Central Committee Party

Repeated invitations to the Bureau of republican committee did not come. City Committee has been permanently closed, in the absence of Kryukov none of the offices of the city committee work is not conducted. That is what was the grounds for the dissolution of the City Committee. In addition, Vasily Kryukov, has repeatedly complained to the Rescue of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, in the newspaper "Pravda", "Soviet Russia", the other instance. Although subsequent testing by this Auditing Committee of the Communist Party Central Committee found no violations.

According to the speakers, style denunciations and slander is used in the 70's, when the party commission headed by Kryukov Party Committee, and he moved in reality new time. (However, Vasily Ivanovich himself does not deny that they have sent complaints to various authorities. As he put it at the press conference of the disgraced Communist Party City Committee: "What we just did not write, except that the Mufti and the patriarch did not wrote … "- Ed.). Deskridetatsiyu for fellow party members, including through the media, Vasiliy Kryukov was expelled from the Communist Party. The delegation of the Communist Party took Nalchik city committee, Gennady Zyuganov, when he was on vacation in Kislovodsk. But it is also not supported their view. Answering journalists' questions, Zayrat Shikhaliyev rejected the accusations expressed by members of the defunct Communist Party City Committee of Nalchik. So, she said, the phones were disconnected city committee not to her requests to CTA, and for non-payment.