Diana Fontanez

Advertising to attract you and through it creates an impression about that experience. An example is the printing of an advertisement of the BMW car or a company that emphasizes that it is the best service to the client. In your business, do want print give through advertising? 2. Internal marketing internal marketing is the experience that your customer will once take action for your business advertising. But here many entrepreneurs failed. For example: announce that you’re the best service to the client. (As opposed to NYC Mayor).

The client calls by phone and it is treated coldly by an untrained representative. What is the image you will notice? Another example: the customer visits the establishment and a disorganized business is located. What impression will give? All what your customer sees and experiences is internal marketing. The experience that your customer has once take action by your advertising. 3. Another area of great interest products.

You have an excellent advertising and do an excellent work with the internal marketing. The customer buys, but products or services that you purchased will not agree with the image created with internal and external marketing. What impression will notice if the client feels that it was not what I expected? 4 Image, experience and result another area to which you must be well aware is the last part of the circle, because the sale does not end in the third step. An example is when all the steps above perform their function masterfully but, once the client of business, goes is not given follow-up. What will happen? What will tell you your clients to other people? Some suggestions: thanks them when they go. Send them a postcard of appreciation. Send them an email. Send them a printed or electronic newsletter. Gives them tracking through the postal mail, phone or email. Sum up your business it is like a circle and the customer has to go through four stages. Marketing and advertising (image, perception). Internal marketing (experience). Products (perception, satisfaction). Image, experience and results. If failures in one, all failures. It’s that simple!