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Toyota Parts

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Once again, acquiring the necessary spare parts to the car, we wonder: ‘original’ or ‘neoriginal’ …? With the help of the internet and all sorts of tools, you analyze the market for auto parts and we conclude that it is often aftermarket parts are much cheaper their original twin parts, there is the eternal assertion of Russian – the question: ‘cheaper means to be worse’ …?. But, fortunately, this statement is not effective sector – car parts. Let’s try to find major differences in the above razyasneniyah. So: ‘Car spare parts’ is a piece with printed mark Toyota, Audi, Honda, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. In other words – what a car brand, but it does not mean that one of the mentioned works, there is a manufacturer of a part. In other words, the auto giants make the role of development and reflect on the major components and assemblies, and parts of their request made by other manufacturers and it depends on the product group. For instance, many know the brand’s global production brake-Ferodo, LuK, Brembo … and so on, as for the manufacturers of the elements of running, it is – Kayaba, Monro, Graff ….

Etc, electrics and electronics, this is – Bosch, ‘Denso’ …. And of making the details of the order of a factory, companies that manufacture auto parts for their logo put the plant who ordered the consignment. But this does not means that the manufacture of these products for seamless selling used inferior raw materials. It’s the same parts with the same quality, which requires a certain automobile factory. And the only difference is that spare parts distributed for free sale found no brand logo and the logo of the plant, which produced this spare part. Therefore, there is no significant difference in price between them. After all, everybody understands that we are main board exclusively for the brand such as such as Volkswagen. Thus, buying the necessary parts for your car, remember: price, after all, is important .

Latin American Association

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

According to Magnoli and Arajo the MCCA ' ' one did not reveal capable to face the agroexportadora specialization of Central American economies and the consequent dependence ahead of the exterior markets. Moreover, it was poisoned by the diplomatical rivalries between its countries-membros' '. (MAGNOLI the ARAJO, 1998. P. 24).

The Andean Pact was instituted in 1969 for the Agreement of Cartagena (Colombia), with the objective to promote the cooperation between the Andean countries and the regional development, beyond acting as consultative body in questions relative politics to the region. Members: Venezuela, Colombia, Equator, Peru and Bolivia. Chile left of the Andean pact in 1977. Salient that the creation of the Andean Pact for the Treated one to Cartagena was an important historical antecedent of the Latin American integration and that, of certain form, it caused influences in the institution of the MERCOSUL. Through this pact, the signatory countries had celebrated an agreement to promote a form more ' ' dynamics of integrao' ' of what the existing one in the ALALC. The Andean Pact ' ' it never obtained to close steady agreements on its main goals.

The deterioration of the internal economic situation of its members became empty the rhetoric still more integracionista' '. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. 24-25). Brando and Pereira point out despite ' ' the macroeconomic instabilidades and the bordering disputes among others questions, had led to it finish of the ALALC and to the retrocession in the agreements of Cartagena (Andean Pact) and in the one of Managua (MCCA) ' '. (BRANDO and PEAR TREE, 1998, P. 30). The Latin American Association of Integration (ALADI) the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Equator, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela ' ' persuadidos' ' of that the regional economic integration constitutes one of the main ways so that the countries of Latin America can speed up its economic and social development; determined to renew the integration process Latin American, they bet in a new attempt of integration? the ALADI (Latin American Association of Integration).

Latin American

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Or it is by political, religious or economic reasons. They escape of something and others look for something. But the one that escapes is looking for and the one that it looks for is more escaping of something. The Cubans of the island throw themselves apparently to the water for political reasons and the Dominican ones are thrown to the water for economic reasons. Clearly, to Cuban that they are above the American ground it is received them like heroes and with the legality; to the other one persecutes them like delinquents to do the same.

But I doubt that the political reasons do not include economic reasons and that the economic reasons do not include political reasons. It is not a political reason the one that establishes economic privileges in a country? The same happened with the European and Asians who populated the River with the Silver, our grandparents. Immigration is always a slow, smooth and long tear that never heals. The European escaped of an ill, intolerant Europe and impoverished and, consequently, the economic freedom, tolerance and opportunities went to our earth idealizando. But in idealizada America, the South America in our case, was with a reality enough more realist. Not only it was a reality product of the dreams and the diseases of Europe but the immigrants, like any immigrant, when it emigrates takes in his purse and its chest all that one than it escapes. More or less that is the problematic one of the queen of America, a paradoxical title, clearly, that finally is recognized when the young person of the Spanish high class finishes to his days exerting prostitution and undergoing the violence domestic servant, public and political. Your journalistic articles are constantly evaluating and analyzing the social system Latin American, or European, or American.

You are a critic of the society, its culture and its governments. Yes. The power does not need they defend that it. In addition, all power that exerts a social group on others maintains on the basis of lies, since it is in his nature obtaining sometimes that lack him or undergo that it are first in defending it, with a fanaticism which is called common sense, moderation, way of means, etc. For that reason I remain with the old definition of Thomas Paine: the government is a necessary evil. But an evil in aim.