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We recommend the reading of the book man more Rico of Babylon, because not only is educational and entertaining, also provides us a useful tool in the field of personal finance. Telling several stories, this book mentions councils to swell the bag and fill the pockets, such as: 1.-always save 10% of your income. It’s get organized with less budget and reserve something for you PAGATE to you first. 2 Unlike your needs of your desires, controlling your expenses. The book emphasizes much that we learn to live with what we can buy to avoid being impulsive, try to be sorted and prioritize what is really important. 3 You have to multiply your gold: every time you save 10% of what you earn, you will be creating a small individual income fund, therefore recommends you to invest.

You have your gold to multiply and work for you, every penny you’ve saved is a slave who works for you. 4 Invests but learn, because gold can go in your hands. It avoids people too enthusiastic but which knows no theme you want to invest, protect your savings. 5. You own your own home, this will allow you create you a heritage and not live always paying rents, it is a profitable investment.

6 Keep a retirement fund when the forces do not join you and you want to relax, learn to be cautious. 7 Perfect yourself and upgrade so you can have more options generate money and income. Looking for the way to make sure you have alternative income for you through your knowledge. If you want to access and search for:-of-Babylon audiobook – Ebook.html.