– I do not know, we we will turn in them with the money its father. – I know If you did not perceive already you of night and I have lesson tomorrow, if not to import itself – clearly that not! I always appear in the inopportune hours. – he will have himself with hunger goes to have that to make the food If to want aid with any thing is made use to help. – not! My student can go. Of morning I nor made question to wake up it, if he was my father already would be of fulling me to foot to the patience As I feel lack of it! I gave a kiss of light in the face of it and left I was the foot exactly although to be far I feel as much homesickness of my father, it the one that gave hitchhiking to me Appositive that everybody to look at goes me with burial face as if I had deceased Let us say that in terms yes I still have the Gabriel and the uncle David. Well that the Gabriel could now appear with that motion of it and to give me a hitchhiking! Bag of life! I arrived and I looked at me to everybody for to have come the foot Which is, I is not coitada My father only died! Only this! What the people want of me? I stopped and nor I wanted to enter of as much anguish, but to come back pra my mother Better to be here For or less I have my friends and the Gabriel I looked at pra backwards and vi Gabriel to go down of its motion, for or but a reason them girls boats to be stopped to look at me with penalty! It was most popular, it and the friends of it, it was strong pra its age and had black hair the light smile fullest that I already vi, the girls if melt when it smiles, when it goes down of the motion is a reason pra they to be looking at but it is my cousin and when it goes down of the motion it comes in my direction, and I I know that they die of envy It came close itself and said: – the one that I say can you? What I feel very? – do not need to say nothing, you already you passed the entire day with me, if she remembers? – I remember Hum I and my father go today to its house, all good? – everything, I go to adore – I you running away from scalert, help me to you? Scarlet, the only girl of who it does not like and runs away the cost all, it if he plays very on of it and it does not like girls thus My friends say that it is gotten passionate by me Who gives! Gabriel is my dream of consumption! An impossible dream, it looks at pra me as if she was sister of it Penalty.