Congenital Centroacinar

Cough, difficult breath, and chronic production of muco is other common symptoms. Diurne and/or nocturnal cough with expectorao and dispnia in changeable degrees to the routine efforts appear in running of the age. In the prospectivos studies, the symptoms that had more frequently occurred, in an incidence that more varied of 15 60% in the tabagistas, had been cough, expectorao, of discrete abundant, mucous or the mucopurulenta one, rouquido and respiratory difficulty (easy fatigue). The lung has great reserves. To have an idea, seated and talking, we use only 20% of its capacity to assimilate oxygen and to eliminate carbonic gas (TARANTINO 2002). The activities of day-by-day consume not more than what 30% or 40%. Therefore, if the area destroyed she will be small, will not have significant signals. Continue to learn more with: NYC Mayor. The lack of resistance, the constant fatigue and the short breath will be attributed to the sedentary life, to the excess of weight or the age and not to the death of a vital area of the organism.

To supply the oxygenation necessity, the patient increases the frequency with that she breathes. Cough with catarro, beyond the inflammation of the bronchis, can indicate that it has left of the pulmes is being destroyed forever. As enfisema is a rare illness in not-smokers, not to smoke is the way more insurance to guarantee its prevention and treatment. The more early it starts itself to smoke, more precociously appears. E, how much bigger the smoked cigarette number, faster is the evolution of the process. In general, symptoms are necessary 30 years them to appear, but the illness exists since the first one swallowed. TYPES OF ENFISEMA Not defined only for the anatomical nature of the injury, enfisema is also is classified in relation its distribution in the lobe and cino. It exists some types of enfisema that its anatomical distribution inside of the lobe is classified in accordance with that are: to oCentroacinar to oPanacinar oParasseptal to oIrregular to oLobar Congenital Centroacinar (Centriolobular): Proximais parts or central offices of the cinos, formed for the respiratory bronchioles, are affected, while the distais alveoli are preserved.