Digital TV

Probably many of us have heard the XXI century called the century of digital TV. According to the Russian Government, our country already in 2015 will fully switch to digital broadcasting. Here we are with you today will try to approach This phenomenon is called from inside and find out what digital TV is better than to use it? That system enables digital TV broadcast on one frequency up to 8 channels, while analog – only 1. But leave the boring technical details aside and see what can please us this innovation, the direct users of potential viewers of digital television? Of course, what attracts any TV is primarily a picture, so-called visual range. It's no secret that sometimes even the most brilliant film and well shot transmission can leave the viewer with a bad impression only due to the fact that while watching you tired eyes or headache, as picture and sound quality left much to be desired? A familiar pattern to the pain. It is hoped that with the advent of digital TV to the situation izmeschnitsya better, because it allows us to enjoy more high quality pictures and sound, as well as increased protection from interference as opposed to analog broadcasting.

Another no less pleasant feature of the digital TV – stereo, which will help us to fully experience the atmosphere of a favorite movie, favorite shows, exciting sports broadcasts, and more. Against the background of a number of companies presenting at today services digital television, digital television picture is allocated channels. What is special about it? Of course, apart from "general" benefits of digital broadcasting, there are some features that really simplify life only to us, his audience, because TV provides television picture without the usual antenna and cable, but with excellent image and sound quality. Such in Russia yet, they are mostly Russians living abroad who want to watch local channels not in the language of the country where they are located, as his own, familiar and friendly with children. And as if by magic we have this opportunity, because all you need to watch your favorite channels everywhere want – it's television, a special attachment TV picture (or your personal computer) and the ability to connect to the Internet. Two of the three components have long been familiar to us, and a special console TV picture can be easy to connect, even without any special technical knowledge. In general, the picture of TV – is a modern IP-TV, which airs on regular phone lines, with the help of technology ADSL. And what do we the result? Excellent picture, great sound, a great number of Russian-speaking channels for every taste. And that's where we want it, without exception! It was at this point recall the words of a children's song the movie "The Adventures of Electronics." That "something came up progress …" However, only in a positive sense of that phrase, is not it?