Behavior Changes

After much divorced time, I started to observe and to write down certain behaviors that it saw in the women with who I became related. These notations, two in particular me they had called the attention: 1) They try to invade a space that was not given to them, e; 2) They show to be what they are not. clearly that such deductions alone had been possible, in the measure where the experience was if accumulating in these shoulders and the years if passing. From then on, I deduced that they, particularly, obtain to mold more easily the situations that are imposed to it, much more quickly that we, men. In addition, the drift perceives when the boat this and soon treats to arrange a skill to fall outside of the difficulty situation. I do not have stories of that if it submitted to look the holes that were making the boat to sink. this basing only on personal experiences.

It is clearly that all rule has exception, that has women that they had rolled up the sleeves and had been to work, to dispute in foot of equality with the high men positions, beyond continuing being bonanza mothers, to put, when it enters in game sentimental questions and that they say respect to the foundations of a home, is capable to act deliberate, dissimulating feelings and if making of victims, as the case. To the proper it protects them law of this form. I do not intend to discourse in case that the case, to only demystify some myths of ' ' fragilidade' ' , and to trace a parallel with the current days. Not very distant, when a couple if joined in sacred marries and from there it resulted children, almost that in the majority of the cases the woman stopped to work and the man passed then, to be the only mantenedor of the home.