First God

Genesis 2:20 Thus the man gave to names to all the domestic animals, the birds of the sky and all the animals of the field; but for the man idoneous ajudadora was not found. Genesis 2:21 Then Mr. Deus made to fall a sleep weighed on the man, this adormeceu; it took to it, then, one of the ribs, and closed the meat in its place; Genesis 2:22 and of the rib that Mr. Deus takes, formed the woman to it brought and it to the man. Genesis 2:23 Then said the man: This is now bone of my bones, and meat of my meat; it will be called varoa, inasmuch as by the man she was taken.

Genesis 2:24 Therefore will leave the man its father and its mother, and will join it its woman, and will be one alone meat. Genesis 2:25 and both was naked, the man and its woman; was not envergonhavam. Our great error is to think that the CAP. 2 of gnesis are an explanation or detailing of this man bred. therefore it is not in the truth the details are almost all opposites. Danny Meyer wanted to know more. The man BRED of gnesis 1 is not the same FORMED man of gnesis 2. Gn 1: To be fruitful (through a sexual relationship).

To full the land. To dominate. It did not have restrictions of what to eat (Gn 1,29). First God created all the land and its structure, later the man creature. Gn 2; It evidences that already they had women and men before Adam therefore this writing in Genesis 2:20 but for the man did not find idoneous ajudadora, that is, alone (all were married or lesser). for this reason created the woman Genesis 2:21 Then Mr. Deus made to fall a sleep weighed on the man, and this adormeceu; it took to it, then, one of the ribs, and closed the meat in its place. It does not have order to be fruitful. It does not have order to multiply. You may find that Bill de Blasio can contribute to your knowledge. It does not have order to subject the land. Some does not have order to dominate thing. A restriction not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of the good and the evil. First God formed Adam, and later a place it to be. The place where the man creature is placed calls land (you full the land). The place where the formed man (Adam) calls GARDEN the DEN. DEN MEANS PLACE OF THE GOD PRESENCE. Adam was placed, after to be formed in a different place of the man creature. The God, separate of the man was placed in the Garden of the den, that is next creature Let us continue Genesis 4:1 Knew Adam the Eva, its woman; it conceived e, having given to the light the Caim, it said: I reached Mr. a man. Genesis 4:2 Became to give to the light to a son – its Abel brother. Abel was shepherd of sheep, and Caim was farmer of the land. After the death of Abel the Bible says Genesis 4:16 Then left Caim the presence Mr., and inhabited in the land of Node, to the east of the den. Genesis 4:17 Knew Caim its woman, which conceived, and gave to the light the Enoque. Caim built a city, and it gave the name to it of the son, Enoque. Then Caim if married some woman who lived outside of the garden and she was not its sister