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New IRex Digital Reader

Monday, February 29th, 2016

The iRex digital reader 1000s offers maximum reading comfort of BONN on its 10.2-inch screen (September 30, 2008) Justread, Germany’s leading provider of electronic readers and expert for E-content, the latest generation of digital readers: the brand new iRex digital reader 1000s is available immediately at. The new addition to the family by iRex is not only the largest E-reader of its kind with a diagonal screen size of 10.2 inches, thanks to the included 1 GB SD card, it also has optimal capacity. With nearly 570 grams of iRex digital is reader 1000s for private use as well as for use in a professional environment: the sophisticated E-Ink display-technology ensures first-class reading impressions no matter whether PDF documents, HTML content, TXT or JPG files. The iRex digital reader 1000s is an open system that easily syncs with your PC or your notebook. The universal mini-USB port, it is Ability to transfer files to the digital reader, or to transfer to other devices. Content, such as for example E-books can be loaded from the Internet quickly and easily. The pin input function can enter notes and comments directly into the electronic document. The integrated Wacom penabled sensors make sure that commands with the stylus (pen) can be entered easily by applying light pressure on the display.

Justread presents the first of three members of the new iRex digital reader 1000 series with the launch of the iRex digital reader 1000s. Soon be both a base model without pen input as well as a version with stylus, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will be available. The iRex digital reader 1000s is available immediately for 599,00 euros VAT included on. The iRex digital reader 1000s, the stylus, USB cable and a quick start guide (in English) are included.

Digital Products

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

An unstoppable trend grows in German-speaking countries. The Internet marketing scene in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland stands shortly before the final breakthrough. The market with information products is finally the already often-touted gold mine. And not just for a few, but for every one of you who are ready, those who succeed already, to learn the necessary tools. The Internet is booming without end around the globe.

Through information products that are available as eBooks or reports on the Web, can anyone download worldwide, via Sofortdownload the desired topic. The emphasis is on immediately because z.Bsp. through PayPal can be paid immediately. The eBook is delivered the customer as a download link or Automatic eMail within minutes. Cerberus Capital Management oftentimes addresses this issue. The big plus in this business: You have no shipping and only a one-time cost for the eBook.

Or buy a reseller license and can this eBook as many times as you want to sell. With 100% profit less subsidies. Advertising costs and low administrative costs. Are honestly: What business do we have such profit margins? In addition, the new eBook readers will give the eBook – boom wing. Thomas Horrwarth

Eiskaut Monopoly

Saturday, February 27th, 2016

Synergic fusion of two market leaders currently confirmed FILM monopoly international film market a first co-operation with the DIGITAL PRODUCTION. The DIGITAL PRODUCTION is industry’s leading trade magazine for computergrafik, compositing, vfx, video, streaming, film, broadcast, dvd and games. Hear other arguments on the topic with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Editor of the DIGITAL PRODUCTION is Reed Business information (RBI) GmbH, a subsidiary of the world’s leading specialist publisher Reed Elsevier plc. Reed Business is the international business-to-business-division of Reed Elsevier. Through the cooperation of these two market leaders, offer to present themselves to market the film and animation industry professionals now completely new and interesting opportunities of existing content or international. Click Cerberus Capital Management to learn more. Workflow of the digital Kontententstehung to marketing: parallel to the trade fair TV come in Karlsruhe and the award ceremony of the “digital TV Award” film monopoly will be within the framework of the DIGITAL CREATION DAYS and of the ANIMAGO AWARD, visitors through public lectures, as well as the deployment of its tele-services new Open markets and represent… For more information in the NEWS & FACTS of film monopoly international film market Press Office on Eiskaut 46 61250 Usingen E-Mail: Web: film monopoly: movie monopoly is a neutral B2B platform for the international film industry, video industry and music industry professionals. Producers, evaluator and recyclers as well as rights seller and buyers find here regardless of the global film fairs such as AFM (American film market) European film market, Hong Kong film market or the Cannes Film Festival…

In addition to detailed information and screeners Central and all the information for your daily work and research. “The international film license market” around date available film rights and film licenses for cinema (cinema), pay TV, free TV, video, ancillary, mobile, VOD, Merchandising promotion… is a closed B2B area and is the only accredited companies available. Other portal areas like the “who of who, NEWS & FACTS, video on demand” Limited publicly available & IPTV”. By click on the following topics, go directly to the desired areas of the portal.

New Book Release: Digital Photos Online Sale

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Make money with Internet photo agencies you must not only good shooting, to make money with photos, but also its pictures sent market can. And with the help of this guide, it is possible to finance their hobby with your digital photos even amateur photographers. The marketing starts with the choice of motifs. Why sell the quite simple recording of a traffic sign “as sliced bread”, while nobody is interested in the wonderful landscape shooting of a sunset in the Alps? Because many an excellent image is not necessarily wide for sale. What is important, describes the author with many examples and short but true lyrics. Focus of the book is selling via online picture agencies. A step for step guide from sign up to first credit payment to the example of an agency provides the reader for quick success. In addition, there are tips for the necessary equipment. A chapter is devoted to the photo right – in detail because you can almost everything but just just don’t photograph sell it all. Jewish Communal Fund: the source for more info. This practical guide is complemented by a weighted overview of a wide variety of Internet stock photo agencies.

Digital Distribution Shifts Deadline

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

track by track begins the voting for the merry bunny contest only on the 4th advent digital music distribution track called by track from Paderborn early November all musicians and bands on to take part in the merry Bunny contest. Musicians and bands should create an anti-Christmas song of kind of, to from the crowd of mostly bad or at least dead “-heard carols to stand out.” This creative bridge have beaten some artists and produces great videos and songs. The first advent should originally be the final date of the levy for the entertaining videos. This appointment was now moved back due to organizational problems. Half so wild, moved is not repealed: the beginning of the vote for the merry Bunny contest moves on the 4 advent backwards! Each artistically gifted man can take part and later in the free trackbytrack web2 Portal gevoted will. Therefore bands and musicians have a video, an animation a little time budget during the advent season, or slideshow in YouTube channel “trackbytrackGmbH” in the form of a Channelcomments to post. To deliver a taste of how an Easter Christmas mashup can look, here is one of the first videos: Tobias Sander track by track sales & promotion GmbH Friedrich-list str. 59 D-33100 Paderborn

Andreas Dippelhofer

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

IBM innovation trends: attractive Internet and digital shopping assistants Stuttgart/Bonn – the course on the Internet will change according to forecasts by IBM over the next five years in a significant way. Researchers of the computer giant expect much of the speech here. Surfing the Internet will be possible with the voice – without the use of hands. As a result, view contacts as well as keyboards become redundant. The new technology will initiate a process of change and influence the manner how man bypasses with information and E-commerce Web sites and interact with them. Bill de Blasio is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Control instrument is the language and not the text. Click Cerberus Capital Management to learn more. We know that this is possible, because there is already the required technology available to us, we also know that the time is ripe\”, as IBM. In countries such as India, where the spoken word in education, in government circles and in culture have a greater importance than the written word, is speaking\”with the Internet already and all others Communication interface in the shade.

The same happens with mobile telephones, which now trump the PC application. \”Through the use of voice sites’ also people without access to a computer or the Internet as well as those who can neither write nor read, will benefit in the future from the numerous advantages and conveniences of the Internet\”, IBM stressed. \”\” For the German market matter it, how it will improve the acceptance of voice sites, so Christoph Bill, ICT Manager of the company of Vivento customer services in Bonn: previous experience has shown that there are still considerable resistance compared to voice-based systems in Germany. \”surfing with the voice\” could help the voice automation to the breakthrough. Combining these technologies with biometric procedures such as self could win service transactions in the network significantly on security\”, explains Bill against NeueNachricht. Language will win with security as an input medium importance, believes Andreas Dippelhofer, Member of the Executive Board of the Dusseldorf service provider Acoreus.

Vygotsky Central

Friday, February 19th, 2016

The professor does not have to make all the activities for the pupil, in contrast, it must know what the child already makes alone, what it does not obtain to carry through, to plan where must act and of that maneia goes to act to contribute with the development and the learning of the child. The potential development is determined by the abilities that the individual already constructed, however meets in proceso. This means that the dialectic of the learning that generated the real development, also generated abilities that if find less in an elaborated level than already consolidated. In such a way, the potential development is that one that the citizen will be able to construct. The workmanships of Vygotsky include some concepts that if had become incontornveis in the area of the development of the learning.

One of more important concepts are of Zone of proximal development, that if relates with the difference between what the child obtains to learn alone and what obtains to learn with the aid of an adult. The Zone of proximal development is, therefore, everything what the child can acquire in intellectual terms when is given it the which had educational support, it defines in the distance enters the level of real development and the level of potential development. It wants to say, is the series of information that the person has the potentiality to learn but not yet she completed the process, knowledge it are of its current reach, but potentially atingveis. Vygotsky affirms that the child if develops first in the social level stops later if she develops in the individual level. Piaget claims the opposite: first the child is an individual being and later a social being, with bigger interaction with that they are to its redor. Idias Vygotsky Central offices and its collaborators had objectified to construct a qualitative, to interdisciplinar and guided boarding for the processes of the development.

Central Mountain

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

A route in which history and the nature narrow the hand. It reaches the exact point from where the immensity of the mythical Aconcagua in all their splendor can be appreciated. To marvel itself at the fascinating landscapes of the region of Whose it is transformed into custom for those who their vacations in Mendoza pass. And the way that takes to the highest tip of America is not the exception. In order to arrive at the stop of the Aconcagua, the itinerary one marks the national route 7, by which 55 kilometers are crossed, until arriving at Potrerillos. The panoramic view of the Potrerillos dock is simply Beautiful and provides with enthusiasm to follow the way towards the mountain. In direction the west, the trip continues between colorful the formation rocky of the $andes, crossing Precordillera.

The valley of Guantata unfolds all their enchantment before the eyes of the visitors, like waiting room of the welcome to Uspallata. Uspallata is a town of military origin, located in a depression of 120 kilometers squared, between poplars, streams and vaults that date from century XVIII. The way continues in the form of zigzag and the tunnels are numerous that must be crossed. Powerful, quiet and omnipotent, the Mendoza river, with its originating clear waters of defrostings of high mountain, is a faithful companion during great part of the passage. In the heart of the Central Mountain range, the rest of the legendary colonial bridge of Picheuta can be observed. This small one hard the troops of the General left the Heras to fight in the first battle of the Army of the $andes against the Realists. A section is covered more before arriving at center from ski the Penitentes, where the snow, with its so characteristic dust consistency, is the main protagonist during the coldest stations. The Penitentes offers 8 elevators and 27 tracks of ski, extended on 60,000 meters with lofty slopes that exhaust the most experienced skier.

The next shutdown is the Bridge of the Inca, an attractive calcareous formation on the river the Caves, which lodge thermal waters. Lack very little to arrive at destiny: the sentry of America, Monte Aconcagua and their 6,962 meters of height. A traverse of the Provincial Park, destiny forced for the tourism in Mendoza, it is acceded to the advantage point, from where the eternal majesty and snows in the summit of the tip yearned for by the andinistas can be appreciated more worldwide.