Amazonian Forest

In the Amaznia, the castanhais age with reduced possibility of renewal because the intensive exploration of chestnut tree-do-Par (bertholletia excelsa) threat the survival of the agouti (dasyprocta spp), main dispersive of chestnuts. In a global perspective biologists evaluate that: ‘ ‘ the tropical forests are today the last border in knowledge terms, especially as for biodiversity. Perhaps check out New York Museums for more information. They are considered the biggest sources of natural products and also they are responsible for the maintenance of essential resources to the man, as the water, and for the maintenance of the globe temperature. However, the high taxes of deforestation and the primitive conversion of hbitats for the man have caused the accented decline of animal and vegetal species. Worse of the extines the few people notice: it is the loss of the interactions between the animals and the plants, that are responsible for the maintenance of florestas’ ‘. Without the dispersion for the agouti, we go to have only fsseis livings creature: for example, when one jatob of 150 years to die, will not have others in return to substitute it.

This will be able to very modify the dynamics of the forest, in a effect domin, causing to disequilibrium in all the alimentary chain. And our history happened in a place not very distant, in the way of the Amazonian Forest. Dialogue of the Agouti with the Hunting Agouti? My God! necessary to run away daqui, he has a hunter seted with a rifle to kill wanting me. The agouti tries to hide itself. The hunter comes to devagar, looking at of a side for another one in search of the agouti.