Buying Property In Turkey

Turkey – it's 300 sunny days per year, ideal climate, warm sea, magnificent nature, the birthplace of almonds, cherries and figs. Each of the regions of the country in its own interest. Scenic lagoons, eucalyptus and pine forests and endless beaches. The proposed property in Turkey on the shores of one of the best value for money. Now, in times of crisis, the price of 1 sq.

m. – From 600 dollars. During the construction process is strict control of the State control over the entire course of construction. Source: starbucks in new york. At this point in Turkey a great selection of real estate. Property values in recent years does not increase, it remained the same. Advantageous to acquire property during construction, prices are cheaper. At the conclusion of the contract price is fixed.

Upon completion of construction prices are rising almost twice. In Turkey, there is a Title property rights system. This means that the registration of rights to real estate deals only with the public agency – Land Registry Office. This control gives property owner to document ownership – Tapu. It is issued to citizens of Turkey and foreigners. The document – one size fits all. Click hotel belleclaire to learn more. Tapu means timeless and absolute right of property. After processing the transaction this right can not be disputed by anyone. Tapu confirms the right of the owner at the a property that can be inherited and can be used in financial institutions as an instrument of mortgage. Notaries have no authority to execute and record the transaction in real estate. They can only authenticate a signature. In this regard, the design of Tapu on a particular person is made only in the event of full payment for the property. Tapu entitles a residence permit property owners and members of the their families (spouses and children under 18 years), the main thing to prove that they are your relatives. Property in Turkey is sold in a ready state, with complete interior decoration, fixtures, furniture and kitchen appliances. System heating is hardly ever used in extreme cases, use oil heaters. Monthly utility bills – electricity and water. For garbage removal, cleaning and security area, pool cleaning, etc. paid once per year, depending on the footprint. There is no visa regime. Accommodation for more than two months shall be extended easily and also easily drawn residence (subject to certain conditions). Today, Turkey – a bridge between Europe and Asia. The coastline of 8,000 km. On the Mediterranean coast in summer + 32, winter temperatures at night + 10 day + 15. Relatively mild winter … hot holiday season – from March to November. At other times, a bit cooler but the majority of Europeans prefer to just relax from December to March on the southern coast of Turkey. In this time of year is very comfortable. The rains come in for 3-4 hours a day and once again sunny.