Elaboration Of Design

" The promise of any new business or any new industry is the one to return to buy all penny gastado". Drucker As it knows and one has commented, the flow charts, they are not but that a diagram that graphically expresses the different operations that compose a procedure or part of this. Uses who them must be totally identified with the characteristics, types, symbolisms, design more traditional. In the formation and qualification of the industrial engineer these tools are provided widely and happen to become excellent at the time of to define the processes that are wanted to use. It is very important to know clearly, as it is indicated, that the main target of the flow chart is to indicate the flow of all the work of a department and all the company or organization, if is wanted elaborating one for each activity and another one for each person, so that it shows the interrelations, procedures between the different departments, sections and people, considered in the majorities of the companies or departments of systems like one of the main ones instruments in the accomplishment of any of methods and systems, are important that it is elaborated of sequential and chronological form, since therefore the inconsistency at the time of transmitting the message is avoided. With the intention of adapting to all class of needs and due to their extensive use, the Flow chart or Flow chart is made of different ways: By its format: vertical, horizontal, panoramic, and architectonic. By its intention: it forms, workings, methods, analytical, space, combined.

That it includes then the design and the elaboration of flow charts? It is indicated to us that according to Guillermo Go’mez Eyebrows (1997), the conversion to draw up the diagrams involves: a. The information to identify each diagram must be the following one: b. 1. Name of the process, indicating the points initials and end.