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Citizens Demonstrate

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Diana Sanchez 20 m citizen groups related with the 15-M movement have organized marches and concentrations for major cities of Spain. They are protesting by the forthcoming ratification of the Euro Pact, who believe they will bring more social and labour cuts. Keys to understanding what is the Euro Pact. A Europe for citizens and not for the markets, under this motto the 19 different collectives related movement 15 June – M have called demonstrations in more than 60 Spanish cities to protest the so-called Pact of the Euro, whose ratification is scheduled for June 27, and that has been very criticized by social and wage cuts that entails. The Euro Pact, occurring from Brussels as a prescription to alleviate the crisis and encourage competitiveness, proposing containment of public expenditure (especially of social benefits and pensions) and wage moderation, as well as greater employment flexibility. Again Internet and social networks are used by citizen movements to organize face to the demonstrations. The website of Democracia Real Ya, which joins the call and becomes convener in some cities, at the same time describes places and hours of demonstrations; but the web is constantly updated and each day adds the name of any new town. There’s even a concentration in New York at Washington Square, convened at 10 a.m.

on the 19th day (American time). There is a page for each call in Facebook and on Twitter is easy to track them with the tag #19J. For Fabio Gandara, spokesman for Real democracy already manifestation aims to maintain pressure citizen on the street, in addition to giving the opportunity to manifest itself could do to whom it may 15.We want that this reaches the rest of the citizens of Europe also, to know that this is not over, it is not diluted until things do not change, continues. Gandara the Euro Pact is one more example of the European policies of neo-liberal Court that ignore citizens and that attack their well-being.

Group Green

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

yellow/natural / tierrElemento earth colors. Yellow, ochre (hydrous hierrro oxide) and natural are reassuring that expressing permanence, stability, solidity and attachment to the traditional. Reflects a good character, sociable and optimistic. Recommended for projecting a conservative image and family, when he or she presents to us his family, to receive payments and investments, selling insurance, sign contracts, visiting sick. Combined with black, dark blue, Brown and green military. Avoid these colors when you need appear dynamic and innovative, to break out of the routine, to be the first to submit an idea or project, to compete or Excel. VERDEElemento wood.

It shows that you are a firm in your convictions and you feel independent. Fashion is always a transitional color; It suggests growth, new ideas and originality. Recommended for moms, teachers, gardeners, designers and artists; to meet with friends. A black trousers looks great with an emerald green blouse. You can combine it with yellow, red, cream, Brown, white, violet.

It avoids the green if you need to project an image of strength, stability, maturity and confidence, if you are going to sign a contract, advise or to visit sick. ROJOElemento fire. It is characterized for being daring, joyful and Extrovert. When we dress red our presence is accentuated, we attract the attention, we transmitted power and we inspire confidence. In the Office environment you must use it with discretion, because it induces others to make decisions fast and instinctive, even aggressive. Take it in your trousseau if you want to be the soul of the party, attract looks, who he or she chooses, etc.. You can combine it with blue, black, cream, grey and white. Prevents red when you need to be patient and retailers with you, if you’re going to face a conflict situation, that first day in your new job, if you are going to study in Group – colors – GRISProyecta BONO forbearance, seriously. It is characterized by its neutrality. You can combine it with blue, yellow, green, red, light blue and pink. ROSADOProyecta an unobtrusive, quiet and shy personality. You can combine it with dark blue pieces, black, grey and white. COFFEE/Marrondemuestra a restless, bold, sensual and individualistic temper. You can combine it with orange or lime green. CREMAEste color can provide us with a combination of emergency, us out of trouble, since practically combines with everything. It looks very well with cold as blue or warm like wine tones. AZULDelata a quiet, sensitive and reliable personality. Dark blue is a neutral tone appropriate for formal activities and business, both night and day, and combined with white, pink, cream, red, green and yellow.

Lessons Of Tenderness

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Last Monday, in full may, it dawned on a cool and rainy day in Valencia. Of those who seem to have mistaken station to remind us of a winter just ended we all want to forget but that, without asking, in less than a year we will visit. It is in this type of days when find me it easier the analyze emotionally what happens and surrounds, winning in sense and sensibility (Jane Austen only could be British!). Walking in the rain, he remembered the recently concluded Coaching session where the Manager of a well-known company of services had moved me its concern by the progressive deterioration that was noticing in the working relationship with his wife (work together) because, according to him, the tension that these troubled times of economic difficulty generates in the characters of the leaders and business executives. Installed in the metro and already back home, still engrossed in my tribulations on the real reasons that might explain the situation of my client, when at a station stop came two young people with physical features of Down syndrome.

They would have veintipocos years and nobody, accompanied them which intrigued me for the unusual. They wore to fashion and remained silent. At rush hour, full wagon did not offer many possibilities of seat and the only place to view was gallantly ceded by boy to his companion, very blonde and slightly higher than the. As they wore no umbrella, their clothes and wet hair I was informed of a long journey to foot to that station. Without attempting to observe more than what decorum imposed, cost me take my eyes of these young people, different Yes, but at the same time as normal in their behavior that still intriguing me more. And suddenly, step I had the privilege of contemplating one of the most true and tender scenes that long had seen in real life (in the Opera, many times, no doubt) and step unnoticed for the rest of the passage, as absent as ignorant of the emotional gift that was happening. Boy, with delicate care and that thoroughness hesitant only of Down syndrome are capable of displaying (know very well, because I have an adorable niece who was born as well), it was withdrawing exquisitely face the hairy wet strands covering her eyes, again drawing that lost bangs, hair to hair, before the sweet and already fully blue eyes of the girl.

I could not contain my excitement!. I soon realized that the lessons not to those who want to but which can give them and that my client, having been there, I would have discovered without more help mia the real reason for their concern.


Monday, September 26th, 2016

Geolocation applications are gaining much strength around the world, some visionaries considered that these are going to get to become a social network as powerful as Twitter or Facebook. That is why the restaurants and businesses are beginning to use them as a tool to know where your customers consume and what hours specifically. For more than already they are being used, as in the example above, there will always be conflict between privacy of personal information and commercial use of the same. It is a tool, and it is already being used. However those customers that is gathering information from their consumption habits, are agreed? The case is that already exists and is being used. Perhaps we are getting used to this invasion of our privacy so already we do not consider it privacy, nor invasion. In social networks on the web, the trend with Twitter and Facebook, is to publish information, which in the past was considered staff (and many times of little interest to the community).

But well, let’s return to the topic. The Foursquare geolocation is now one of the most visited, there some companies have found ways to locate your customers and potential customers also. In Ecuador, this phenomenon is starting to gain strength, several geolocators have created especially to help people know how traffic is or why roads can travel better. However, and while these already exist in our country, still doesn’t handle them is as a large scale social network, because there are few people who know the real benefit that can be achieved with them. It is important that the Ecuadorian public relations begin to consider the benefit that these applications can bring to your company, so that they are able to anticipate a future that is not too distant.

Non-Verbal Language To Increase Sales

Saturday, September 24th, 2016

According to many researchers (Albert Nehrabian, Bird Whistell, Anthony Robbins and others) the communication is made up of: 7% = 93% say = how to say this 93% is composed of: 1) voice – intensity – volume – tone – voice quality – speed of mother tongue – ring 2) Non-Verbal language – breathing – eye – gesture – posture – movement body movements – but facial movements, language not Verbal is this something new? It is true that it is something that is very fashionable, but in reality, non-verbal language is something that is with us since the beginning of the existence of the human being. To get idea how long the man knows communicate through words, if we spread a string of 100 meters, only the space occupied by the head of a pin would be the equivalent to when we had the ability to communicate through words. Therefore, it seems that our species has been reported during the greater part of its existence through a series of gestures that have helped you when it comes to live in a social way and show all what we now express through words, like fear, submission, affection, respect, etc truly incredible comes now. When it comes to communicate with others, even though we perceive the words at the conscious level, collect much more information at the subconscious level 7% a conscious 93% a subconscious of this way for example, if someone smiling us with the mouth but not with eyes and cares for us, perhaps, away we have a bad feeling, as that something has gone well. ‘Ve not commented never what to do not know why but this person has given me a bad feeling? This is because there was an inconsistency between what he said (7%) and language (nonverbal (93%) and this your subconscious picks it. Continuing the theme of the smile, a French scientist named Guillaume Duchenne de Boulongne discovered that this gesture zygomatic muscles control it and unite the corners of the mouth with the orbicularis oculi that are responsible for take back the eyes. The interesting thing is that the zigmaticos are handled consciously, IE manipulable while the orbicularis oculi act autonomously and therefore are activated at the time of produce a sincere smile.

If not, check out this video of John Mcain (candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America). Therefore, very careful with non-verbal language to the contact with a customer or any person because you can give away and I can’t help that they don’t trust you. Remember: the smiles are a signal of non-aggression. Sincere smiles involve eyes and face. Better a bad smile that no smile if VAS to talk by telephone, get smiling GRIMACE, is PERCEIVED to level SUBCONSCIENTE.* Roberto MENeNDEZ if you are interested in knowing more about business skills and negotiation, sign up for the free course method MENENDEZ challenge commercial 30 days at: original author and source of the article..

Banks International

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

In the world there are a large number of banks that serve the needs of provision of economic resources of many people, so much so that in the territory of a country you can find a great number of banks of entities or different companies that offer to the general public a lot of services with the idea of being able to meet the economic needs that a person can haveeither because of money or that prompted a credit or loan of money; However since a long time will have left behind the banks who serve only a territory, opening field intentional banks which have been established in different parts of the world thanks to its development, keeping a point or central headquarters and around the planet has different subsidiaries or branches, which all offer the same services, so can meet the needs of today’s world that increasingly this more towards internationalization, by which a person seeks to have the same banking in different parts of the world, to the which is necessary to gain access to international banks. The emergence of international banks largely to trends in the world economy that is driven by globalization, which has as result the presence of a large number of changes within the banks and their way of acting, as well as in its organization and distribution, reaching international levels, resulting in last the emergence of international banks or the World Bank. So the growth of international trade in the last decades, it was the hand of the creation of different branches and subsidiaries a good amount of banks that broke the barriers of the territory to expand its coverage to various parts of the world, giving a great advance in the figure of international banks, so banks have managed to establish a physical location in other countries other than the place of origin and main center of operationsall this accompanying the growth of loans and therefore lenders at the multinational level. The institution that represents to the banks global or world banks, thanks to their conformation and structure that accompanies it can perform many levels, such as those developed by commercial banks, mortgage banks, investment banks, the societies of capitalization, financial leasing entities, like money market funds. No doubt international banks promoted and greatly facilitate trade and the placing of money in the market and the economy, underpinning with the presence of advantages as: through international banks both in efficiency and competitiveness, stimulation is achieved applying cost reduction.

International banks expand the range of services and products within a single institution users. International banks to channel a greater amount of resources facilitate economic development. International banks by their status, greatly reduce the liquidity risk in the absence of the realization of catchments. Original author and source of the Article

How To Choose Jewelry

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

If you could give only one advice on the choice of jewelry, it could be stated as follows: before you go to a jewelry store, find out more about the 4C. For the uninitiated, explain: 4C – this rating system of diamonds – cut, clarity, carat and color – cut, clarity, carat and color number. From myself, we would like to add one more criterion – common sense. Shimmie Horn shines more light on the discussion. Choosing the perfect diamond (honestly, do not exist "Perfect" diamond, but some are still as close as possible to the ideal) – it's more a matter of subjective tastes and preferences than the objective characteristics of a diamond. Some couples prefer to bring in money prey size, others like glitter perfect blue-white diamond, even a small size. Optimal – safe – option: to seek a stone with a harmonious combination of cut, clarity, color and the number of carats you can afford.

Here are some tips to help you find the diamond with optimum combination of money: Be sure to have a certificate of quality diamonds. Certificate of quality ensures that you get exactly what you pay for. When buying jewelry in a retail store, ask bring you selected diamond to a white material that would determine its color (or Take a piece of material out of the house – even a blank sheet of paper will come for that purpose!). Jewelers usually use black felt to show the stone well – the trick is that on a black background all Diamonds look white. According to the American Gemmological Society (The American Gem Society), cut a diamond can affect its price is only half. In considering the above well-cut diamond should radiate this light, uncharacteristic for any other stone. Most diamonds have flaws (the so-called "inclusion"), which were formed during the formation of rock millions of years ago. Some inclusions can not be considered naked eye, others immediately catch the eye.

The more inclusions, the worse the quality of the diamond, the less its radiance. However, do not immediately reject stones with flaws – the fewer the inclusions, the higher rising price of stone. Look for a compromise. The knowledge – force, and the better you understand the principles of classification of diamonds and the impact of this classification on their price, the better you can understand if you do not cheat, and whether favorite stone is specified price. And most importantly – remember that you will be selected decoration for a long time (hopefully), so the last word for you. Sometimes, the stone with a flaw (or even a deep crack), and you still like the ring, and you wear it, not removing!

New Applications For Beautiful Living – With The Rhinestone

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Creativity in the home to the new lifestyle experience my dear friend Caroline moved friend together at the early age of 24 with her. That alone is not uncommon, not the small difference would be there, that the two have built a House. And I mean no small terraced houses with a small garden of the thirty-five square metres. The two have taken properly in the full and have fulfilled the dream of your own home in two respects. Because it has become a dream home. At this point must be mentioned briefly, it sounds very strange, when a pair that is together than fifty years old, is building a villa. But in Caroline’s life, the term financial difficulties is non-existent. The Golden Spoon was laid the little Caroline in the cradle, so that you by young learned to think in large dimensions.

Well, and this has now confirmed them. Last week I was invited to the housewarming party and must honestly confess that I could not suppress my envy. The House is really It’s great. In particular, the Interior is very creative. No wonder, Caroline is also studied interior designer and had by always the urge to make their living Empire extremely tasteful and stylish. In addition, she had always the gift to achieve maximum effect with relatively little resources. Can spend money everyone says it.

The art is to give as little as possible out of your hand. However, in case of their new home, one can say that this project is not particularly well managed Caroline. The House was expensive and you can see that everywhere. Puzzled, I took note that alone their bathroom was so costly, that I would get a new Mercedes for the sum. The bathroom is so expensive because the dark tiles over and over are covered with Rhinestones, the pattern in a whole different result.

Night-Vision Goggles

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The famous night-vision devices, although related to night vision devices, but they work, usually in the higher parts of the spectrum, and require that at least some coverage of some vneschnego or even infrared illuminator, so that this is not exactly what will be discussed. In the course of normal pitch darkness of night vision devices are not very much good, which, however, can not be said about working at low frequencies thermographic device. This type of devices capable of receiving termoizluchenie remote sites and convert it into visible images. so we can study the spectral traces of celestial bodies, or, for example, the temperature of passengers at airports during epidemics. A few years ago they were worth big money and is a very dimensional devices, today, these technologies have been proposed in the 'new package'. And they are suitable for mass use. Thermal radiation is produced by any object at a temperature above zero degrees Kelvin or -273 C. To visualize this radiation requires special equipment or infrared camera.

The American company Flir, known for its thermography techniques in the industry, offering consumer portable and very compact monochrome thermographic camera, designed for a wide range of uses, like power structures, the researchers studying the night life and even .. children! Of course how useful will Oonah kakzhdomu of the categories listed above question is quite controversial, but fairly clear one – 'toy' has been very entertaining. And who will find it application is another matter harakreta. The price of this device, however, even very 'grown-up – 3000 dollars. At the same time, it is much cheaper than the military designs of thermographic devices with approximately the same characteristics. We recall once more that the usual infrared radiation survey corresponds to a temperature between 250 C and 500 C, while the range of thermography is much more broad: from -50 C to over 2000 C. Source: M-BOX

Profitable Web

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

This one without a doubt must more be one of the questions than we received more frequently. Naturally, many of our clients are interested in obtaining some type of benefit from their Web. Some already they come focused and they want to harness his business selling products through Internet. Others, trims in the rich information that they own and they will publish in his site, wish to obtain some economic benefit derived from their site in Internet. NYC Mayor is a great source of information. Last, but not for that reason less, they are those than personal or has blog or does not wish to undertake some new project in Internet and they do not have the smaller idea of how making it profitable. For all of them they govern the same basic rules and here we will list some. Before embarking us in the mechanisms to achieve the objective of a profitable Web we must do some other questions to us. What I like to do? How I want to make my money? How I want that it is my life and how it fits my form to make money in her? 3 forms only exist to live on Internet: Making money by publicity Selling own products or services? Selling products or services other people’s (system of affiliates) No matter how hard they say that there are thousands of forms, all to you fall in one of these 3 categories. The other that is safe is that it does not have easier that the other and to achieve the success in anyone of them you will have first to respond the questions that were formulated all at the outset have their pros and its cons and of the evaluation of them and the contrast with your espectativas you will be able decidirte by one or the other model. Now we explained to you because: Case 1.