Battle For Gimerah

Gimera, a small town located on the island of Sicily, about 60 kilometers from the island's capital Palermo. Founded the city was approximately in the 7th century BC Greek colonists, and like many other colonies of the Greeks to Sicily became the object of constant attacks of Carthage, who wanted to oust the Greeks from the region. In 480 BC Gimer occurred near one of the largest and most important battles of antiquity. An amazing coincidence – during this year Persian army led by King Xerxes tried to conquer Greece. Although many historians believe however that such a coincidence is not accidental. Likely to attack the Persians and the Carthaginians had been planned to attack Greek world from two sides and with one blow put an end to Hellas.

So, in 480 BC a huge army of invasion of Carthage (Greek historians argue that it had up to a hundred 100 000) landed on the coast of Sicily in the Greek Gimera colony. Hamilcar commanded this army Mahon. Greek forces consisted of 20,000 infantry under the command of the tyrant of Syracuse Gelon. Mahon was preparing for a long and protracted war. He pitched his camp on the beach and waited additional reinforcements from North Africa.

But he was so certain of their superiority, not even put up outposts to its fleet. Different opinion about the war was Gelon. He decided to attack the enemy and to end the war, winning a decisive battle. The first thing sent a detachment of scouts Gelom to the court that he burned the Phoenicians. The action was completely successful Greeks. This was followed by an attack from all sides at Camp Carthaginians. Phoenician soldiers were not prepared for defense and almost no resistance. The victory of the Greeks in this battle was complete. According to the testimony of the same Greek historians, many soldiers got 500 slaves from captured Phoenicians. Sam Mahon was killed in battle.