Country House

Architectural and technological features building homes today are endless, because building a house – it's largely a matter of expression. Detailed design of a country house starts with the problem and study of the concept and image building. Based on these data is a set of drawings which will form the basis for realization in the life of your dreams of a country house. Must make a serious emphasis on all sections developed by the project – it's water, sewerage, heating, ventilation and electricity. Only a professional account of the design ensures long life of the home.

This phase of work involves detailed design of the engineering part, which includes calculations of the foundation, floors, structural assemblies, elements of facades, roofs, and the selection and calculation of building materials. Despite the emergence of new building materials, designs homes with walls made of concrete and expanded clay concrete blocks shall continue to enjoy steady demand. For decoration of buildings made of cellular concrete uses a variety of materials – front brick, stucco exterior, covered with acrylic-latex paint, siding. One of the most popular building materials in Russia has always been a tree because of its aesthetic and environmental performance. Wooden house not requires exterior, in a house warm in winter and hot in summer.