It is possible that there is some anger by this, mainly between your loved (friends normally assimilate it better), but believe me that over time they accustomed. Guideline 2-learn how to convey what you want without anger, nor bad ways good communication is usually the unfinished business of all beings human, is why that then come misunderstanding and many rods. We always believe that others must guess what we want. Each person is different and they have different ways of interpreting the same things. With which we will be making a very serious mistake, if we want others to guess our desires. On the other hand we have the false belief that when we say things, must be bad. Now I ask you to change all this, and procures convey your wishes as best explained possible, without anger, not just wait to be angry to transmit what we want others.

State the facts in a clear and well explained, without budgets and on the basis that you are expressing your thoughts and desires, without responsibility or blame the other person. Get used to always speak and convey what you want, but know in advance that they’re going to say that no. You never know, and no, you got it. I myself couldn’t verify this many years ago, when I worked for a department store. He needed a few days off precisely to make a course prior to the master of coaching.

Those days coincide with the inventory of the Center (that is not, was virtually guaranteed). My companions laughed at me when I told them what I was going to ask, said it was breaded if I thought that what I would give. Since them I was given, above my own head, since I went directly to chiefs above. Guideline 3-takes consciousness that you are solely responsible for your life whenever we say yes to someone when we really want to say that we are not, for look good. We want to always be well with the world. But this is impossible, will always be people that don’t like what you do. Worthwhile to bundle that if criticize unless you have earned. This is prioritizing your interests, to get along with others. People that say Yes when you want to say no, is not responsible for your feelings, or the achievement of your goals. Moreover, not even be imported him. If you let them abuse, they will continue to do it, you’ve lost your time and your energy, they they will continue getting what they want and will continue abusing you while you give them results. And you will you have no blame them. You are solely responsible for your life to be satisfactory. Learn well from now to say Yes when you really want to. Mark the limits so that others do not abuse, but you will be solely responsible for not achieving your goals. Be aware of your responsibility. Follow these strategies, leave shame under the pillow and mark your limits. You’ll see how in addition to get what you want, you have more time for you, your company and increase your income.