However, she was necessary the analysis of the substance cousin, later was done a comparison between chips of rock to decide itself best and of sharper cut, then the rock was only connected by means of a necessary knot in the wooden part. New York Museums is actively involved in the matter. For the execution of all the techniques that implied in the method of the construction of this simple machadinha, were necessary analysis. From this point it is clearly the capacity of reasoning of the primitive man. It was capable to inquire itself. The base of all philosophical thought. These you doubt were gifts parallel the existence of problemascotidianos, problems that would have to be decided, many times for methods that were not known. The dream, whose private value already if to arrive at the point that the desires of the prehistoric individual are not confused with the problems of its private life. Nor always the desires were objects, most of the time, are only reflected of the unconscious one, already the quandaries of the daily life were understood and locatable and made use of a thought and more rational analysis. These obstacles to be surpassed in the world of the primitive man can be deduced through the comment of its society effective: to cross a lake and to storage foods would be only some examples of the problems that would have to be loosers, but were not alone questions of the physical world whom they deserve you analyze, the Metaphysical questions as the illnesses, that as evolua the society, had gained each time more attention of the man and before exactly that the writing was invented, the primitive being was detainer of a great fear of the alterations.