the husband of it and after an inquiry I discovered that it is really alive and liveing in one I besiege, the thirty kilometers daqui. – How it was it discovered that you? Gutenberg was leaned, passed the hand for the white hair and spoke pausadamente: -, Later that I hurt the left knee in a fall, never more I obtained Well to make long walked, moreover, the age, you understand Until I can walk one two kilometers, but I do not obtain to come back, therefore the knee does not support. It has a person she helps that to fulfill me some commitments it are of house, but to the times I myself I have that to go. When I was to the bank, ones fifteen a few days ago, I was signing some documents in the table of the manager, when I recognized a man who was in the line of the box. Although already to have last twenty years recognized I it I eat being Michel Jacques, secretary of the husband of Sings to sleep. Michel has a signal of nascena in the right face.

That signal of almost triangular form was inconfundvel! Immediately I asked to the manager if that man knew. Yes, it knew, was Miguel Castle. Where deferred payment? Where it works? The manager if refused to give to greaters information to me, but as I threatened to lock up my account bank clerk, it decided to confide. He said that Miguel was employed of a small farm, whose proprietor if calls Joaquina the Conceio! – Lancaster Sings to sleep! – Accurate, few people know the true name of Sing to sleep and therefore it did not look for to change of identity, as Michel made. Gutenberg made a pause and fulled the juice cups. After drinking, it continued: – I knew I sing to sleep personally, in sixty and five when I started to work in New York. Since then, I started to follow the career of it. It sings to sleep was famous, admired and loved for many, and its premature death at the time caused a great emotional impact in its fans. The repercussion imagines that goes to have when the notice announcing that it is alive will be published! – It is truth. But, why it hid itself?


Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

Constitutes the central idea, the most important thing, and is the most difficult of determine. The topic must be reflected or implicit in all parts of the work, each page in each chapter or section. Most of the times is difficult to determine the theme and also write it. It is drawn up with an abstract noun (for example, love, friendship, justice, injustice, misery, discrimination, etc.), accompanied by modifiers (the great misery in which they live an African child). Let’s look at the major themes of some works according to author Martha Fernandez de Yacubsohn: Poema de Mio Cid: Castilian virtues of a national hero (Fernandez de Yacubsohn, 1978, 7). La Celestina: Bad subtle and deceptive Arts employed by Celestina to arrange the relationship between young lovers (Ibid., 71). El Lazarillo de Tormes: Hunger and the media that the rogue uses to overcome it (Ibid., 102).

Don Quixote: The knightly mission and the clash between reality and fantasy (Ibid., 134). Life is a dream: The agonizing search to discern between reality and fiction (Ibid., 179). The Yes of the girls: the marriage arranged by parents: women can not choose freely to his companion (Ibid., 201). Bodas de sangre: the young death, i.e. the violent and premature rupture of the natural life cycle nacimiento-procreacion – death (Ibid., 272). To analyze, we must clearly enunciating the theme in the introduction of our writing; later, in development, in several paragraphs, we must sustain is reflected the theme through all the work, in all its parts, chapters, acts, scenes, depending on the type of structure of the work; Finally, we must ask a conclusion or personal opinion 3.Secondary themes apart from the theme in a literary work are reflected many other issues of secondary importance, for example: love, friendship, justice, honour, honour, truth, lies, hatred, solitude, wisdom, good, evil, passions, the ideals, the destination, the suffering, anxiety, hope, loneliness, abject poverty, reason, joy, sadness, sublime, the grotesque, the macabre, death, suffering, betrayal, loyalty, family unity, courage, cowardice, injustice, repentance, the pertinacity, doubt, security, foreboding, the lesson, the vices, virtues, revenge, humility, bribery, greed, freedom, heroism, vandalism, warlordism, social prejudice, illusion, deception, war, peace, etc.

The Mas Alla Speaks English

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Beyond English Anne Germain, English is spoken in more intermediary with the more beyond does not stop to amaze me and I think I’d believe what I see in tele-cinco, but who want to say too beautiful to be true. Nothing like more than that to whatever, it were true, firstly because you would see that there is life after death, and secondly since everyone seems to be happy to life (the other) or a prior casting has been done or is not going more, are going so that as well as being in a S.p.a pulling conservatively. But I am Cartesian and I can not help it, and the teachings of the Lord Rene makes me questioned me everything and there is where my doubts begin to create uneasiness; in the first place or after dead we learn English, since Ann, doesn’t speak Spanish, or already is above any idiomatic lock. Second, all the hearings or all the presences of the world, thus called her, spiritual, have a kind of hurry that is not in keeping with the desire to be with the ones you Dear and, what is worse, rather they seem to be consistent with the pace of the program to be followed, the show must begin. But it was so serious and feared one hurt sensibilities, it seems that they say more or less, I’m that it burns me the food or I have been and arrive late. In any case too beautiful to be true and the dead who need to talk through this so beautiful woman that she is still passing through the affront of come from the country that makes us the Passover through Gibraltar. Ah but not miss it, much to communicate with more beyond it’s first but the more same here goes to web page (dona Ann has it) is that it could not be otherwise. Ann, follow you if somehow takes consolation to their families and gives a bit of hope or certainty to whom we will not abound, because welcome is, now that Yes, sooner or later can both talk about without having to learn the language of the other, and that is what I hump, that even will endure the contentious Gibraltarian who knows what by then and you will not have me enjoyed the trick until then.

Guerra Garcia

Friday, November 14th, 2014

But the shallowness of it led to that in 1998 Ortiz of Zeballos and Guerra Garcia issued the cost benefit analysis of the rules book. Although some laws were prepared by consultants who used AED; as for example the General Law of traffic and transport, the process of adoption of the new Civil Code. in the judiciary, unfortunately the influence of the AED is practically non-existent; since although the AMAG (Academy of the Magistracy) incorporated it, it is almost nonexistent in the judgments, already operate under the idea very bold idea that it is not in the record is not of this world prevents them see more beyond of the dossier. VIII. LA MAXIMISATION, RATIONALITY and efficiency in the AED-is the triad that resume: to) the maximization.-is the best use of scarce resources (existing, B) the rationality-is the analysis and action prior to the problem.

(C) efficiency.-According to Polinsky is the relationship between the overall benefits of a situation and the total costs of the same. Well, as the relationship with the size of the pie, while equity will depend on how it is distributed. IX. the AED autopsy.-in his work analyzing the analysis autopsy of the AED by Civil law (August 2006) Mario Castillo Freyre and Ricardo Vasquez Kunze, so criticize supported the doctrine of Austrian School of F.A. Hayeck, considering that their ultimate goal is not efficiency, but, the promotion and protection of the rights and individual freedoms. which is in contrast to the objective of civil law that is based on your nature of welfare and social. They claim that the reign of the reign of the civil law has no successor. Such work, it is not a criticism to the AED, is rather a defense against the disrepute (as well as their destruction) attributed to traditional forms of interpretation of law as obsolete, useless and up Jurassic forms.

Victor Area

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Start all over again (at least for myself) is not the first time. "Let's go" – the words of my famous namesake. Getting proverb says: "I do not have a hundred rubles, and a hundred friends!". So I very quickly found the basis for his idea to explore the area: just met with my friend and asked him to expand his service to the firm, disposing a base camp in a clearing Edelweiss under Lenin Peak. It was and is Victor Artamohin. He gladly agreed to be the organizer of the expedition to the area to meet the needs of paragliding.

Started simple, but such necessary work for the organization opening event. To be fair to say that from the paraglider I also received the support – both moral and material. Alexander Smolin as a holder of "our" site has agreed to information support, as well as just a friendly help and fought for my undertaking. I should mention my friend and partner of the Austrian Pierre Gasteygera – Paragliding shop owner in the picturesque town of Kessen, who helped me with the acquisition snaryagi. Next – a lot of friends who helped one way or another. A start, especially since so many people interested in this project, and more importantly – to believe in the viability of flights in the area of Big Mountain. As an example, Victor brought the story of the heli-skiing in Uzbekistan: once, when he and his partners decided to organize helicopter skiing, almost nobody wanted to come, but now reality is that all skiers lined up for two years in advance, and many eminent freeriders chosen our winter mountains.


Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

This ugly ashamed to be Spanish, but we are in a country where people are ashamed of being Spanish, he is ashamed of their flag and their country, find a Spanish flag is difficult, my father recently asked to locate a Spanish flag to hang his bike warned him that this meant that he could destroy some mindless motorcycle with the resulting financial loss. To my surprise if there are flags of other countries of all sizes, but the trick is to find a Spanish flag and you do not look bad. Being Spanish is becoming a stigma in America these things happen no one is ashamed of its flag, and patriotic sense going well, all who enter the United States know that they need to integrate and that the flag is sacred , as the hymn. However in modern Spain is whistling to the flag, whistling anthem and neglect the things that make the country, after all modern land is throwing what is ours. It starts well and ends destroying the country making it a mini taifas group where everyone is his, so we will increasingly separated, as the saying goes, divide and conquer, so the division between areas has begun, the only thing that unites us today is football, defend Spain is to little more than an intellectual dinosaur.

Spain is a great country with great history and historical power at some point very important and influential international framework for good. Now Spain must be in the ICU where there is a foundation for the defense of the Spanish nation, if we were a normal country, this type of foundation would not exist. I do not see Americans joining together in a foundation to defend their nation, not because they need it very clear what they are and where they go. In Spain we do not know where it is not clear what we are, so we will all be reduced to a set of mini kingdoms with different laws, different rules, all for a little more separated from each other. Search of a Spanish flag in Spain is an odyssey in the United States every house has a flagpole for the flag and no one self-conscious about it. The question is curious, why a country like Spain, complexes with its own history and its flag?, Perhaps no one believes in the symbols should unite and not separate radio announcer for 16 years who also cultivated writing.


Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

How to overcome the obstacles more difficult in life and find happiness. Who of us does not did a problem today in day? do many of us we have not seen to difficult situations in which at times have felt that already we cannot more? It seems that it is the common denominator in this life. The problems are not missing. We must however prepare us wishing only good things. We think the best and expect the best.Sometimes our conscious is aligned with our unconscious and when we want to think about good things, suddenly our unconscious does not block these thoughts and annihilates them, returning to the negative thinking of: poverty; Problems, few, low self-esteem, and many others more thoughts that do not lead to anything good.We must practise the awareness, the awareness is the key to success, the awareness is one of the things more important in life. If consiques mentalizing you have half of the success assured. That is the awareness? Mentalizing is is to believe that something might happen, regardless of circumstances do external to us rodean.Como achieve the awareness? s question to train the mind, is the daily training based on concentrate and focus on something particular forget reality, stay away for a few moments of reality, sensitising you is daydreaming and concentrating all your energy to that what these thinking or imagining can turn into reality. To train the awareness, practices every day by 10 minutes spaces, stay away from the noise and aislate somewhere in your house where you do not disturb or in any Park or place public, where anyone you might interrupt. Relax, take a deep breath about 3 times, close your eyes and forget the reality that surrounds you. Think about what you would like to be, what you would like to have, what you would like to conquer, don’t limit yourself, think big.You can start by imagine that you are in a beautiful Lake early in the morning, you find yourself only, you look to your around and not exists people, only the crystal blue water, only the horizon, the vegetation that surrounds the Lake: feel the air on your face, on your body and at that moment tries to breathe that air reaches your face.

Anatomic Driver

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

The driver's seat is equipped with dvuhzamkovymi seatbelts. Ability to set floating cab suspension type, mounted on 4 – pneumatic, provide a more comfortable fit for the driver. It extinguishes the great fluctuations in any pavement. The steering wheel can be adjusted within + / -50 mm from the slope and 25 mm vertically. Cars with an engine capacity of 290 l / s and above are equipped with air conditioning with heater function. On most cars High class has climate control. The car is equipped with an extensive system of ventilation the cab. When designing the car was subjected to serious tests soundproofed cabin, at the expense of this has been achieve world-class noise inside the cabin.

The ergonomics of the driver's seat also meets the modern world trebovaniyam.Pribornaya panel Howo equipped with all necessary control panels: temperature control in cooling system Index Oil temperature indicator fuel consumption in real time, Index of effectiveness of internal combustion Index serviceability of electrical Sensors state of the system inlet and outlet. Index of air pressure in the pneumatic system. In addition, each truck is equipped with automatic self-diagnostic system. Chair truck Anatomic and equipped with electrically heated. In built-in lumbar support back inflates, which lets you adjust the seat for the driver of any body type. The upper part of the seat can also be controlled, it helps reduce fatigue cervical spine and shoulder girdle driver. Doors open at an angle 90 degrees.