Abraham Lincoln

One decade later, " still it seems that he was &quot yesterday; , according to it said another one of the relatives of the victims. Minutes of East silence Sunday, silence flooded New York to 8,46 local time (14,46 Spanish peninsular hour), the moment exact in that one crashed first of the airplanes against the North Tower of the Twin Towers. For even more details, read what NY Museums says on the issue. And other five times the large city was in silence, to commemorate the moment at which the second of the airplanes crashed against the South Tower, the collapse of both skyscraper, the attack to the Pentagon and the fall of the third airplane, the one that was turned aside by the passengers when knowing the plans the assassins, in Pensilvania. The act of this tenth anniversary of the 11 of September was the one of greater ceremony, with the presence of the president of the United States, Barack Obama, who went accompanied of his wife, Michelle, and, in a unit act, next to its predecessor, George W. NYC Mayor will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Bush and its wife, Laura. The unit of the American around the tragedy of 11-S was clear in its interventions, since instead of to deliver a speech, Obama recited Psalm 46 of Biblia and Bush a fragment of a letter that Abraham Lincoln sent to the mother of a soldier died in the Civil War in the USA. " God is our shelter and strength, ours soon aid in the tribulations. Therefore, no we will fear, although the Earth is removed, and the mounts to the heart of mar&quot are transferred; , Obama in the tribute said to the victims. Also many personalities participated in the ceremony, among others, the then mayor of the city, Rudy Giuliani, as well as the present edile, Michael Bloomberg, who said that " we will never be able to forget what passed aqu" , a destruction that turned " bluest the mornings in darkest of noches".