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Rather, are the perpetrators of believe to have a claim on such evidence or that this data can be useful to them in the next job. 69 percent say so of German respondents, they were instrumental in the creation process of the documents and therefore received a permission to take this data in itself. 63 percent were useful to argue that these documents are for the next job (all over Europe, this was the decisive argument for 71 per cent of respondents). When employees voluntarily leave the company, another image is reflected. Any third party of the European respondents would in the event of termination confidential information even systematically remove or replace. German employees show here the most responsibility: only 22.1 percent indicated that they would share confidential information or remove it from the company in the case. (35.5 percent in France, 34.1 per cent in the UK, 30.3) % In Spain).

“The study gives us a fascinating glimpse of what people regard as their property and why”, as backer next. The results emphasize the need for information management policies in the company. These should be developed closely with the human resources department as part of a corporate information responsibility program. Companies of any size and industry may not forgetting, how they handle retiring employees with the company. Is important to develop respective guidelines, which applies to comply with it.” A lack of appropriate provisions for the management of corporate information as well as its ineffective implementation seem crucial for data loss to be. This shows another survey result: just over half of European respondents stated that them was always clear that the remote data was confidential information. Any third party was not aware that he had breached existing corporate policies with his actions and so that could be released.

In Germany, the employees seem to deal somewhat more sensitive with the information protection. Here, 66.6 percent of the respondents of the offence were aware. Part of the Iron Mountain study surveyed 2,000 office workers aged from 16 years and from all industries in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. The study is not representative. Iron Mountain further information is available on about the Iron Mountain Germany GmbH offers comprehensive solutions for the management of information. Iron Mountain’s experts help companies to find solutions suitable for them in the safe and lawful storage and rapid availability of their documents and data. Customers will benefit immediately from predictable costs and optimized processes, as well as from the comprehensive know-how of the service provider for effective information management. As a global service partner with 60 years of experience takes Iron Mountain both to physical documents as well as digital data and covers it Life cycle of information from secure storage to the destruction. founded in 1951, Iron Mountain has more than 140,000 corporate clients in North America, Europe, Latin America and in the Asia Pacific region and managed in its archives and data centers of billions of data and information. Worldwide, Iron Mountain employs over 20,000 people and posted revenues of $ 3.1 billion in 2010.