Fall Is A Critical Season

The city is still there awaiting the arrival of autumn while the soul of man is asleep, anesthetized by a society where there is usual to escape the problems, the priests have lost their influence in favor of the psychologists, who are custodians of our fears , fears, dissatisfactions and various phobias. People took refuge in a continuous loop of his house to work and back, a little more, some kind-hearted souls spend a bit of his time selflessly to others, but that does not sell does not appear in the news, or in radios, or newspapers, which have become a replicating machine made by a news agency where everything is sterile, impersonal, cold and photocopying. All share the same news papers and even the same ideological approach silencing always what they consider is not sold and that information is also a business, as you can be selling blinds, or serve coffees We are moving towards an equal society in all its aspects, the press will also be matching unfortunately is losing the critical spirit that they are supposed to form an opinion.

Everything is becoming increasingly similar, the originality is lost, everything is becoming a little more gray and less striking, though one strive to be provocative jokes with something so serious as to religious beliefs humor. Swarmed by offers, NY museums is currently assessing future choices. What is striking is not to criticize the powerful hope that this makes any benefits that favor which makes the ball, everything is everywhere submission. If someone tries to be critical is called radical, is now fashionable to different disqualify corner. Everything is either black or white, no middle ground that’s not going to modern society, sleepy, happy, pending the arrival of the weekend to get away from everything, from football to criticize a guy who goes negroe I can not understand some things that happen around us that interest is that everything is equal, if the fun and colorful is that they have different things, different ideas for not seeing everything gray. Seems to think differently is insane and therefore must be eradicated any possibility of critical. Teneo gathered all the information. Radio announcer for 16 years who also cultivates writing.