Civil Defense

In this situation, the severe estiagens or intense rain, secular events, become of, among others, can become more frequent, increasing the possibility of incidence of natural disasters. Disasters are resultant of adverse events that cause great impacts in the society, the Civil Defense in Brazil, obeying the normative ones of the National Politics of Civil Defense, classify the disasters as natural, human and mixing. Basically, the difference in this conceptualization is in the direct participation or not of the man. Therefore to simplify it analyzes, the disasters can be distinguished as human and natural (MARCELINO, 2007). In the last few decades, the record number of natural disasters in some parts of the world comes considerably increasing. This if must, mainly, to the increase of the population, the disordered occupation and to the intense process of urbanization and industrialization. Amongst the main factors that contribute to unchain these disasters in the urban areas are distinguished it waterproofing of the ground, the adensamento of the constructions, the conservation of heat and the pollution of air.

Whereas in the agricultural areas, it is distinguished compacting of ground, the assoreamento of the rivers, the deforestations and the forest fires. Being thus, these disasters that as much influence the activities human beings come historically if intensifying due to the bad management of the hidrogrficas basins, especially for the lack of urban planning. Moreover, the global heating has increased the frequency and the intensity of the climatic adversities, as extreme precipitations, gales, granizos among others, what it causes the increase of the incidence of natural disasters (KOBIYAMA, at. al., 2006). Landslides of hillsides occur of course, but each time more is if expanding and placing at risk the proper life human being, therefore the man in so little time obtained to transform and to extinguish landscapes, being exterminando generated and specialized entire groups throughout the millions of years.