Finally in 94, with the same one Dunga was, showing that Brazilian, as if it would say for there never does not give up, we brought caneco and Brazil that already was party, I am festeiro still and it was not carnival, but we were champion world-wide, and as the freedom obtained for the women, and the space that we had conquered with much oppression, but much considerable fight and patience. In this fever of soccer and this freedom I was created for the soccer getting passionate and me for he himself listening that woman does not understand and being questioned: ' ' as you are woman and like it soccer, she goes to play of barbi or to learn cozinhar' ' same with all same the friends of the opposing sex not evaluating with clarity what I said, still yes, favours my ancestor, I at least could go stadiums and speech on my new passion. The European soccer was not so valued and was badly commented here in the land of piniquin. The Brazilian championship was more emotive than the Spaniard, and the end of the liberators, or of the world-wide one, she was more attended of what the end of champions league. I started to understand the 4-4-2 and to see that it can turn one 4-3-3, to think as my teams would have to be scaled, in the truth started to attend any type of game, not importing the division. To beg that my father took me stadiums, my order of anniversary gift, that took it me to the Pacaembu or Morumbi, when they did not pass the games in the television, bound radinho it listened to everything and at the same time it thought with same me what the teams would have to make, was singing the plays as if my shirt 10 could hear, as Ricardinho with an ear point, which age the best play. But unhappyly the feminine opinion little is listened to in soccer games, or when not sultry by the former players commentators or narrators of decades, it is seen as a descompromissada opinion, of little value an opinion less criticizes and emotional, an opinion of ' ' mulher' '.

As if they exactly did not become involved themselves also with the departures, at least of the election and of many clubs for there. Let us see these paradigms, who obtains to be more critical of what the woman? Who obtains to be detalhista than the woman? I am woman and taste to see novel, find perfect that the game comes after it, because as the men also I am insane person for soccer and I do not lose nor broken of pimbolim or soccer of button. nowadays the commentaries of the journalists are as a meeting of resented women as its husband, in the case the election and its commander. They had left to be objects as they consider the masculine commentaries, and they had turned a flock women having complained that the husband does not leave them to place shorter clothes, or does not leave them to leave house analyzes, them had turned staffs and if it forgot to say of soccer, its tactical projects, its incomparable beauty, a sport that weakkest can earn with a luck blow, a stronger wind or supernatural of Almeida, the speech of the physical trend of the soccer seems comadres to observe and to comment the subjects extra field, and they say still me that the soccer is only for man?