Czech Republic

Preparation for childbirth in the Czech Republic should begin well in advance. Give birth to her child in the Czech Republic, a foreign citizen may be enjoying the status of residence permit or without this status the main issue and have insurance provision in an insurance company Bohemia vzp. This type of insurance available to foreign nationals involved in a legal entity in the role of the founder or director, and covers all costs for the passage of the pregnancy, themselves childbirth and postpartum period of three months. Sure, in every state of Europe, there are insurance companies that cover the prenatal, delivery and postpartum care, and there are companies that cover services not only in their country, but also in Europe or the world. Go to Doubletree by Hilton for more information. To clarify the issue of coverage of health care insurance, providing not Czech insurance company of the future maternity or her representative must be clarified in a medical institution or a private gynecologist who will provide services for registration, medical examinations and childbirth. Births in Prague and throughout the Czech Republic are also possible on a commercial basis, ie, without insurance, but then the question of financial cost has grown significantly, and expenditures reach from one hundred sixty to two hundred thousand czk (8000 EUR). The cost costs for insurance covering births in the Czech Republic does not exceed 25,000 euros for self insurance and stay in hospital 3-5 days approximately 10-12000 crowns. That is, if insurance costs aliens to give birth in Prague are about 1500 euros. Add to your understanding with Fabrizio Freda.