Credit By Private Individuals: How To Find Private Lenders

A credit by private individuals often is a good way, especially if only a small amount of money is required. How to find reputable, private lenders. However, private lenders would have certain collateral. So, it is not so easy to get such a loan with a SCHUFA entry. How can you ever find a personal loan and is it serious? What is a credit by private individuals? You are looking for a credit by private individuals, one looks around space on appropriate platforms on the Internet. Stiftung Warentest has tested service providers for personal loans, auxmoney and Smava were the test winner, both platforms are fully recommended. For an overview of all offers, for example at. Anyone looking for a personal loan, is best first was one of the two sides.

Before you can apply for a loan, the mediation Agency requires different information. Here one of the sticking points is the personal loan, the reputable providers require almost same collateral, how also banks. It must first ask answers to financial circumstances and the consent for a SCHUFA request granted. The formalities are cleared, the prospective buyer on the platform can request a credit. Here he details the reason of his credit request or its business model as possible. This can be for example a company formation or but a new car. In addition, he specifies how much interest he is willing to pay for his private credit. Private donors can now see the credit request and invest a sum of money in any amount.

The interesting thing for private money lenders is in this case, not the total amount to be borrowed, but also partial amounts are possible. The credit amount for a request is therefore usually by several private lenders. By the way such agencies like Smava as money investment option are interesting. Since looking for especially small loans should be repaid quickly, can here quite interesting yields are achieved. Private donors are secured via the placement agency. For the agencies charge a risk, are paid by the loan defaults. However, both sides can benefit from a personal loan. Investors can usually get a very good return and also know what they give their money. For the borrower, however, the personal loan is a relatively straightforward and sometimes cheaper alternative to bank credit. The credit by private individuals has its drawbacks? The credit by private individuals has a disadvantage which is not to be disregarded. Usually interest rates significantly above the level of the banks have. The maximum interest rate can be determined at the two platforms of Smava and Auxmoney, this is chosen however too low, hardly donor can be found. On average, the interest rate is for personal loans at around 10%. This is well above the level of the Bank. Who but gets no credit on his bank, can consider the Privatkredites still consider, before especially when dealing with small amounts with faster repayment. Eva Otter