ABAS ERP Receives The

The “must-have” ERP package for international projects Beijing, China, July 26, 2010 – abas ERP was on the “Summit Forum on Growth Power Promotion with informatization, SME of China 2010” with the “2010 best solution Award for China SMEs” award. The abas business software (ERP – PPC – MRP – eBusiness) is specifically tailored to the requirements of middle classes of companies. Top-ranking Forum on July 8, 2010 took in Beijing of China Information Association sponsored “Summit Forum on Growth Power Promotion with informatization, SME of China, 2010” took place. Over 300 participants from various sectors at the China Information Association of sponsored “Summit” part. To broaden your perception, visit NYC Mayor. In addition to presentations by officials and experts of the China information industry association, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Department of Commerce and the China SME Association held among others also Forrest Yang, CMO of the ABAS force China, a presentation on the topic “ERP – you meet as a medium-sized company the right decision?” abas ERP tailored for the mid-market In the lecture Yang analyzed the peculiarities of the Chinese middle class, such as the small size of the companies, the limited financial resources, mostly poor information infrastructure, the shortage of workers, but also the high adaptability and flexible business models, fast responsiveness to changes in the market. Just because the Chinese middle class is especially the ERP selection process can be copied not just by the big corporations. The CMO of the ABAS force China gave some practical tips to the ERP selection process tailored to the needs of medium-sized companies. To medium-sized companies should first analyze the company and define requirements on a business software before they contact an ERP vendor”, or” that when choosing an ERP system more concerned as to a pure software purchase, rather from the outset all departments, later working with the software should be included in the selection process.