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Global Challenge

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

We know that the gas discharge of greenhouse effect generated by the human activity is the main cause of the climatic change, as the Intergovernmental Panel has declared on Climatic Change of the UN. As our planet is warmed up grows the risk of which all the humanity confronts a series of catastrophic consequences due to the global heating. When being fused the polar caps in Greenland and the Western Antarctic, many countries could be seen submerged. A modification during the current of the Gulf could cause drastic climatic changes and great part of the biodiversity could be erased for always. Although one is long term risks and are many uncertainties, is a taking of brings back to consciousness increasing on the necessity to act fast, to begin to adopt measures that reduce these risks. The last Report on Human Development of the PNUD, " Fighting the climatic change: human solidarity in a world dividido" , it adds one second powerful reason to start up of immediate form: a delay in measures would have serious consequences for the human development in some of the poorest places of the world, and could mine the efforts to fight the poverty. The poorest countries will suffer, in the short term, most of the load of the climatic change: majors meteorological droughts, extreme catastrophes, tropical storms and increases of the level of the sea. And it is that, as indicates the report of the PNUD that recently we have presented/displayed in Brasilia next to the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula gives Silvia, in Ethiopia, for example, that a boy is born during a year of drought increases his probabilities of being undernourished in a 35%. If we did not act now, the climatic change will deepen the present global inequalities of rent. All the investment that we have made to reach the Objectives of Development of the Millenium could be weakened and a backward movement in the obtained developing advances could be produced human.

Globalization Perspectives

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Globalization is a fact, where all countries are involved in various ways that significantly affect the cultural, economic, political, social, education, technology. It is therefore an issue that can not be avoided, should be taken into account by management in order to assure the company under his charge, a share deal, taking into account the opportunities that are presented, threats, weaknesses and strengths . Consider that in the last quarter of the twentieth century and early twenty-first, there have been three revolutions. These revolutions occurred in transportation, communications, and finance. Globalization is the result of these revolutions. Globalization can be understood from two perspectives: 1 .- At the macro level, can be defined as the result of a historical process that promotes change towards a market economy model in which there are no barriers to international trade and has place social cohesion.

2 .- At the micro level is the result of growth in the use of flexible forms of production tend an international application rather than national. It is known that there was a first wave of globalization since the late 1800s until the First World War. The second wave of globalization is that we are living. Begins after breaks or collapses the Berlin Wall era ending the so-called Cold War. Now the world is not at odds for ideological reasons, not military, confrontation is the conquest of markets and the conquest of knowledge within a global or planetary vision is facilitated by the revolution in information and communications.

Forex:The Pound Under Pressure

Monday, November 16th, 2015

The Forex daily analysis Night view Asia / Europe USD The book under strong pressure to reach new lows Volumes are low, given Obama’s inauguration day events times EASTERN (-5 GMT) Unpublished Wednesday All times EASTERN (- 5 GMT) 10:00 a.m. USD Treasury Secretary Geithner and his nomination speech 1:00 pm USD NAHB Housing Market Index Currency Market After the long weekend, on Monday, the greenback gained ground against major currencies.

This morning, the USD continued its recent upward trend and gained ground against major currencies. The highlight of the evening was the fall of the book reached new lows. Operating volumes were low, but showed double action, while the values recorded in CABLE and minimum 1.4100 1.3912 in New York early. The fall in the pound was influenced also by the sale of books by Russian traders, as the Russians claim now to support its currency, the ruble. It is estimated that the Russians sold about 10 billion during the last 24 hours, most pounds. The book reached its lowest value since July 2001, and those who were long received large losses.

Those who were short took large profits. It is estimated that the GBP will test the 1.3600 area if not managed to stay in 1.3850. The euro also fell, and there was a two-way trade with agents of roots on the scene when the currency reached 1.3020.

Luis Miguel Valdes

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Born in Cuba and living in Mexico since 1991, Luis Miguel Valdes Morales is one of the artists who has supported both the creation and the dissemination of printmaking in Mexico, Cuba and other countries, and has also been developed in painting and sculpture. From 1961-1965 he studied at the School of Visual Arts Workshop Pinar del Rio, Cuba, where he conducted courses in Painting, Drawing, Printmaking and Sculpture. From 1965 to 1969 he was a student at the Escuela Nacional de Arte de La Habana, Cuba, specializing in painting and engraving. And from 1983 to 1984 he lived in Paris, France, on being awarded a scholarship to work at the prestigious “Atelier 17” Stanley William Hayter, where Pablo Picasso spent well and Francisco Toledo. Since 1970, Luis Miguel Valdes has had numerous solo exhibitions among which include “The Always Havana: Paintings” at the Havana Gallery in Havana (Cuba), “Paintings and Prints” at the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico City (Mexico ), “The Flow. Painting “at Agora Gallery, Soho New York (USA),” The Saffron at Lily. Digital Retrospective “at the IV Salon de Arte Digital in the Gallery of Charlie Chaplin Film de La Habana (Cuba),. Their knowledge, ability and quality as an artist has led him to exhibit at the Embassy of Cuba in Mexico, the Casa del Lago National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City in the Gallery of the Biennial in Varna Bulgaria , Galerie Bernd in Berlin, Germany, and in the National Museum in Havana, Cuba, among many other exhibitions more.

Digital Purchase

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Shrimp cocktail at just 19 dollars in the purchase of any stock 4. 15% discount on your medication when you pay your 5 inquiry. Beer to only 10 pesos on the purchase of your 6 saucer. Medium pizza at only $49 in the purchase of a family member 7. Charro beans at only $15 in the purchase of a chicken 8. For more information see this site: Jewish Communal Fund. Litre of oil to only $10 on the purchase of 500 or more in spare parts 9. T-shirts to only $49 in the purchase of any 10 pants.

Waxing only $19 in the wash and sucked your car 11. Rabies vaccine to only $49 in the hair cutting your puppy if you realize don’t close prices almost all are to the number lower if it is 100 pesos looks better and attracts more one figure less than 99 pesos. Also put the phrase on the purchase of a single, help much, seem phrases, but they are actually selling words and phrases. It is good to take into account that you can put up to 4 irresistible offers from, the rest of your prices should be fair, remember that they are causing is to enter a time inside have to do them to buy, to buy more and who return on a regular basis the following month. The irresistible offer can also be done by day, obvious in the day that unless there is traffic or per hour at the time that you don’t have many clients, I do not recommend giving something free because people already know that nothing is free, should be analysed very well if you give something free, depending on the product or service.

But now as we say to that traffic of customers and cars that we have an irresistible offer to increase customers, will do this know with advertising. The advertising that I recommend is to place a canvas Digital outside of the local or the street put offer breaking through irresitible on an easel paste stickers in crystals of the Windows of the business or on the entrance door. Flyers, paging, radio, press ads, tv ads can also be made, remember that we need people to know and this marketing strategy, is only a hook so that the client grasp it. In promoting I recommend you do not attempt to win him much, sales volume, that they might know what you’re going to win is more, new customers, get the test earned the least possible 1, 5, 10 pesos, your winnings will be another because your goal is another, the increase customers. You can also set a goal to find out how much you will win, tries to sell i.e. 10 irresistible offers in one month and takes control and thus you will realize how much was sold and how it worked the promotion and if did not work try with another, get that comes out.