Costa Rica

An entrepreneur jeopardizes with his project, is a responsible entrepreneur, who will do until the impossible thing to fulfill his assignment. Hudson Power Express often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Highly worker. Unlike which there are predicate some authors, the emprendimientos in Internet, presented/displayed like something too easy, require of much work and effort. We remember that the valuable things cost, so, if what we want is, to have a business (company) of great value, we must have like quality the arduous work. Only thus, we will be able to fulfill our dreams. Self-confidence. Without this quality, the possibilities of being successful can be escazas. An entrepreneur must believe in itself, in his qualities and capacities.

He does not have to hope that others create in him, must be first in believing in itself, he does not matter if others do not create or trust him. Not without reason, some years ago in Costa Rica, from the years of primary a heading that denominated confidence in itself, red was described that in the last years is not described. Appetite of risk. In administration, it is known like appetite of risk, " the risk that has get ready to run to look for majors beneficios". failures (thus, between quotation marks ), are integral part of the profits. For this reason, a serious entrepreneur, will have to calculate and to accept the risk degree that implies, of obtaining his goals and objectives.

Oriented to goals. An entrepreneur must know how to define and to organize his goals, in order to be able to arrive at where he wants to go. That will be its compass or map, will guide that it by the way of the success. Vision. The vision is a very important quality of an entrepreneur. With vision I talk about to draw, mentally, as one is due to see the future. It is, to take a photography from the future, in advance. Creativity. Like quality of an entrepreneur, the creativity consists of visualizing an opportunity of businesses and of creating the forms to develop it, going, even, in front of the competition. Honesty. For our intention we will understand by honesty, like quality of an entrepreneur, notwithstanding other definitions, the behavior and the sincerely conducted battles and truth. The conception of sincerity and truth, will not have to be, indeed, what it agrees to our interests; but, more well, the general conception of those people to whom we were related, particularly, our potential clients. The lack of honesty is requisite surely, for the failure of any business. Of the qualities, necessary to carry out a emprendimiento or business from house, it considers as already it has and it practices and on as it will have to work more. If it concludes that it has the majority of them, CONGRATULATIONS, is in the correct way. If it considers that it has very few of them, is not discouraged, we go forwards. The recognition to only lack some qualities and the necessity to develop them place, it in a position of advantage with respect to other people who remain suspended and without taking action. Original author and source of the article