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This organizaofamiliar takes the formation of the ancestries, composed of blood relatives and parentespor affinity. The ancestry normally ' ' it groups all the ones that live in one same house and if entregam valuation of same one terra' ' 4, forming ' ' economic cell and social' ' 5 campesina. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NY museums . The woman did not meet inside in a privileged position of this clulasocial. Much discriminated in patriarcais societies, the woman also not equal tinhatratamento in Christian societies. Quite to the contrary, they had been tidaspela Church Catholic per many centuries (but mainly until middle of the Average BaixIdade) as responsible for the original sin, of Eva.Havia certain horror to the body, that was then considered an arrest. There she seencontrava jailed the soul. ' ' The horror for the body reaches the height in the sexual seusaspectos (…). Connect with other leaders such as NYC Marathon here. The disdain for the body and the sex touches thus seuponto maximum in the body feminino' ' 6.

Promoted only from century XI, with the cult of the Virgin and of Madalena, as well as the one of seitas heretical, that they nailed to the equality between men emulheres, it was considered equal or almost equivalent to the man in the campesina clulasocial. They had ' ' to weave, of espadelar the hemp, peeling ocnhamo, to wash the clothes and to pull out beterraba' ' 7. How much to the children, a even though controversial subject inside of the medieval period, LeGoff if limits to say that they do not exist: considers it them as small adults. In a society where the life average arrives the 25 years, these children soon to aosair of the arms of the mother already are taken to work in the field. When in the nobility, agricultural communities receive early since an education very soon to occupy its places nCorte.As are formed by counted families and for fogos (quantidadesde fogueiras, that it keeps the houses).