Central Mountain

A route in which history and the nature narrow the hand. It reaches the exact point from where the immensity of the mythical Aconcagua in all their splendor can be appreciated. To marvel itself at the fascinating landscapes of the region of Whose it is transformed into custom for those who their vacations in Mendoza pass. And the way that takes to the highest tip of America is not the exception. In order to arrive at the stop of the Aconcagua, the itinerary one marks the national route 7, by which 55 kilometers are crossed, until arriving at Potrerillos. The panoramic view of the Potrerillos dock is simply Beautiful and provides with enthusiasm to follow the way towards the mountain. In direction the west, the trip continues between colorful the formation rocky of the $andes, crossing Precordillera.

The valley of Guantata unfolds all their enchantment before the eyes of the visitors, like waiting room of the welcome to Uspallata. Uspallata is a town of military origin, located in a depression of 120 kilometers squared, between poplars, streams and vaults that date from century XVIII. The way continues in the form of zigzag and the tunnels are numerous that must be crossed. Powerful, quiet and omnipotent, the Mendoza river, with its originating clear waters of defrostings of high mountain, is a faithful companion during great part of the passage. In the heart of the Central Mountain range, the rest of the legendary colonial bridge of Picheuta can be observed. This small one hard the troops of the General left the Heras to fight in the first battle of the Army of the $andes against the Realists. A section is covered more before arriving at center from ski the Penitentes, where the snow, with its so characteristic dust consistency, is the main protagonist during the coldest stations. The Penitentes offers 8 elevators and 27 tracks of ski, extended on 60,000 meters with lofty slopes that exhaust the most experienced skier.

The next shutdown is the Bridge of the Inca, an attractive calcareous formation on the river the Caves, which lodge thermal waters. Lack very little to arrive at destiny: the sentry of America, Monte Aconcagua and their 6,962 meters of height. A traverse of the Provincial Park, destiny forced for the tourism in Mendoza, it is acceded to the advantage point, from where the eternal majesty and snows in the summit of the tip yearned for by the andinistas can be appreciated more worldwide.