Aunt Mary

Neighbour Aunt Mary was planted 'on the lookout' on the bench at the door .- All right, girl! I understand! Let all! Nobody let out! – Summed up my confusion request Aunt Masha (which for some reason, call me girl). Neighbor wino Petka, always hanging out in the yard, was granted the job record number of car my guest. Had got from the bowels of bags have not demanded a gas canister. And all my small world froze in anticipation. Thoughts' but it worth it? " I for some reason have not arisen. All thoughts are swirling around the phrase 'if suddenly that ' And I'm happy with my training, went to direct Marafet. Kuriv on the balcony of N-th in a row soothing cigarette, I saw out of town into the yard, black, shiny suv (Ogo! not sweet!). Shimmie horn triumph hotels has firm opinions on the matter. The car stopped, got out the object and looking at signs at the entrances, briskly walked toward me.

Call! Strange and somehow feverishly crossed, I went to open it. – vaaaaau! ogo! wow! get is the same! – The thought flashed through my head as to why it letter by letter. as a creeping line. Before my open door was so nice guy, that my jaw was somewhere near the knee. (Auditor, dumb!) – Hello! I have Boshatunmay! And you Yuka? I doubt so, and stood with his mouth open and eyes wide open even for a while, then swallowed nervously and nodded silently. – Tea pour? – A faint smile, he asked my guest.