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Central Russia

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Consider first the choice of power system, since other issues are discussed in the relevant sections. Each of the systems in the range of all manufacturers is designed for installation on a particular area, eg, 2-4 meters These power chosen from the condition that the specific power system must comply with heat loss in the surrounding area of this room and the length of the section allows you to produce a layout in this area with possible steps (from 5 to 15 cm). Methods of accurate calculation of heat loss is described in snip II-3-79, but for simplicity, should be calculated for the conditions of Central Russia and averaged conditions of construction, from the values of 120-140 W / sq. It should also be noted that heating section, usually falls on some (10-20 cm) away from the walls, while even more comfortable – only free furniture area. Thus, when the main heating device in a room 3 x 5 m to choose a system capacity of at least 140 x 3 x 5 x 1.2 = 2.5 kW, while at the device comfortable heating will be sufficient to establish a system for free from the furniture area of 9 sq. m.

120 x 9 x 1.2 = 1.3 kW This safety factor is taken 1.2. Obviously, that from one or another answer to the question of appointment of power has changed almost doubled. The calculation is very simple, but usually have to take into account the particular premises, which include: first and last floors of buildings rooms with large glazing – conservatories, bay windows, balconies premises with insufficient thermal insulation enclosing structures (thin walls, balconies, etc.).

Attendance Period

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

To get such information, the solicitant must contact one of our ranks of atendimento.' ' Already the site of company TIM specifies in the following way the procedures in relation to the accompaniment them demands: Resolution of Requests/Demands – When requesting information, these must be supplied immediately. Its claims must inside be decided of the maximum stated period of five working days, to count of the register. You will be informed on the resolution of its demand and, whenever to request, the pertinent evidence for correspondence or half electronic will be sent it, as to prefer. When the demand to deal with not requested service or improper collection, collection will be suspended immediately, except when it will be indicated by the TIM, the instrument for which the service was contracted and to prove that the value effectively must. The regulation (DL 6,523) defines the obligatoriness of the maintenance of the writings of the calls during the period of ninety days. This is a form to guarantee the original version of the attendance not leaving that possible distortions can generate damages for any of the involved parts. 7? CANCELLATION ORDER Some Central offices of Attendance have specific professionals for retention of its customers in determined product, as example the credit cards. This type of cancellation request became a complicated day.

However, in Decree 6,523, it is explicitado thus: Art. 18 2. The effect of the cancellation will be immediate to the request of the consumer, despite its processing technician needs stated period, and independe of its contractual payment. It is alarming to verify the how much certainties companies still are far from following the regulation and as the loss or migration of customers for competition results in financial damages. Moreover, cause also the curse of the company to have an institucional image fragilizada by me the quality in the attendance. CONCLUSION the study for the accomplishment of this work supplied some important historical data the final consideraes on the subject, that are the following ones: In 1962, a fact happened in U.S.A.