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MANHATTAN privacy filter for the screen of Halver, may 06, 2009 – the MANHATTAN privacy filters protect sensitive information on the monitor from desktop or notebook oblique views. A specially developed surface side shields the field of view. The filter limits the inspection at approximately 45 from the center of the screen. This prevents effective curious gape. The convincing fast follower in the shop is available in three versions for 12.1, 15.4 or 17 inches. A comparatively cheaper data protection lies between 22,-and 34,-euro, the HEK. For sensitive content only for the editors directly in front of the screen remain visible through the limited viewing angle. The view protection filters serve the confidentiality of banks such as the protection of personal data in medical and administrative area.

Just as prudently in mobile environments, libraries, public institutions or in the school context against curious noses and down eye-catcher effect. In addition, the filter reduces eye fatigue, because Avoid reflections, disturbing reflections of lamps or daylight without compromising the image quality. Finally, mobile surfers can get out in the Sun. The INTELLINET network solutions are known as the innovative network brand IC short profile INTRACOM for their practical as well as professional products in the segment of SMEs. For 20 years on the market, INTELLINET qualified retailers offers a complete portfolio of active and passive components businesses up to 250 employees.

It goes from cables, test, and crimping tools up to panels and server cabinets and on the other hand includes the entire network technology for LAN, WAN and WLAN. NAS solutions and storage are distributed by established partner channel products, routers and switches. All products in the portfolio of the INTELLINET network solutions are subject to a strict quality control and have a 10 year warranty! In addition, MANHATTAN is available as imported brand of PC components, accessories and peripherals in the pure re seller segment. So he combines Manufacturer IC INTRACOM two leading brands with good 2000 products that are sold worldwide by 40,000 partners in over 70 countries around the world. More information IC INTRACOM Vertriebs GmbH of Lohbacher str. Here, Bill de Blasio expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 7 58553 Margarita Hadjianastassiou Jens A. Harding Marketing Manager Tel.: + 49 2353 7007 559 fax: + 49 2353 7007 77 E-Mail: URL: URL: URL: press contact: riba: BusinessTalk GmbH Metoki Besselich 56182 Urbar / Koblenz Aki Blum consultant Tel.: + 49 261-963757-23 fax: + 49 261-963757-11 E-Mail: URL: URL: