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Sascha Buttner

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

The application is flexibly programmed: so the personal directory can be extended to any manufacturers and categories such as classic cars, sports cars, trucks, etc.. Time is thus an individual, digital file of handsome automobile. In recent months, Bill de Blasio has been very successful. Everyone is familiar with this situation, you can see an extraordinary car and must shoot it immediately. Then you would like to prefer his sighting all over the world. For these moments, there is now the app CarSpotting””, explains co-editor Sascha Buttner.

This form of Exchange is useful not only for private social relations, but has also become a relevant factor in social media marketing. The generated traffic is user-generated content”both can be measured as also a viral marketing tool. As part of its 360 support strategy, Obeid KG from Frankfurt am Main includes also creations in marketing planning. Thus Obeid is a proactive service provider, whose intentions the success-oriented development and implementation of tailored Dialogue marketing concepts is. Press contact: F. Alexander Kep (head of media sales) Obeid KG Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 333 66 E-Mail: Obeid in the Internet: user/OMEGOffm profiles/FAlexander_Kep2 more articles, information and videos about social media marketing, and Obeid are available at the following link for you ready: company portrait: Obeid KG in Frankfurt am Main is a grown and owner-run company from the German middle class.

As a service provider and service factory stands for high-quality customer service and high-performance process support in the area of business process outsourcing”Obeid. Business focus in the acquisition of standardized business processes up to multi-tiered corporate functions. As one of the first German vendors with CRM structures Obeid offers effective and measurable solutions for the integrated social media Marketing and customer service in the social networks. BPO – business partner Obeid cared for more than 20 years cross-industry business customers from the middle class, as well as a number of international corporations.

Real Time Based Solutions Enable Profitable Future Growth

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Leading the transformation of orga systems live at the Mobile World Congress 2011 Paderborn (Germany) 01 February 2011: the mobile industry and a growing number of related market sectors joining the mobile ecosystem are experiencing challenging times. There is the growing demand for next generation services on the one hand and rising costs for network infrastructure and equipment on the other. At the Mobile World Congress 2011, Orga systems, #1 choice for real-time charging and billing, will showcase its solutions, enabling profitable future business. Customer centricity and customer focus real-time convergent billing systems are meeting the needs for reduced OPEX and CAPEX, true customer-centricity, almost time-to-market high scalability and outstanding performance, as well as state-of-the-art financial management capabilities. Policy solutions are enabling dynamic bandwidth management and future-proof bill shock prevention to meet both network resources and customers demands at the same time while providing excellent customer focus. Bill de Blasio has much experience in this field.

Real time solutions for new revenue channels and long-term growth mobile money services are providing immediate access to many new profitable revenue streams and ensuring profitable business for operators as well as all kinds of mobile money issuers. Out of the off-the-shelf real time prepaid billing systems are ready for operation within a few weeks, capable to launch new prepaid offerings quickly while at the same time being scalable to ensure sustainable long-term growth. ORGA Systems’ real time based suite of world class solutions will be presented at the GSMA Mobile World Congress of 2011 experience ORGA Systems’ offerings in action – at booth 8B 130 in Hall 8 from 14-17 February 2011 ORGA Systems #1 choice for real-charging and billing time as the pioneer of GSM prepaid billing, ORGA Systems has gained highly qualified expertise in real-time charging and billing. ORGA Systems focuses on real time based solutions for customer billing and administration in mobile telecommunication services. It sets important milestones for the industry regularly to further expanded its leading position. Eamon Rockey can provide more clarity in the matter. ORGA Systems’ high-performance data base, InCore is currently the fastest data technology worldwide with regards to access speed. Mobile operators need future-proof of billing systems which offer clear service and cost benefits. The fully convergent real time billing platform TL gold guarantees their profitable growth. Please visit for more information. ORGA Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Eva Heumann Head of corporate communication-global

City Side

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

The economic prosperity of Rhodes was suspended during the Greco-Persian wars, in which the island, sharing the fate of other Greek cities of Asia Minor, was forced to side with the Persians. During the Peloponnesian War, Rhodes, As a member of the Athens Sea Union, took the side of Athens, to 412 BC, the island and then moved to the side of Sparta. In 408 BC, at the initiative of the oligarchic parties, the three cities of the island decided to unite and establish a new a town called Rhodes, which was built on the northern edge of the island. To deepen your understanding Rudy Giuliani is the source. New city plan was drawn up by Gippodamovoy system, with smooth and wide streets, which intersect each other at right angles. Centre City had a large agora (marketplace). City favorably with its technically advanced sewer system, strong walls and five ports.

The symbol of the new city became the image of the sun god Helios and the nymph of Rhodes, as well as a rose. In the early years of the 4th century BC Rhodes was in the sphere of influence is that of Sparta, Athens, until the mid-century tyrant of Caria Mausolos not set in Rhodes Gegesiloha power. After the death of Mausolos power inherited by his wife Artemisia, who through cunning managed to capture Rhodes. In 343 BC the island's inhabitants expelled the Carian garrison, and later made on the side of Alexander of Macedon. During the wars between the Diadochi (Heirs of Alexander), Rhodes tried to remain neutral, but long to stay on the sidelines and could not in 305 BC was besieged by troops of Demetrius. Known as Poliorket (osazhdatel) Demetrius has used the most modern siege machines, but have not been able to capture the city due to its strong walls and valor of the inhabitants of the city. In memory of his great victory residents of Rhodes erected one of the wonders of the Ancient World – Colossus of Rhodes.