Household large horned animals such as cows and bulls have been tamed by man about 8-9 thousand years BC – a very long time. Wild ancestors of today's cows, bulls and calves were wild tours. Tours were common ground in these regions: Asia, Europe and even Africa. These beautiful animals do not exist today as they were destroyed by evil people recently, only a few hundred years ago. It is already in the 17th century AD in the territory of ancient Rus' rich people for fun, led a relentless hunt for the wild tours, among this class of wealthy people, it was common, normal pastime. The usual people are treated to wild tours with respect and reverence, because they believed their defenders and opekatelyami Russian land, its forests and open spaces. Ordinary people, even middle-class pity surviving animals, some even tried to defend them in every way, and only the last tour so its population survived as a species in the vicinity of Russia. But the authorities at that time was poor, very poor, and gladly bought for modest money-rich murderers. And those who wanted to protect the few Animals were also beaten with sticks, killed and otherwise executed, thus tamed the rest of the people to obedience, respect for the rich. "Bui Vsevolod tour" is just such a name in a literary work, "Lay" is still young and aggressive athlete who failed in the years to reach the peak of his fame and popularity of the modern Prince Vsevolod.