Andy Warhol

Make a note of the good old Swedish interior of your home quite easily. Typical details of the Swedish home: wooden beam ceiling, conventionally separates the room into two equal parts (in the old days it hang clothes or round bread to dry), floors and walls of light wood, a simple wooden furniture, dressed in linen covers. Decorating almost does not apply. Be appropriate unless embroidered wall cloths pale green and beige, blue and white colors. Mediterranean style draws its vitality. The walls are painted in bright hues on the floor is laid out a picture from a marble or colored ceramic tiles. One has only to bright living room equipped with a painted wooden cabinets, wrought-iron daybed and hang floor-length curtains of green, blue, golden-orange color – and seemed to feel the breath of fresh sea breeze. Refined French style combines charm and comfort.

The French invented the deep low chair, filled with algae or horsehair; table with wooden top, which is attached to a metal base with three bars, tables with legs in the form of a lion paws. For French-style characteristic striped upholstery of chairs, necessarily in the same tone, shade lamp, jacquard curtains with floral ornaments, a narrow window to the floor, overlooking a small balcony. There are disputes about the allocation of the New York style: so, it is believed that in New York, blended almost all style directions. However, our representations about this city is quite certain: the skyscrapers with large windows, glass, steel … From the windows of the entire wall, with some 24-floor, a spectacular view over the city …

Renowned architect and designer, founder of pop art of Andy Warhol gave rise to the “loft-trends” (“loft” in English means “the upper apartments”). To create a space in such a manner takes away all the walls: the lack of Style provides isolation facilities, except for a few household rooms near the entrance. Kitchen is fenced off from the main space bar, the main contents of her cupboards – glasses for champagne and coffee service. Furniture and walls in a flat bright color. One wall can block the cabinets with open shelves necessarily to other hang paintings in the style of pop art: for this, increase the picture from comics to the size of a large cloth or create your own portraits in unimaginable colors. The main attributes of direction – metal and glass, so it is appropriate to any type of steel structure stairways and fit glass vases and fixtures of unusual shape. If flashy colors you do not like, choose black and white New York style with monochrome paintings, textiles under the skin of a zebra or Dalmatians, checkered floor. This home at all Not everyone seems comfortable and more suitable for young, creative individuals who love to invite guests and partying. And finally, remember that you should not settle their ethnic housing authentic antiques: they contain immense energy, not only subjugating the entire interior, but also affecting humans. In specialty shops you will find a wide assortment of items stylized ethnic exoticism and looking none the worse.