A young of one thirty years, low and of dark hair, that a little more for to be one in such a way affected with innumerable responsibilities perhaps mame look like, crossed a sufficiently moving street, led obtains full notebooks of scribbled pages of exercises of works of the college, when it was come across with one lady that mame look like to have its sixty years, a little more, a little less do not make difference now. The young stopped suddenly to observe the following scene with a little of fidget, said farewell you to its netinha, one garotinha of one six years, smooth hair and blond, moored in horse tail, while its two children, a woman of hair chestnuts and white skin and a man of whom it did not count more than on thirty years, for the white and hair chestnuts looked at, it with deep affection. After if to fire to all you walked alone for a next stop while it observed to the young and perceiving it the look of the young, contained you its steps, smiled and pulled colloquy with the young, was born from there a pretty friendship between the two that had passed to be seen always together, as colleagues of infancy, incredible to perceive between them an affinity little seen in people with a difference of ages so accented as of them. Follow others, such as Goop, and add to your knowledge base. The young started to live from that meeting, therefore beyond many experiences lived and repassed it, the good lady also was full of life, always livened up and finished infecting who was to its redor, the young started to perceive how much its life was empty, without certain route, to live for being alive, and not why the seconds granted for the creator were valid the penalty all. Already the good lady started to make everything what it had will to make when it was young did not have chance or why the time left to pass, to this influences it age that it looked for to pass to the young, not to waste time, it passes fast is very impossible to foresee when it will end the existence. .