English University Institution

This device will become the non-separable friend of the musicians composers and the orators. They had been these devices that Foot. Robert Landell de Moura presented Mr. Lupon and that directed it them, as donation, to the Government British or to any English University Institution. But it remained the order of that with the profit gotten for the commercialization of these devices, they opened, in England, two houses for support and education of the children and the children of the brave soldiers who had lost in the fields of the terrible war anglian-transvaliana, and that it, Foot. Landell gave the necessary one to live and to continue with its studies and scientific experiences.

24) Nobody more knew to inform that end took the donated devices to the British government. 1.2. – In the United States of the North America For the delay in receiving a reply from the British government and the lack of conditions in going England to make the donation of its inventos, at this time another idea to the Foot appears. Landell de Moura to go to the United States of America in order to patent its inventos. It was accurately this that really made.

In Brazil it did not have environment for an inventor, that was ridicularizado and rejected, and of the British government did not get plus no reply of return. It admits if that its inventos had arrived never there. In the end of the last century the United States if presented as the parents of great inventors, existed surrounding and interest there. Great discoveries were carried through there, the support of the government were massive, the industries were placing in the market the discoveries. Foot. Robert arrived at the State Joined in middle of the year of 1901, not receiving for this aid from nobody.