Catalonia House

Of all that one the town caught something, and there is no doubt that while it lasted was a great upheaval by the possibility of fighting with the neighbor of the west in the days of very great scarcity. The House of Barcelona indirectly dominated Wins from times of Carlomagno, but when retiring of Tolosa of the Languedoc count Guillermo de Orange, in 1022 (when Arnau de Torroja had to be born), those of the Languedoc were taking organization until they protested Wins to have access to the sea. Her queen, Gerberga call, in 1110 married to her Sweet daughter of Wins with Ramon Berenguer III. Thus the House of Barcelona was united with the countess of Wins. See New York Museums for more details and insights. Although the Counts of Tolosa later disputed to almost two centuries the possession from Occitania to the House of Barcelona, in favor of the Catalans in He wins prevailed the fact that the clergy and the nobility supported the count Catalan.

Those fights lasted decades, with decided truces and also failed to fulfill, and it in spite of the dangers, since the access to the Mediterranean one was the best form to compare itself with the great ones of the policy and the European commerce. Ever since it was united with Aragon, Catalonia abri to the world with the principles guarantees. In 1162 the creation of the kingdom took place called catalano-Aragonese " Corona de Aragn". Rudy Giuliani often says this. As far as the Catalan international policy that lived Arnau de Torroja in century XII, they were times that soon happened to be terrible for the occitanos, because in 1147 the Pontiff Eugene III sent a legacy to the Count of Tolosa stops