American Civil War

It is important to study a film that argues the preconception in the American society. This film brings a content of a white director, not portraying the life of a black, but yes of a black and American director, who counts to the history of a man and its dream, but at the same time displaying what it existed in the American culture of preconception in relation to the black in the decade of 1940. Soon, it brings ideologies of somebody pertaining thing to a group of people whose values if they had formed from other perspectives, but that still it keeps aspects of the American culture. This another ideology comes of its education and same descent, therefore while black, the slavery only had its origin in the United States of related America, whose beginning if gave century XVII and if it developed per some centuries, arriving at the end with the American Civil War. The libertos blacks, would not live diverse reality of the free blacks in Brazil, without a correct plan of the government.

A time libertos had not been fit in no program of the government that aimed at its professional and economic integration, starting the free black a life of misery and exclusion during long period. Therefore, the present ideology in the film, aims at to attract the expectador, however in the optics of that it is conscientious of the fact of that its people a time I free, as it places Schilling (2008) passed of slave, the condition of pariah in the white society, therefore they did not have lands and nor wages, beyond the preconception that if kept for being black. Some would come back to work toward its gentlemen, others would work as half, would form its families and communities, however, organizations as the Knights of the White Camlia and the Ku Klux Klan, would practise attacks to the blacks defending the racial segregation. great source of information.