Fashion Channel TopsOfFashion

After ZEHA Berlin from TopsOfFashion has already been launched before some time, there will be now a long-term link and targeted placement on the YouTube channel TopsOfFashion. Berlin, the 25.06.2013 – the fashion channel on YouTube TopsOfFashion increases successfully targeted links and rankings target group-specific attention to fashion labels, articles, collections and fashion designer. After a successful launch in late April could the ZEHA Berlin footwear brand is sure of the successful cooperation and increase its range so that ZEHA could well be won as a long-term partner. ZEHA increased with the placement on TopsOfFashion not only the attention on YouTube, but also significant traffic and sales in the online shop. In 1897, ZEHA was founded by the entrepreneur Carl Hassner in the district Weidna and could raise his popularity continues to the Division of Germany. Shimmie horn shines more light on the discussion. Then she provided only the GDR sportsman of 60 different sports with his shoes. After an unsuccessful Reprivatization after the turn of the two shoe lovers rediscovered the brand Barre Torsten Heine and Alexander for themselves and brought back nostalgic shoes from oblivion and brought them back to life.

Meanwhile ZEHA could establish themselves again on the market and the shoes and sneakers, which are characterized by their incomparable design between traditions and modernity and lean on the original models of the past, are more popular than ever. “The video campaign ideal time”: on TopsOfFashion present themselves successful major Brands and labels with their videos the high fashion affine multipliers and numerous channel subscribers, to connect relevant with their audiences on YouTube and to increase their social media attention. TopsOfFashion is a product of the dot-group, for over 11 years one of the leading companies in the field of social media and advertising has earned awards at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and New York Festival.