Fair Career

During its career, it created innovative and futuristas projects in a variety of available, mainly plastic materials, and in vibrant colors. Its style was the visual synthesis of the decade of 1960, and recouped the popularity in the end of century 20, from 2004, Panton is known movable that still is in production in the Vitra. Panton initiated its career, being trained as engineer-architect in Odense, after that, it studied in the Danish Real Academy of Art (Det Danske Kongelige Kunstakademi) in Copenhagen. In the two first years of its career, between 1950 e1952, worked in the practical one of architecture of Arne Jacobsen, another famous Danish architect and to designer of furniture, but Panton finished to initiate its proper office of design in 1955.

When opening its proper office, Panton literally searched innovations in colors and materials, but it was assumen of the technique of molded, technique this, learned wooden clad be opposed use with its tutor Arne Jacobsen, daring, however, when creating a done part exclusively with this method and in an only stage, the famous chair ‘ ‘ S’ ‘. In 1967, Panton was the creator of first of form the only plastic chair molded for injection – the chair of piling up or Panton chair, that if would become its more famous produced product and in mass, and that until today it is produced and vendido by the Vitra company. In the end of the years 1960 and beginning of 1970, Verner Panton experiences with all the environment conception: interiors and radical psicodlico that had been a set of its arched furniture, walls, fabrics and illumination. In 1968, it participates as to designer of the exposition on the Dralon ship (later renomeada Visiona zero for the Bayer, for occasion of the Fair of Furniture of Colony. Panton receives the second rank in this awarding. It creates projects of design for the offices of the Spiegel publishing company.