Citizens Demonstrate

Diana Sanchez 20 m citizen groups related with the 15-M movement have organized marches and concentrations for major cities of Spain. They are protesting by the forthcoming ratification of the Euro Pact, who believe they will bring more social and labour cuts. Keys to understanding what is the Euro Pact. A Europe for citizens and not for the markets, under this motto the 19 different collectives related movement 15 June – M have called demonstrations in more than 60 Spanish cities to protest the so-called Pact of the Euro, whose ratification is scheduled for June 27, and that has been very criticized by social and wage cuts that entails. The Euro Pact, occurring from Brussels as a prescription to alleviate the crisis and encourage competitiveness, proposing containment of public expenditure (especially of social benefits and pensions) and wage moderation, as well as greater employment flexibility. Again Internet and social networks are used by citizen movements to organize face to the demonstrations. The website of Democracia Real Ya, which joins the call and becomes convener in some cities, at the same time describes places and hours of demonstrations; but the web is constantly updated and each day adds the name of any new town. There’s even a concentration in New York at Washington Square, convened at 10 a.m.

on the 19th day (American time). There is a page for each call in Facebook and on Twitter is easy to track them with the tag #19J. For Fabio Gandara, spokesman for Real democracy already manifestation aims to maintain pressure citizen on the street, in addition to giving the opportunity to manifest itself could do to whom it may 15.We want that this reaches the rest of the citizens of Europe also, to know that this is not over, it is not diluted until things do not change, continues. Gandara the Euro Pact is one more example of the European policies of neo-liberal Court that ignore citizens and that attack their well-being.