Continental Congress

The United States of America is a country full of history and tradition, as well as a sense of patriotism loaded, is therefore to recognize the importance that this culture has the flag, logo of the resistance and dependence of the country, is relevant when it comes to know the country or decide to travel to the. Additionally if you want to apply for naturalization in the United States might find you this information useful and convenient when presenting the citizenship test and interview. Note also that when traveling to the United States you should demonstrate the same respect that you would like foreigners to demonstrate toward their national symbols. The flag of the United States has its own day of celebration, on 14 June, because on this day in the year of 1777, the founders of the fatherland issued the resolution which established the logo for the new nation. According to early indications, the flag would have 13 red and white stripes of alternating form, which would represent the thirteen States that to date existed and that they had been newly created, in addition would have 13 stars that represent the fusion of a single union. Although independence occurred in 1776 until 1777 only I determine as it would be the flag of the new nation, however there is a reference with certainty about who made it first, there is a popular legend that honored the Griscom Betsy Ross, a young seamstress who lived on Arch Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the story one day in June 1776, Betsy was visited by a Commission of representatives of the Continental Congress, which was the legislative body of the colonies, led by George Washington, who was then the Commander of the colonial army. Within the Commission were Robert Morris, who also signed the Declaration of independence, the administered the finances during the war of independence, and General George Ross, also signatory of the Declaration and the husband of Betsy uncle.

The History tells that these three characters showed the young seamstress a sketch of the flag for the United States, however she suggested an amendment, instead of six-pointed stars proposed five-pointed stars, because according to her would be more attractive to the eye and although representatives thought that perhaps make this figure would be complicated, she showed them otherwise. The new flag was hoisted for the first time in the Fort Stanwix, in New York on August 3, 1777. Three days later he had his baptism of fire at the battle of Oriskany, New York, where colonists forced the British to withdraw. The number of stars a increased complies appear new States in the country. Original author and source of the article.