Daniel Barenboim

Seems not heard of the Peace Corps and other humanitarian aid programs that the United States provides for the planet for 50 years, with the result that the recipients never considered sufficient and hate Americans to death. Another genius obsessed surprisingly dangerous level of incongruity, is Daniel Barenboim. A as well as musical ability shines, so does its political impotence. Barenboim (66) is an Argentine Jew, Israeli citizen with Palestinian citizenship, who lives in Germany. Palestinian citizenship must be either very easy or very difficult to acquire because there is no country called Palestine. Either way, the fact that Barenboim prefer to have the identity of the enemies of those who gave it cover, is a pattern of the class of existential labyrinth is inside.

In a blow to reality, about two weeks ago, the Arabs decided to boycott those who protect her performance in Ramallah where I wanted to give a concert, almost simultaneously with Leonard Cohen (75), my composer, singer and favorite poet. Another good and candid gifted Jew who seeks peace, but that does not understand the Middle East. The boycott arose because both artists as well as advocate for the Palestinians, also defend Israel, a fact that Muslims are intolerant because they do not support the right of existence of the Jewish state. The Palestinians do not want peace or coexistence with the Jews. If Jews who do not understand that, it is time to locate.

Most of us have music and reading as a hobby. For Chopra, Cohen Barenboim and his hobby is politics. If they were not famous, their views and proposals to solve global problems would be less relevant than the barber or the driver. If these ports he had devoted to politics the same time and dedication to the activities that made them famous, would be rewarding listen. Meanwhile, they are so consistent and interesting as Henry Kissinger talking about pastries. Biography cortAnalista InternacionalBiografiJose Brechner was born in Bolivia. He was a deputy -1985-1989 – ambassador, and founding member of the Nationalist Democratic Action, the political party center-right. He chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Congress of Bolivia and acted as official representative of the country at several international forums and organizations, including OAS. During his mandate, was nominated by all the press in Bolivia as the best congressman. Columnist and political analyst, his articles in journals from Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, is the most popular Bolivian journalist in the world. Participated in major television shows of the caliber of "60 Minutes" and "The MacNeil / Lehrer Report." Brechner is an active advocate of private property, market economy and the freedoms and individual rights.