Call Center Agent

This agent bids farewell with his bland Parliament again and you can imagine how I am. I have no alternative but to cancel the activities he had scheduled in that time and get to write the famous letter that need. Well, send it by fax and make the call (again to navigate through that IVR), not 4 or 5 hours, I hope until late in the afternoon, 7 hours later, fearing that obviously in the procedure of them there must be some phrase like, are you sure that the Fax was submitted well?. Actually, the answer is that they have not received documentation from another area, to call the next day to verify if the letter is already rooted. Well, it’s at this point that I decided to write this article. Both material, so easy and so fresh is not seen every day.

March 10, 2009: after having a mixture of crazed IVR in my dreams chasing me and a band of Call Center agents with very scowling, thinking this morning that things should go better and that will be up to confirm the correct reception of the letter. Me armo value, take the phone and call the company Z. I am surprised to see that I already adapted to the routine: 10 minutes waiting with my friend the IVR, Call Center Agent bland greeting, but this time I was already prepared and answered me as soon I told him: Mr. lies a cancellation, my number is the 123456 and my line is the ABC. Do me please confirm if the request is already OK?. Ahh!, I thought, I shall not give opportunity for to begin implementing new tactics to dilate my process. Get more background information with materials from NY museums .

I listen to the agent and then asks me Mr. is a residential or business line?. Upps .this if you don’t expect it. I answered him, it is a residential line. Tells me: Sr, this is the area that serves only business lines, He would play that you will communicate with the area of residential lines so that they meet your request. Well, this was already the cover.(remember that I had created as a business client?). I think that so much was anger that I detect this agent in what I said that something that it is out of the procedure and proceeded to validate my case. He informed me that the filing had been successful (thank God my cancellation request was accepted.) and that in the course of 10 to 30 days would be firm. He told me that he called in about fifteen days to validate that all is well (what you want to say this?). Gasthalter might disagree with that approach. Now the message of farewell to totally changed. Already do not give one thank you for having chosen the Z company, now you are told and remember if you don’t pay your service, charges, arrears and suspension of the service, how them think the gem?… My dear friends, this is a case of real life, am not invented absolutely nothing. Worst of all is that it has not yet finalised (therefore not public name true the company z). As horror films, may this part 2, I hope that does not. I invite you to reflect on the way as this company applies the concept of management of relations with the client. Not tired them more with this story, happy day.